How's Axe Elf Doing?

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Opening Night Recap

League 1: No Action

League 2: My Diggs (26.20) v. his Allen (38.48) and Akers (0.00) lol. Still staring down the barrel of CMC and a Mahomes/Juju stack, but I’m only projected to lose 154-155.

League 3: No Action

League 4: My Robinson (1.70) and Singletary (7.20) v. his Allen (33.48), Diggs (22.20)–ouch–and Akers (0.00)–ok, that helps–lol. I’m a 39% underdog projected to lose 130-143, but I’ve got some big guns like Mahomes, Jefferson, St. Brown, Henry, Zeke, and oh yeah the streaming darling of Week 1, the Baltimore Ravens, at D–so I have a fighting chance. One of his remaining starters is Alexander Mattison. Parenthetically, I also have Jefferson and St. Brown in League 2–so those two will be important to my Week 1 success.

League 5: My Robinson (1.70) v. his Akers (0.00)–lol. OMG! I thought I was only playing against Akers in 2 leagues tonight. I don’t know if I miscounted before, or if someone swapped him in at the last minute, but I axually faced Akers and his Goose Egg in ALL THREE LEAGUES that had action tonight–including the two leagues in which my Robinson laid at least a quail egg! Too funny! By the way, this is the league in which I trot out Trubisky and Mariota against Herbert and Mahomes–and I am currently projected to win by less than 1 point. However, my TE is Ertz, so that may be a problem…

League 1: What a disaster! Damien Williams gets hurt 3 minutes into his game. Keenan Allen gets hurt midway through his game. Mike Gesicki and CeeDee Lamb combined for less than 5 points for my team, and Albert O. only added 5 more. Yes, we start 2 at every position, including TE and DST (though thankfully no Kickers), and my two DSTs combined for 8.15 points, including a -3.50 from the Arizona D hosting KC. My opponents two Ds (Chargers and Falcons) scored a combined 49.95 points. And maybe worst of all was that in a league where you can start up to 3 QBs (with the Superflex), I only had 2 starting QBs, Mariota and Trubisky, up against his trifecta of Mahomes, Murray and Prescott. I had to Superflex Marquise Brown.

About the only thing I did right was draft Jonathan Taylor and Derrick Henry, whom I figured would be good for about 100 pts per week between them in this run-centric scoring system–and they combined for 99.17 points this week to lead me to a 207.73 - 194.98 win on opening Sunday. It should also be noted that Mariota was the 5th highest-scoring QB in the league.

My two starting QBs cost me a total of $36 in the draft; his 3 QBs cost him $219 of our $351 budget.

I did a couple of other things right, too. In preseason, someone dropped Taysom Hill, and since I was hurting at QB, I picked him up. I didn’t start him in Week 1, but he was the highest-scoring TE in the league in Week 1, so I’ll probably be starting him there with Albert O. going forward. He also outscored all but 6 QBs in Week 1, so he’d be a Superflex candidate as well.

And finally, going into the Sunday night game, I had like a four point lead with my Albert O to go and his Jalen Tolbert to go. When I saw Tolbert was a scratch, I quickly went and picked up Noah Brown from waivers, as he was the only guy still to play who could possibly hurt me. I don’t know if my opponent looked for Brown or not, but he left Tolbert in the lineup and I cruised to victory. If he’d gotten Brown, I still would have won, but it would have forced Albert O. to score a point or two, making it a much worse sweat than it was.

So the moral of the story is draft for your scoring system. Taylor and Henry give me an almost insurmountable advantage in this league, as my ability to win with poor performances all around them demonstrates.

League 2: PPR league; scored the most points in Week 1 with Ryan and Winston at QB versus Mahomes and Allen. My WR/RB corp of Jefferson, Diggs, Amon-Ra, and CEH all came up big, and next week I’ll probly have Patterson as my RB2 instead of Etienne. I’ll be glad when I can flex Godwin instead of Woods, as well. Looks like a juggernaut of a team.

