Week 16 in Review

A mixed bag of a week. Not a good one, overall.

SFLEX dynasty - I was 20 points ahead in projections, so what could possibly go wrong? I was preparing for the same week 17 opponent I had faced in last year’s championship match. The good news: I will face that team next week. The bad news: not in the championship match, but only in the match for #3. It wasn’t even close, I lost by 25. Terrible performance of my team. So I won’t defend my title.

South Beach league: a close semifinal, until D-Hop failed my opponent. Thanks to the expected strong performance of the Chargers D, I advanced to the final. Where I will now face Mack, after Ed bent over backwards to avoid having to face me again this season. Who can blame him? :smiling_imp:

1QB dynasty: advanced to the Toilet Bowl. The consolation bracket has no draft implications in that league, so it’s just for the honor. My team got the 3rd highest score this weekend, which is nice. The 2023 season can’t start early enough.

US-EU league: won my #3 game matchup. Third place, after having gotten eliminated by the dominating team (who easily won the championship) - I can live with that.

So, week 17 will be:

1x championship final
1x #3 game (with draft rank implications, winner gets the 1.09, loser the 1.10)
1x toilet bowl (no draft rank implications)

Can’t believe the fantasy season is almost over already.

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I lost the one semi final by 7 when M Williams only scored just under 10. I have myself to blame for forgetting to put in the Jax D until it was too late, would have won by 10. Making it worse was I lost to the only team to beat me twice in one season Now it’s 3 which is unbelievable.
Now I get to play the fore mentioned maven who was in a huge upset and favored by 25. Could have been a team I beat twice.

I did win my other 2 game semi by 40 and now play a 2 game final.

I also lost to Damian in the South Beach 5th place game when Herbert scored a miserable 6 points. Oh the shame. :slight_smile:

In season review, I had the worst draft of my life in Euro. I made the worst trade of my life in Jacobs. I only made one final out of 4 leagues and got a lesson in humility I could have definitely lived without.

I cannot wait to KICK this year good bye and start fresh in 2023,


You keep believing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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