Week 9 Results- Good or Bad?

Surprisingly to me I have 3 wins and am favored for #4 tonight.

In the Euro league I got even with the team who beat me and my horrible draft when I scored 60 by going for 120 and the fixing has done well but, only 4-5 for now.

In my one first place league I won by a bunch and am 8-1.

In the So Be (short for South Beach) league I won by 40 over the #2 team but he had bye issues. Next.

I need 13 points from Saints Olave and Ravens K Tucker for an undefeated week.

This was with 14 combined byes, 7 injuries and Lots Of Luck. :slight_smile:


A week of no big surprises - though I had hoped for 2, to be honest.

Dynasty 1 (half-PPR, SFLEX): easy W. I was up 50 points in projections, leading by 60, I’ve got Likely going tonight, he has Drake. All within expectation. 7-2 now.

Dynasty 2 (full PPR, 1QB): very likely L. Trailing by 45, and still Dalton and Wil Lutz going tonight. In week 7, they scored a combined 46 points, but I don’t see that tonight. Projections were close, opponent is a top 4 team in the league. After beating the #1 and #2 in consecutive weeks, I had hoped for another W. Will probably go 3-6, but will play the 5 weakest teams of the league in the remaining 5 weeks. Every week will be an elimination matchup now, longest playoffs in my fantasy career, lol.

South Beach League: safe W, unless Duvernay and the Ravens D score a combined 42 points tonight. Will probably be the highest scoring team in the league after this week. But only 5-4, playoffs aren’t safe yet.

US-EU league: leading by 45, and tonight, my Likely and Olave go against his Ravens D. 4-5 after this W.

SFLEX tournament: I ran against Joe Mixon. Any questions? Trailing by 65, Dalton and Olave still playing tonight. So I’ll probably lose by around 30. Which is by how much Mixon finished above projections. My opponent is the #1 in our division. I’m 4-5 after this week, he’s 7-2. This week was probably my last chance to win this division.

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Sleeper Dynasty League: Looks to be a loss, unless Isaiah Likely scores 31 tonight. I’d rate that “not likely”…(pun very much intended)

Home Redraft League: I already have the win secured by 49 points, AND I have Kamara and Likely going tonight.

Yahoo Dynasty League: Not where I want to win, but I try to be sporting about my tanking efforts. I’m up by 6 points going into tonight, with Likely going for me, and Justin Tucker going for him.

South Beach Keeper: Up by 39 points, but my opponent has Lamar Jackson going tonight. Note Jackson has only topped that total twice this year, against Miami and New England back in September.

NFL.com Redraft: The bad news is I’m down by 6 points. The good news is I have Likely and Olave going for me tonight. He has nobody.

Obviously, Likely having a huge night wins me a lot of games this week.


Hahahaa. Yes i do. And all the pints I needed to win are sitting safety on my bench.

Zak, we are the same in Euro at 4-5 and gonna be tuff to make a run.

We’re tied at 5-4 in our league but with 6 playoff spots a hot team with good match ups can win it.



Hahahaa. Yes i do. And all the pints I needed to win are sitting safety on my bench.

Completely lost me.

Ed is playing me in the south beach league.
Not sure why pints came up. Should have said points.

Ed is playing me in the south beach league.
Not sure why pints came up. Should have said points.

Being Irish pints are better than points. lol

You should add a name to the post. JMO

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I have win #4 for the week to be 8-1 in my other first place league.

Now I play the only team to beat me in week 1 and just traded him McCaffrey for J Taylor and Waddle.

Also, he is a Pats fan and I am a Phinatic, fire and water. Really need to beat him.

No, I played Damian this week. Next week I get Kevin.

By the way, I won 4 of my games this week.

Damian is August. Kevin is Krash

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