League 3: Another run-centric league, another 100.70 points out of the Taylor/Henry combo helped me overcome my opponent’s De’Andre Swift and my own goose egg from Kmet.

League 4: Just your basic dominating trifecta for standard half-PPR scoring–Mahomes, Henry, and Jefferson. I had Allen Robinson facing the Allen/Diggs combo on Thursday, but managed to overcome that early deficit despite getting all of 20.80 fantasy points from Henry, Zeke and Singletary combined (and getting 1 pt from Matt Prater). Mahomes, Jefferson and Amon-Ra did the heavy lifting for me, with Mahomes and Jefferson being the two highest-scoring players in the league for Week 1.

League 5: I had the lowest score in the league by 14 points–but things should get better for this Week 1 MASH unit. Allen Robinson, CeeDee Lamb and Travis Etienne just didn’t show up (with an honorable mention no-show to Derrick Henry), but Keenan Allen, Najee Harris and Zach Ertz were all negatively affected by injuries in Week 1. So with 7 out of 10 players busting at the same time, the lowest score in the league was completely justified.

It’s a small league with short benches though, so with the 9th waiver position, I’ll probably wait and pick up a couple of free agents after they clear waivers. But mainly I will need my big guns to start acting like big guns if I’m going to have a chance in this league.

So after Week 1, Axe Elf stands 4-1 for the season.

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Axe Elf would like to point out his 4-1 record in Week 1, which pretty much sums up how much of a winner he is.

It’s like you’re 10 years old. It’s actually quite sad. I’m really sorry for you. You almost suck as much as Derrick Henry.

League 1: I had no action tonight, but my opponent came out swinging with Herbert, Williams and Everett right out of the gate. My opponent has taken a 63 point lead, and his projected points have increased from 203 to 211. Faced Mahomes, Herbert and Allen x 2 last week, Mahomes and Herbert x 2 this week; can I please stop facing elite QBs for a while now? Sheesh. Fortunately, this is one of the run-centric leagues in which I just need to get my weekly hunnerd from Henry and Taylor, and I should be good to go. Having both my Damiens and my Dobbins healthy would help a lot as well. I’m projected for 229.58 with all 5 RBs currently in the lineup. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mariota comes close to outscoring Herbert too–but what would really be funny is if Herbert is outscored by one of my TEs picked up off waivers prior to the start of the season–Taysom Hill. He outscored all but 6 QBs in this league last week (and all TEs).

League 2: I had Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the rectangular octagon tonight against Travis Kelce. CEH exceeded his projection by almost 4 points; Kelce came in more than 8 points under his projection. Round 1 is scored for Axe Elf, who is now projected to win 146 - 129.

League 3: I was already a projected 210 - 251 loser in this one, but after Juju busted a 4 point move (really more of a movement), I’m now projected to lose 197 - 251. 42 of those 54 points are attributed to the difference between the projected scores of his Brady/Stafford duo vs my Mariota/Trubisky duo, so with any luck, I can cut the deficit in half right there with another good rushing day from Mariota. (This is the OTHER run-centric scoring system, in which I also scored a hunnerd between Henry and Taylor in Week 1.) I’ll need REALLY strong games out of both of my RBs if I want to make up the other half, because with only two other starters (Amon-Ra and Kmet) + Koo and the CIN D (vs Dallas), I don’t have many bullets to make up for Juju’s misfire. So this one’s going to be rough–but hopefully at least close.

League 4: This one was the Shootout at the OK Corral between Mahomes on my team and Juju/CEH on his team. Being a half-PPR league, Juju fell 8 points short of his projection, but Mahomes fell 7 points short of his, so slight advantage Axe Elf–but CEH exceeded his projection by about 3, so he gained a couple of points on me. I was originally projected to win 134.81 - 134.53, but now he’s projected to win 127.52 - 129.13. lol Should be a fun one.

