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I hear good things about the Jets this year, but how good will their rookie troika of Zach Wilson, Michael Carter, and Elijah Moore really be? Are they late round steals? Right now in a 10 team draft, I’m ranking Wilson and Carter to go no earlier than the 8th round, and Moore in the 11th round. As for their veteran receivers, I have Corey Davis in the 9th round, Jamison Crowder in the 11th round, and Keelan Cole in the 13th round.

Also, does TE Chris Herndon have any potential at all? I didn’t even bother ranking him based on his history. Is Tyler Kroft going to be their solution at TE? Kroft seems like he has the most potential at this position, and that isn’t saying much.

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Darrell Henderson wins the starting job out of camp…more efficient with his touches… Cedes workhorse role only after injury AND YET we still think Akers is worthy of a top 12 pick??? I just don’t get it…

Ekeler and lose my 3rd round pick or swift and lose my 8th round pick in a keeper league? Our league is moving to a half ppr

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Curious about your thoughts on favorite dynasty sleepers this year, as well as how high you’re willing to take Kyle Pitts in rookie drafts? League is 10 team, .5 PPR. Thanks pros!

Hey ed, thanks for the question. Mike Lafleur is going to in charge of turning around the Jets putrid offense in 2021. He is a Kyle Shanahan disciple, meaning the offense will be a lot of outside zone rushing and short to intermediate passing routes. What does that mean for fantasy?

Michael Carter likely has the most upside, although Tevin Coleman could get the first crack because of his familiarity with the system. No worries tho when drafting Carter, Coleman is destined to be injured. Running game coach, John Benton is also from SF. While he was o-line/rb specialist, the 49ers were 2nd and 14th in rushing attempts the last two seasons. The Jets will be around top 10 in rushes, I believe. So I will be taking Carter where I can.

Zach Wilson and the WRs is a different story. Lafleur was 20th and 16th in passing attempts the last two seasons as the passing game coach. While the scheme will use motion to try to create space for Sims, Crowder, and Davis, a rookie QB should be a red flag for fantasy players. Adam Rank mentioned in a twitter thread that no rookie QB has ever produced 3 Top 40 WRs, and only ONE gave us 2 Top 40 WRs…Andrew Luck. Wilson is not Luck. The Jets WRs will not be more than WR3 fliers all year.

And as for Herndon, don’t be fooled again. Good luck in your drafts!

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Thanks for the question, ej. It’s tru Henderson only lost the work due to injury, but it’s unfair to discount how good Cam Akers was in the post season for the Rams. In 2 road games, Cam got 46 carries, 221 rushing yards, and a 4.8 YPC with two rushing TDs. There is definitely value where Hendo is going in drafts, but Akers showed out in a big way. That’s where the love is coming from. Best of luck this year!

12 team full ppr league. I have 2nd overall. RB RB for the first two rounds? I’m seeing RBs going quick and after the first couple of rounds, it becomes very depleted.

Thanks for joining in! This isn’t as easy as it felt at first glance. As we sit, I am writing an article about not drafting D’Andre Swift in 2021, but that is based on Yahoo ADP of 31 overall and I have him at 44. The 8th round value is too good to pass on here. I am lower than most on both of these RBs, not sure how many keepers you are allowed but if it’s fewer than 5, I would take Swift in the 8th and focus on getting the next tier up in RBs with your first pick, Hope that helps!

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The question I have is I am in a 10 team league, and I am the 10th pick last year, and won the fantasy, but I been wanting to take Joe Mixon or zeke if they fall in the first round, but my question is, is it bad to pick Najee Harris is the second round 2.1 ? I am a steelers fan. But I really think we got a really good RB this year. I feel strong with picking Joe and Najee

This year I am picking again in the 10th pick.

Najee or Mixon in the early second round? Mixon has a better supporting cast but Najee seems to have more talent and is more likely to stay healthy.

10 team .5 ppr dynasty superflex startup. Who should I target at 1.02. Obviously if Mahomes falls to me I’ll take him. If not, do I go CMC, Allen, or other? Appreciate the advice.

Appreciate you participating! Ill start with Pitts. In a 10 team league, it is imperative to try to separate your team somewhere from your opponents. His future in undeniably bright and should provide that separation for you down the line at TE. He is right up there in rookie drafts for consideration at 1.01 in smaller leagues where the waiver wire will be wrought with talented RBs and WRs.

Favorite dynasty sleeper…Dez Fitzpatrick (WR-TEN), Ryan Tannehill has shown he can support multiple WRs. His dynasty value took a hit with the Julio Jones acquisition, but he is 32 with 2 years remaining on his deal. In the same room with AJ Brown and Jones can only help to develop the big wideout into a nice fantasy player down the line.

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Excellent question mike. I hear this stuff often from fantasy players and I believe its one of the bigger mistakes we can make. We shouldnt be pigeon holing ourselves into RB-RB or WR-WR or ZeroRb or whatever. Every draft is so different. CMC, Cook, or Kamara would all be in consideration for me at 2 overall, then I would look to see who is falling. If the league goes RB heavy, don’t force it. Nab those falling top WRs or one of the elite TEs if they are still there. Either way, have an open mind and play off your opponents, not into them. Good luck!

Mixon in the first and Najee in second, I rather have workhorse RB sometime I will pick mixon and kelce

Thanks for the question! If Zeke is still there at 10, he is an auto pick for me. Swinging around the turn and adding Najee as your RB2 is a fine strategy. One thing Kyle mentions often, its ok to take the players you like to see succeed. Don’t avoid Steelers just because you are a fan. For what its worth, I have both Harris and Elliot over Mixon in my rankings by a good bit. Go get that repeat championship!

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Hey matt. Steelers fans are going to hunt you down if Harris ends up injured now haha! Trying to predict injuries is fruitless. I saw a post earlier today stating the fact that in the last 3 seasons Joe Mixon has played more games than Dalvin Cook. And no one is shying away from Dalvin. However, Mixon is down my rankings based on his production. I believe Pittsburgh will use Najee to take the burden off Ben. Does that mean a big fantasy year? We will see. I lean the rookie when comparing the two.

Who do I keep? I can only keep two.

Dalvin cook - round 1

Davante adams- round 2

Tee higgins - last round

Myles gaskin - last round

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