What's your record?

Looking across all five of my fantasy teams, I literally have a 1-1 record on all of them. I was 3-2 the first week, and 2-3 the second week, meaning all the teams that lost the first week won the second week, and vice versa.


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SFLEX dynasty: 2-0 and ahread in week 3 projections

1QB dynasty: 1-1 and a close matchup ahead

Redraft 1: 0-2, which is a travesty, as that is my best roster of all. Ahead in projections, but so I was in weeks 1 and 2.

Redraft 2: 1-1 and ahead in projections.

Tournament: 0-2, can probably write that one off. Way behind in projections for week 3. Didn’t get a replacement for Lance, my $50 bid on Jimmy G was unsuccessful.

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At least you are 2-0 somewhere.

I am 2-0 in our league, although I should not be, 1-1 in 2 others and 0-2 in my sore spot league. Not a great start with injuries and suspension looking to nail me in week 3.

3-0 in one league. 2-1 in another., the latter one I doubt I will be able to make playoffs.

2x 2-1
3x 1-2

Overall, I am 3-2 this week. I did expect that, but the Ws and Ls did not all come in the leagues where I had expected them.

Dynasty 1 (SFLEX): 2-1. Got defeated by 0.05 points, CeeDee Lamb broke my neck. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
That L is on me, though. Before the weekend, I had benched Justin Herbert, as he was questionable. And then I mixed up the SFLEX and FLEX spot when making some last minute lineup changes. So when the news broke that Herbert would play, the SFLEX spot was locked. Coaching fail. :see_no_evil:

Dynasty 2 (1QB): 1-2. That L was expected, but I’m happy to see that my turnaround team is in the middle of the league in terms of total points scored. One more good rookie draft, and I’m in business.

Redraft 1 (South Beach): 1-2. Finally, a W, after 2 upset losses in a row.

Redraft 2 (US-EU): 2-1, solid W.

Tournament: 1-2. While CeeDee broke my neck in my dynasty #1, he gave me a last minute upset W here. This league will continue to be an uphill battle, though. But at least, I’m going down with a fight.


I lost in my horrible draft, sore spot Euro league to go 0-3 but getting close.
I won my other two to go 2-1

In our league I lost by half a point last night to drop to 2-1. The only silver lining is that the loss was to Jack from our forum. It may compensate some for a bad call I gave him in starting Stafford earlier vs his long time nemesis manager.

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