League 5: The only league in which I lost Week 1, so I’m most in need of a win here–but it’s not looking good. I had no action tonight, but faced Mike Williams, who exceeded his projection by 9. And this is the MASH unit–I have Corey Davis starting at WR4 for the injured Keenan Allen, though it looks like Najee and Ertz will be at full speed this week. I’ll need my other Allen, Robinson, and my little Lamb CeeDee to not be invisible this week, and it wouldn’t hurt Henry and Etienne to put forth a little more effort, too. Current projection? A 122 - 154 loss.

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Oh gosh, when I saw the “What’s Your Record?” thread I realized I had not updated this site on how Axe Elf was doing yet this week. Let me rectify that without further delay.

After Sunday’s games, League 4 was a loss. Amon-Ra did his work, but Jefferson, Henry, Zeke and Patterson all loafed and my opponent was the beneficiary of a Tua/Waddle stack. He also had Bateman and CEH. Sigh. A good time to post the third-lowest score in the league, I suppose, rather than wasting a good effort against the Dolphins’ domination.

Also by the end of Sunday, League 2 was a win—I had a 6 point lead with my opponent done, and me still having Jefferson and Diggs to go on Monday Night. I ended up wasting the second-highest score in the league beating the second-lowest score in the league, but after two weeks, I’m undefeated in this league with the most total points scored. Jefferson, Diggs, Amon-Ra, Lockett and CEH in my only full-PPR league are just killing it.

However, since I didn’t need anything out of Diggs on Monday Night, I was kind of hoping he would post a nice quiet 6 for 60 or something—because I was playing against him in ALL three of my other leagues!!! I did have Henry still to play in all three, so going into MNF I was a projected 6 point winner in League 1, and a projected 0.6 point winner in League 5. I was a projected loser in League 3 anyway, but Henry was corralled by the Bills, and Diggs did what Diggs does, and I lost all three of these games—with scores in the top half of the league for two of my three losing teams.

Sucks to be me playing against one of my best players in three other leagues. :(

So after two weeks I have one 2-0 team, one 0-2 team, and three 1-1 teams; right at .500 for the season. I’m ok with that, given the opponents that I’ve faced in the first two weeks—Mahomes 3 times, Allen 2 times, Herbert 2 times, Murray, Tua for his career game, Mixon twice, CMC, Taylor twice, Swift in Week 1, CEH, Diggs FOUR times, Bateman FOUR times as well, Mike Williams twice, Waddle, Tyreek, Kirk, Chase… There can’t be too many more good players out there for me to face, can there?

And I need a little more consistent production out of guys like Allen Robinson, Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, and my TEs other than Goedert and Ertz, and getting guys like JK Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Damien Williams, Michael Gallup and Keenan Allen back from IR will be a plus as well. So I feel pretty good through the first two weeks; just need to keep developing into mid-season form.

After playing against Stefon Diggs in three out of five leagues last week, I noticed I was playing against Russell Wilson in four out of five leagues this week, so I figured he’d have 400 yards and 5 TDs. Instead, his nice quiet 184/0 night turned out to be a little payback for the damage that Diggs did last week, and may have helped turn the tide in my favor in a couple of close games.

Still have a couple of leagues pending for Monday Night…

League 1: If you weren’t familiar with the scoring system, you’d think I have a decent chance tonight, with Lamb and a 12.7 point lead against Barkley and the Giants D. However this is one of the run-centric leagues where defenses also score about 50% more than usual–so basically I’m going to need either a career-huge game from Lamb, or an early injury to Barkley. (For perspective, Amon-Ra had 73 receiving yards yesterday and scored 11.13 pts in this scoring system, while Jonathan Taylor had 71 rushing yards and scored 26.52.) So this is probably going down as a loss.

