How is Week 6 treating you so far?

I certainly can’t complain this week.

SFLEX dynasty: my matchup vs my opponent from last year’s final is decided already. My guys brought their A game, and I’m leading by 10 points, while still having Herbert and Ekeler starting for me tonight. I will win this one, likely with the best score of the league, and some 20 points above projection. I’m 5-1 here, and my team looks in good shape to try and defend its title.

1QB dynasty: this duel was the complete opposite, as the only 1-4 teams were facing each other. The good news: I got the 3rd highest score in the league. The bad news: he got the second highest. :sweat_smile:
This matchup is decided, I lost by 2 points. That’s fine, though. With my gap at RB being pretty much unfixable for this season, I need 1 more rookie draft to become a contender. And the earlier my 1st in that draft, the better. Seeing that my team could beat any other, while still climbing in draft ranks by going 1-5, makes me quite happy.

South Beach keeper league: with BYEs hitting me hard in this one, I was a 15 point underdog. Now I’m leading by 25, and he only has Courtland Sutton going tonight. Looks like this could be an unexpected W. Which would be a nice compensation for the 2 unexpected L’s in weeks 1 and 2. I’d be 4-2 here if things work out.

US-EU redraft lague: this was projected to be a close matchup, and it was. Thankfully, both teams stayed very close to their projections, so I won this one by 5.5 points. None of us has players starting tonight, so this one is closed out. I’m 3-3 here now.

And finally, my SFLEX tournament. I said I would exclude this one from further reports, as this tournament is a write-off. But a surprising underdog W against a 3-2 team should not go unmentioned. With my QB room being in shambles, I don’t expect to see many more Ws here, though, if any at all.

Still, overall, a good week. I’ll probably be 4-1 for the week, and even that L feels like a W.


I won in 2 leagues, need Herbert to score 13 tonight for a win in our league and Ekeler to have less than 14 for a 4-0.

Much better than anticipated with bad match ups, injuries and byes.


Only 1 of 3 matchups decided so far for me this week. That one is a W with Ekeler still to play. That puts me at 5-1 & sole possession of first. 15 points from Ekeler & I take over the points lead as well.

I need 20 points from Mike Williams & Melvin Gordon to win another. If I win, I get to 2-4 with 2 wins in a row. I’ve been working through injuries & going against above average scoring. A trade from a couple weeks ago gives me optimism in this new league.

The last league is a best ball league & h2h record doesn’t matter, just points. If Mike Williams blows up tonight for 20+ points, I stay within 5 points of league leader & well ahead of the rest of the league.

It’s a good season so far.


Hard to say. I am 1-2 in leagues decided thus far. The other two leagues have me ahead, but I need some Monday night help. We’ll see.

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I finished 3-1. Cannot believe that Herbert could not come up with 13 points, in OT not less. He had his worst game with just 9 points. Go figure.

57 pass attempts was an insane number. 37 completed still very solid. But to turn that into no TD and only 238 yards is indeed a bad surprise. He made as many yards on 22 completions last week. Thankfully, this lackluster performance came in a week where I did not really need Herbert anymore. Still, not nice.

I will have to start thinking about week 8 already, when both Mahomes and Herbert have their BYE in my SFLEX dynasty. Unless Mac Jones stays sidelined, I won’t have a QB that week.

As for this week, I indeed finished 4-1. Definitely my best fantasy week so far.

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Time to move on as I have a Zak Attack coming. It is a shame both teams are not at full strength with you hurting much worse but we will play anyhow.

Pah. Who needs Josh Allen & Gabe Davis? Jared Goff and Amon-Ra St. Brown will get the job done just as well, I’m sure. Almost. I mean… Damn. :sweat_smile:

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I play you followed by the top two teams in 8 and 9, This will be challenging, to say the least, for this team at this time.

I didn’t get Monday night help, so I ended up 1-4. I’ve had worse weeks.

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ON to week 7 we shall go.

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Don’t stop until I’m dead.

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