Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/30)

In my experience RB, WR/TE, RB, WR, WR, WR/QB, QB,RB, TE…

In a 14 team PPR league, no kicker, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex, 1 defense, would you prioritize RB early because they dry up so quickly? If hero RB what RB 2 would you be ok with?

Who would you pick between Kamara and henry at pick 4 in full pt ppr 10 team league?

I’m competing in a 70-team mega-league. 7 brackets of 10 teams.

Only first place moves on to the playoffs at the end of regular season.

How should my draft strategy change in relation to a regular 10 team league.

Half ppr, 6-pt passing TD

1qb 2rb 3 wr 1 TE 1 Flex

Hi all! Sorry for being a tad late, but I’m about to go through all of these. Thanks for showing up, and don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter anytime with further questions. I can be found @toomuchtuma

TE is horrible. Therefore, any TE who might see reasonable playing time is worth considering, but I can’t really get myself too excited about Kroft specifically

Not typically a fan of handcuffing this early in the season. Would rather roster someone else’s handcuff. For example, if you have CMC - I would rather Pollard than Hubbard. The reason is it increases upside. If Zeke then goes down you have two elite RBs. Yes, if CMC goes down you would lose him, but the goal should always be to build a superteam early on. Rostering the safe handcuff is for later in the year.

7th is a bit tough assuming CMC, Dalvin, Zeke, Kamara, Henry, Aaron Jones are gone. I’m perfectly fine going Kelce or one of Adams/Diggs/Tyreek. This is mainly because I like the Round 2 RBs - JT, Najee, Gibson especially. So, if you Kelce/WR in Round 1, just be sure to target one of those guys in Round 2

I think taking your favorite of Kamara, Zeke, Henry, Aaron Jones (whoever falls) - and then once you get 1-2 RBs, start pounding WRs

JuJu is the sit over two RBs who will see big volume

Can’t say I’m excited about either, but Davis

Have swift, David johnson, tevin coleman, hines, pollard, Malcolm brown should I drop any of these for chubba hubbard or Tony jones?

This is the range of the RB Dead Zone (link below), which I’m avoiding this year. I’d rather draft a WR in this range. If forced to pick one, I’d take Carson

Diontae Johnson easily

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Depends how deep the league is but I’d much prefer stashes like Hubbard, Rhamondre, Ty’Son Williams, Ty Johnson, etc.

Get 1-2 elite QBs early

Def Carter. Flip a coin for the two wideouts for the other

Would rather drop Waddle. ABrown’s range of outcomes/ceiling combo is far higher. He ranked third in targets per route last year and has even more built-in upside should Godwin or Evans miss time. Training camp reports have been strong.

Jones is in a tier above those guys. He only ever started slipping due to Rodgers concerns.

Corey Davis? Him if so. Otherwise Jakobi