League 2: My previously-undefeated full-PPR team is in serious danger after Stefon Diggs was held in check and Justin Jefferson whiffed; I need 28 points out of Daniel Jones tonight to pull it off. Pass TDs are 5 pts, though, so 325/3 would do it. (Some rushing stats wouldn’t hurt either.) Still, probably a loss.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that League 3 is already a 26 point win. League 4 is going to be a win, unless Dalton Schultz (or another TE my opponent might pick up who is playing tonight) scores 38 points plus whatever Zeke scores for me. Curiously, Yahoo still has my opponent with a 1% chance of winning. I’d like to know what TE playing tonight would score 45+ points in 1 out of 100 tries, but fine, keep hope alive.

League 5 is going to be close, but thanks to Russell Wilson’s little gift of ineptitude, I should be ok, as long as Lamb and his 9 point lead can stay ahead of my opponent’s Sterling Shepard. I accidentally helped myself in this league when I picked up Garoppolo in waivers this week and was going to start him over Trubisky, but I forgot and left Trubes in for his Thursday night game–where he scored 4 more points than Garoppolo did yesterday anyway. So if I win by less than 4, it was a mistake. lol

I also had Keenan Allen in that lineup up until about 2pm yesterday. Sunday morning it still looked like he was going to go, so I left him in the lineup over a questionable Corey Davis and Robbie Anderson. Then when the inactives were declared for the late games, Allen was on the list, and it was too late to start Davis or Anderson. (Good thing, because they scored 3.7 and 1.9 points respectively.) So I went to the waiver wire, dropped MVS for Romeo Doubs, and started him for Allen. His 17.30 points are the only reason I’m in this game at all.

So tonight I need Daniel Jones to go crazy without involving Shepard, Lamb to have a career game, and a late COVID designation for Barkley.

I should also mention that it was extremely difficult watching the first hour of the games yesterday. All my players were either dropping TDs, or getting vultured on goalline carries.

I had Henry playing in four leagues, and two of the Titans TDs inside the 5 went to Swaim and I think Tannehill snuck one in–so there’s 8 TDs (48 points) I missed right there.

Amon-Ra was playing in all five of my managed leagues when he was pushed out of bounds on the 1 yard line on his long scoring play–so that’s another 5 TDs (30 points) I missed.

Helaire and Dobbins were also vultured. Justin Jefferson, playing in 2 leagues for me, was targeted in the end zone twice, and missed the catch both times. 4 more missed TDs (24 points). Allen Robinson did the same in the late games. (24 more missed points). Engram had a TD taken away upon review. Ertz dropped a score.

All in all, my starting players missed out on a total of 25 TDs yesterday, or 150 points–that’s an extra 30 points per league, on average. 19 of those missed opportunities happened in the first hour of football yesterday. I very well could have gone undefeated this week–but I was afraid I wasn’t going to win a game, the way things were going at first.

So things pretty much went as expected, although my game in League 1 turned out to be closer than I thought it would be—close enough that I went from expecting a loss to being disappointed by it!

Barkley did indeed bust a 37.2 point move for my opponent, but his Giants’ D was only good for 1.95, so Lamb’s 20.6 brought me to a surprisingly narrow 236.64 - 230.79 defeat. If Barkley doesn’t score that TD—or if Lamb makes that 52 yard TD catch (see below)—I win.

I came this close to 4-1 again this week:

League 2: Daniel Jones came out firing—and running!—but his inability to get into the end zone doomed me to the expected loss. No more undefeated teams—and I’m looking at you, Justin Jefferson! Still, I would have beaten all but 2 of the other 10 teams in the league with the 4th-highest score this week, so even a terrible showing is still pretty good—and I am still the highest-scoring team in the league overall.

League 3: The previously-reported win, overcoming a 66.60 day by Jalen Hurts (Mariota posted a strong 43.56 counter-punch himself). Henry and Taylor combined for 89.4 points in my lineup, and I may stop streaming and just keep the Eagles’ D going forward, after they shut down Minnesota and Washington in consecutive weeks. Posted the 2nd-highest score in the league.

