How are your teams doing after 7 weeks?

Time to review how your teams are doing at about the halfway point. Remember, A lot of fantasy teams start their playoffs around weeks 14-15, so we are at the halfway point now. We are also nearing some trade deadlines in dynasty leagues, so we need to decide if we are looking to next season or if we still have a shot at the playoffs this year.

Without further ado, here are my teams:

  1. 2-5, 11th place in a 12 team dynasty league. I knew this one would be tough, since I entered it this year, taking over an abandoned team. I also drafted a lot of young talent, hoping to be able to build on it. Honestly, even next year looks rough for me, as I don’t even have a 2nd round pick. I have plenty of FAB$, but there’s nothing to bid on with the depth of the rosters. Hardest league with which I’ve ever been involved.

  2. 4-3, tied for 2nd place in a tough division in my home redraft league. I’m the commissioner in this league, and I set up one division (3 total in the 12 team league) with all the team’s from last year’s playoffs. As it stands now, I’d miss the playoffs, just barely.

  3. 3-4, 7th place in one division of a 16 team dynasty league. I’m pretty much ready to toss this one into rebuild mode, even after an amazing victory, but I still have a long shot at the playoffs. Remember, all you have to do is get into the playoffs. The rest is freak chance.

  4. 4-3, 4th place in a 10 team keeper league. Yes, this is the South Beach League. Based on the league settings, I’d be in the playoffs, if they started today.

  5. 2-5, 10th place in a 12 team redraft league. As bad as this looks, I’m surprisingly well-positioned to make a run in this league. With Geno Smith, Derek Carr, Zeke Elliott, Tyler Allgeier, Davante Adams, Amon Ra St. Brown, Chris Olave, Taysom Hill, Koo and the NY Jets, I feel confident this team can compete.


SFLEX dynasty: 6-1, #1 seed. This week could be ugly, as both my QBs (Mahomes, Herbert) are on BYE, and I have no startable #3. Unless Bailey Zappe draws the start. Or Brett Rypien, who was a desparation add last week. Without any QB, I might lose this one, but I would still retain the #1 seed in that case. The season-ending injury to Breece Hall was a bummer and will set me back especially this week, as Austin Ekeler is also on BYE. Still, with Ekeler, Rhamondre Stevenson, Damien Harris, Brian Robinson and Michael Carter, I still have enough depth. I have every chance to defend my title in this league.

1QB dynasty: 2-5, but my team starts rolling. Travis Etienne got better every week, and now with James Robinson out of town, he should be able to feast. On RB2, I have a mix of Chase Edmonds, Latavius Murray and D’Onta Foreman at my disposal, which worked well so far. And even Nyheim Hines could see an uptick in production, with Sam Ehlinger under center. I certainly won’t bet on making the playoffs, but the chance is still there.

South Beach keeper league: 4-3, but I’m the second highest scoring team there, so I’m still optimistic to makeit to the playoffs.

US-EU redraft league: 3-4. On paper, my team pretty good. But in practice, at least 1-2 players seem to have a bust week all the time. Plus, I’m the team that got the most points scored against, by a wide margin. The players are good enough to make it to the playoffs, but team performance needs to get better.

SFLEX tournament: 3-4, and suddenly, my team starts rolling. After losing both my drafted QBs (Lance, Winston), I was ready to write this one off. But I got by with some wild waiver moves. Now I lost Breece Hall, which is the next setback. But I still have Ken Walker, Najee Harris, D’Onta Foreman and Tony Pollard. On QB, I’m rolling with Dalton/Winston (would be nice to know inforehand who of them will start), Taylor Heinicke and hopefully Sam Ehlinger after tonight. I still don’t see how I could possibly make the playoffs, but I will go down fighting. After this week, I may even be 4-4. So who knows.

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I am 2-5 in my sore spot in the Euro league. I made the team competitive after my draft blunder but having problems going further with no waiver/trade help.
I play Zak this week. He can get even or even worse. :slight_smile:

In two other leagues I am 6-1, first place and in great shape.

In our league I am a disappointing 4-3. Spilt milk would be losing by half a point and Herbert scoring a career worst 9 when I needed 12. That could be another 6-1 or I could be worse off. Hoping the Chargers pick up a WR to help Herbert who has little to work with.


FYI, six teams make the playoffs with the top two getting a first round bye in our league.

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Then I’d be in if the playoffs started this week.

Yes as would Zak and myself.