League 4: He just gave up and left Schultz in the lineup. I won by 52 points in the Blowout of the Week, with the 2nd-highest score in the league again.

League 5: Lamb did indeed hold on against Sterling Shepard, and I won by 20, with the 3rd-highest score in the league.

So 3-2 this week for an overall 8-7 record after three weeks (and a Lamb-drop away from 4-1 and 9-6), but the signs are all good going forward. I’m posting pretty high scores, but still have several players waiting to come back from injury—Keenan Allen, Michael Gallup, Chris Godwin, J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Damien Williams—and a couple that need to be more consistent—my big gun RBs primarily, and Allen Robinson—but hanging around .500 for the season while running into the Diggs buzzsaw last week and dealing with all these injuries, I’m feeling pretty good going into October.

Axe Elf had no players in action Thursday night (having resisted the urge to start Gesicki over Engram just so I WOULD have someone playing tonight)–but he dodged a few bullets being fired by his opponents’ big guns.

League 1: Faced Tua, Chase, and the Cinci D. The Bengals’ D posted a number against me, in a moderately generous scoring system (22.30–they were projected for 19.4, so no biggie), but Chase was controlled and Tua suffered misadventure. So with Chase 6 points under his projection and Tua with 3.5 points total, I am now projected to win by 23 (after initially being favored by 1).

League 2: Took the most damage in this league, with a combined 43.3 from Tyreek and Mixon–but it’s also my best team, the PPR league where I start 3 top 10 WRs (Jefferson, Diggs and Amon-Ra) and 2 top 10 RBs (CEH and Cordarrelle)–so I’m still projected to win by 14. It was SOOOOO satisfying watching Mixon getting stuffed out of two more potential TDs, after notching his first one early. My 3rd WR slot is kind of up in the air this week, with Amon-Ra sharing a Q-tag with Godwin and Gallup, but hopefully one of the three will be solid by Sunday or I’ll be trotting out Woods.

League 3: Faced Chase again here, so I got off easy with him coming in 7 points under his projection in this league. Since I was facing Chase in two games, I was very nervous after his quiet first half. I was just sure he was going to catch a long 12-point TD on the last drive of the game or something–and he almost did, but he was brought down on the 6–and the ensuing TD didn’t go to either Mixon or Chase, so it was still a win in my book! I am still a 17 point underdog, facing a QB duo of Jackson and Murray, who are projected for 117 points between them. On the plus side, he also has McCaffrey, who may fall well short of his projected 44 points. I’ll be countering with my big guns Henry and Taylor, who are projected for 80 points between them, and Mariota and Garoppolo at QB, projected for 82 points between them. I also have top support weapons Koo and the Eagles D, so this should be a good one.

League 4: My opponent’s Edmonds would have been a complete bust if not for his TD, but he still only exceeded his projection by half a point. I remain a 5 point underdog, which is basically a coin flip at this point.

League 5: No action. Also a 5 point underdog.

They won’t underestimate Axe Elf for long…

So, you’re all probly milling about wondering what Axe Elf needs from Monday Night.

Well, I have lots of action tonight, but I’m not sure any of it will affect any of the outcomes of my games, barring something really unusual happening.

League 1: My opponent needs 87 from Cam Akers. Derrick Henry got 51 for me this week, so I’m probably getting a badly-needed win to continue treading water at 2-2 and tied for 6th place out of 12 teams as my walking MASH unit recovers to full strength. I got Dobbins, Gallup and Godwin back this week, but still have Amon-Ra (and Chark, who I thought would be Amon-Ra insurance for me, hmph), Keenan Allen, Damien Williams and Gus Edwards on IR–and now Jonathan Taylor is Questionable! Henry and Lamb are still rounding out to dependable form, I’m starting Taysom Hill at one of my two starting TE slots going forward, and hopefully Pickett in for Trubisky will give me a boost at the 2nd QB position in this run-centric scoring system. Of course, Trubisky only giving me half a game wasn’t ideal for THIS week–but then I’m still leading by almost 100, so there’s that. Still feel like I’m gonna dominate this league if my team can ever fire on all cylinders at once.

League 2: Probably going to be a win, but an explosion out of any one of Garoppolo, Deebo, or Higbee could make me anxious. I have a 57 point lead, and I’m projected for a 9 point win with Garoppolo getting 19, Deebo getting 17 and Higbee getting 12. Basic full-PPR scoring with 5 pt pass TDs. He’ll have to post the third-highest score in the league this week to beat me, but no matter what, I will overtake first place in the total points race this week. Hopefully I will also have a 3-1 record, which would put me in first place overall out of 12 teams.

League 3: I’ll probably need about 80 from Garoppolo to get back in contention here, but chances are I will drop to 2-2 and may even post the lowest score in the league. I’m kind of in the black sheep division, though, so my 2-2 record will still be tied for first place in my division (there are two divisions of five teams each). Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray scored 105 points combined against me, so QBs are capable of big points in this league, but 80 outta Garoppolo is still pretty starry-eyed, even for this scoring system. Mariota only got me 13 this week, Amon-Ra was out, and neither Diontae nor Jonathan Taylor helped my cause as much as usual. I am pleased that Chris Olave was still on waivers when I went looking after Amon-Ra went on my IR; he should be a keeper–but I still shoulda started Marquise Brown over Olave. Ce la vie.

League 4: I have a 26 point lead with Robinson and Aiyuk going against Deebo tonight, so again, I should be looking at a win, barring something crazy. I should have either the first or second highest score in the league this week, depending on how another team does–but we’re both projected 25 points more than any other team. It’s a very satisfying win, as I will be defeating the first-place and formerly only undefeated team remaining, and my 3-1 record with a high point total this week will launch me from 4th place into 1st place out of 12 teams in the overall standings.

League 5: This is the team that seems to be having the most trouble getting its feet underneath it. I seem to face two or three big performers every week in this league. This week I faced McCaffrey, Jefferson, Hollywood, Fournette and Kelce, and I couldn’t even root against the receivers, as they were also playing FOR my other fantasy and real-life teams. Meanwhile I got crap from Mariota and Najee, and with Amon-Ra and Keenan Allen sidelined, I thought I’d be cute and pick up Richie James, Jr. for the start, as one of the only viable Giants’ WRs available this week. Needless to say, that didn’t work out for me. Assuming Garoppolo and Allen Robinson don’t combine for 46 points in half-PPR & 5 pt pass TD scoring, I will drop to 1-3, and about 8th-9th out of 10 teams. Hoping Pickett in for Trubisky will give this team a boost as well.

Expected overall record: 11-9

Two first place teams in their respective leagues, each at 3-1, a third team in first place in its division at 2-2, the fourth team right in the middle of the pack at 2-2 as well, and one 1-3 team that needs to circle the wagons.

Good grief; Garoppolo, Deebo and Higbee started out hair on fire, and it looked for all the world like I was going to lose the game on the Rams’ final drive when they couldn’t stop throwing to Higbee.

But relax, Elf fans, all is well–I held on for a 162.58 - 160.96 victory to execute the expected 3-2 result for the week and 11-9 overall.

At the Quarterpost

League 1: 2-2 (6th of 12), 5th-most points scored. IR: Gus Edwards, Damien Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Keenan Allen, DJ Chark. Back from IR: Michael Gallup, Chris Godwin. Questionable: Jonathan Taylor, Noah Brown. Waiver claim: $23 for Latavius Murray. QB Upgrade: Kenny Pickett in for Mitch Trubisky.

League 2: 3-1 (1st of 12), Most points scored. IR: Jameis Winston, Cordarrelle Patterson, Damien Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown. Back from IR: Michael Gallup, Chris Godwin. Questionable: Daniel Jones. Waiver claim: $23 for Latavius Murray.

League 3: 2-2 (T1st of 5 in Division 2, 7th of 10 leaguewide), Fewest points scored. Key FA Pickups: Zach Wilson, Chris Olave. IR: Gus Edwards, Amon-Ra St. Brown. Back from IR: Chris Godwin. Questionable: Jonathan Taylor.

League 4: 3-1 (1st of 10), 3rd-most points scored. IR: Cordarrelle Patterson, Gus Edwards, Damien Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown. Back from IR: Michael Gallup. Waiver claim: $13 for Latavius Murray.

League 5: 1-3 (9th of 10), 8th-most points scored. IR: Gus Edwards, Damien Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Keenan Allen. QB Upgrade: Kenny Pickett in for Mitch Trubisky.

Overall Record: 11-9

Kind of interesting that a lot of the same core players across different scoring systems can be in first place in one league and have the fewest points scored in another league.

Kind of hard to believe that the season is 1/4 over already…

Week 5 – Monday Night Pending

League 1: AXE ELF MAKES HISTORY… AGAIN!!! On Sunday, October 9, 2022, Axe Elf became the first owner in the history of fantasy football to get 63.35 points from a TE and lose. I also got 40 points between my two DSTs… and still lost–with the third-highest score out of 12 teams. I did it to myself, though… I overthought Bridgewater dumping down as the QB for the Dolphins and started Mike Gesicki as my other TE instead of Evan Engram—cost me 6 points—and trusted Amon-Ra or Keenan Allen to be healthy for Sunday instead of starting Deon Jackson on Thursday—cost me 20 points there—and I lost by 21. Still have Taylor, Allen, Chark, Edwards and DWilliams on IR, with Amon-Ra, Derrick Henry and Chark going on bye next week. This team would be so dominant if it could ever fire on all cylinders at once. Hopefully it will get things together by the playoffs, but for now it drops to 2-3.

League 2: The bad management/overthinking continues, as I considered that Robert Woods has the most targets for the Titans, and Treylon Burks, who has the second-most targets, was out this week—so I thought it would be a good time to start Woods over Tyler Lockett—cost me 20 points there. And of course I started Amon-Ra for his big 5.8 points. But even having Matt Ryan and Daniel Jones for QBs can’t derail this team—I currently have a 37 point lead with CEH to go tonight, against his Davante Adams—so full steam ahead to 4-1. Sporting 4 of the top 10 PPR WRs (Jefferson, Diggs, Amon-Ra, Lockett) in a PPR league is definitely a recommended strategy, as I will remain in first place with the most total points scored in this one.

League 3: I was a significant underdog in pregame projections, and it only got worse from there. Damien Harris gave me half a game, Gerald Everett gave me no game, Koo and the Eagles’ D combined for 5 whole points, and Amon-Ra… well, I’ll be dropping to 2-3 in this one as well.

League 4: I tried Doubs for Allen Robinson this week, but it din’t make much difference. Between their failings and Amon-Ra (and the same 5 points from Koo and the Eagles’ D), I now need something like 400/4 from Mahomes tonight to pull this one out and go to 4-1. He’s got Waller and Renfrow and a 17 point lead, so more likely I fall out of first place but stay above .500 at 3-2 here.

League 5: My sad sack league. Can’t seem to catch a break. This week I faced the top-scoring team in the league—Hurts, Wentz, BHall and Thill, with Davante Adams to go tonight. Going to 1-4.

So depending on Mahomes’ magic tonight, I could be either 13-12 or 12-13 overall after Week 5. Still feeling like .500 is pretty good, considering all the injuries so far. Looking like playoff runs for 4 out of my 5 teams at this point.

That’s what I’m talking about MAHOMES for the 30 burger!!!

He didn’t quite get 400/4, but with the injury to Waller and the light usage of Renfrow, the 300/4 was enough to lift me to a second 4-1 record and cement my first place standing for another week!

So 13-12 overall, with one sad sack team contributing 4 of my 12 losses, two teams at 4-1 in first place overall in their respective leagues (one with the most total points scored), and the other two hovering just under .500 at 2-3 in my run-centric leagues, needing to get RBs like Edwards/Dobbins and the Damiens healthy–and the Taylor/Henry machine running on both cylinders at once.

Looks like I have neglected to update my progress on this site for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that, I’ve probably been more focused on a different board lately, which is kind of odd, since this place needs me so much more. But anyway…

I somehow managed to go 3-2 again this week, despite Derrick Henry leading 4 of my 5 teams to either the highest score or the next-highest score in their respective leagues. Yep, one of those next-highest scores ran into the highest score. I also lost both leagues in which I started Justin Jefferson. The fantasy gods never let Axe Elf off easy.

League 1: This was the roller coaster ride of the week. I was originally projected for a tidy win in this Superflex run-centric league, what with my opponent’s QBs being Geno Smith, Baker Mayfield, Cooper Rush and Desmond Ridder. So I went into the game up one QB, and then Henry did his thing, and it was looking pretty over. But after getting 50-burgers himself from Dalvin Cook and Aaron Jones–not to mention 44 from the Seattle DST–I was entering Monday Night Football with a tenuous 37 point lead and needing to dodge Mixon and Higgins (with Chase out)! 20 points is nothing for a bellcow RB like Mixon in this league. Heck, I got 14.5 out of Damien Harris–and 23.1 out of Latavius Murray! Going into MNF, I was projected for a 15 point loss. But somehow, Mixon was held to just 14 points! (His RB Swift had suffered a similar fate earlier in the day.) I wasn’t too worried about Higgins, because WR scoring is mostly just standard scoring in this league–but we do get 1 point for a 40 yard reception and 2 more points for a 40 yard TD reception. So I cringed a little when Higgins pulled in that late 41 yard TD–but it was too little, too late, and I got the 7 point victory with the 2nd-highest score in the league to his 3rd-highest score. Too bad he couldn’t start a 2nd QB… This team becomes the first of my three 5-3 teams.

League 2: I don’t expect much of my QBs in this strong PPR team, but Sam Ehlinger was even worse than Matt Ryan had been, and Daniel Jones laid an egg as well, so I got 18.58 points total from my 2 QBs. With Jefferson’s relatively quiet day (and no Henry in this league), I couldn’t overcome my opponent’s Hurts/Kamara/Aiyuk combo (they posted about 100 points between them) and fell to 5-3 here as well. So two losses in a row for this previously 5-1 team; need to get my receivers back on track.

League 3: With some waiver wire luck, I find myself with an embarrassment of riches at the RB position in this run-centric league (Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor–with Nyheim Hines now shuffled off to Buffalo, Kenneth Walker III, Travis Etienne, Gus Edwards, Elijah Mitchell and Damien Harris). Most of them were just wasting 50 point days on my bench, so I’ve put my RBs on the block to see if I can pull down a top 5 QB or two–although QBs are also pretty valuable in this league, so I’m not sure I can improve too much. We’ll see. Anyway, this laugher was a 306-236 blowout, again scoring the 2nd-most points in the league this week and evening my record at 4-4. Scoring an elite QB would definitely position this team for its Championship run.

League 4: And for a third time, I scored the 2nd-most points in the league this week–even without Mahomes! (although Kirk Cousins did put on his best performance of the year so far in relief for me)–but it was all in vain as I ran into the highest-scoring team of the week with McCaffrey, Etienne and Foreman (those wascally ff gods), so I’m at 5-3 in this league as well.

League 5: Despite having three teams with 2nd-highest scores this week, it was my sad-sack 1-6 team that busted out with THE top score in its league this week! I beat another 1-6 team, so it was kind of a pyrrhic victory, but hey, I knew this team could compete, and if it continues posting scores among the tops in the league, well, I’m only 3 games out of the tie for 3rd place, with 8 games yet to play…

21-19 overall.