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Explain to me how experts can rate Saquon Barkley so high (usually 4th or 5th) without ranking Daniel Jones significantly higher (ECR has him anywhere from QB19 to QB21)? Most expert comments aren’t very hopeful for Jones, which runs against Saquon having any kind of a decent season, since defenses will be stacking to stop Saquon. With Saquon’s injury history added as a consideration, how can the experts be calling Saquon a top pick?

Javonte Williams versus Michael Carter in dynasty/PPR/superflex 16 team format? Williams seems like the better draft prospect, but Carter seems to have a better situation. So who to draft if they are both available?

I will add, looking at their game film, Carter seems to have the better moves. On the other hand, Williams has the better NFL size.

Najee vs Mixon? I understand the upside and work ethic of najee is incredible, but Mixon is in a make or break year where everything around him makes it possible for him to succeed. If he can stay healthy that is.

Melvin Gordon vs Damien Harris in Dynasty 1 PT PPR.


I’ll be in contention to compete this year (or al least win some week money).

In a keeper league standard scoring. Who would you keep?
Chubn in the 1st
Akers in the 6th
or Lamar in the 10th

Thank you!

Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, Robert Woods, Chris Godwin? Can you help me decide which of these guys I should draft? I’m in the position to draft one of them only. Also to note I have Dak as a keeper if that helps.

In past years, analysts had general consensus on a late round TE that would be a strong breakthrough candidate. 2018 - George Kittle; 2019 - Darren Waller; 2020 - Dallas Geodert (when healthy). Who is that TE candidate for 2021 in case you want to wait on drafting a TE or take a TE2 just in case.

Hey everyone! This is Jared (@JaredL_FF) of FantasyPros. Looking forward to the next hour with you guys, answering any questions I can! If I miss your question, feel free to tweet at me. Thanks!

Which two players should I keep in a 12-team Full PPR league?

(Can keep 2 players & they will count as 1st and 2nd round picks)

  • Alvin Kamara
  • Nick Chubb
  • Austin Ekeler

Hello there,

Wondering if Chase Edmunds is worth a 10th round pick in a keeper league or David Montgomery for a 4th round pick? 1 point PPR format. Thanks a bunch.

Why is the site not uploading league settings for to do mock drafts?

Unlike QB and WR, RBs aren’t terribly correlated with QB success, at least fantasy-wise. In fact, in Barkley’s rookie season, where he finished as THE RB1, Eli Manning was dreadful (who remembers all those ridiculous dump-offs throughout the year?). Barkley, when healthy, is a top 3 RB in the league, talent-wise, so his RB3-RB5 ADP is surely warranted in my opinion.

Furthermore, fantasy QB success is heavily dependent on TDs and rush yards (generally speaking), and while Jones offers a bit of the latter, he only scored 12 total TDs last season. He just isn’t very good. However, he did show high upside in his rookie season, so maybe he can rebound from an awful sophomore campaign.

Is it ever worth it to trade draft order spots? Do you consider all draft spots (1st pick vs 8th pick, etc.) to be essentially power neutral, or do you think there’s an advantage to having the first couple spots?

I like Williams a whole lot better than Carter, but you should be able to get both based on 12-team dynasty start-ups in which I’ve participated this offseason. However, if you had to choose one and lose the other, Williams at a higher ADP is worth it over Carter. He was generally ranked as a better prospect, retains a higher draft capital, and is on a presumably better offense (especially if ARod is somehow traded to the Broncos). Gordon III may be a nuisance in 2021 (but let’s not forget Dalvin Cook v Latavius Murray or AP v Chester Taylor), but Williams is primed for success thereafter.

Let me add, this is for a redraft league

12 team full PPR, im 9th pick and been doing alot of mocks, what value do you think is better with the mocks I’ve done Chubb Mixon McLaurin Keenan Allen or DaVonte Adams DeAndre Hopkins DeAndre Swift Chris Carson? Would Adams or Chubb be a better pick with 1st pick?

I think this is a true toss-up in redraft, but I’m leaning Najee if you had to choose one (however, depending on your league, it may be possible to get both!). Tomlin is known to heavily utilize a bellcow and Big Ben loves throwing it to his RBs so I expect Najee to easily surpass 250-300+ touches this season. Offensive line issues are an obstacle, but in fantasy, volume is king. Meanwhile, Mixon has been inconsistent in the receiving area (which may change with Gio gone) and hasn’t had a lot of TD upside.

I think both will be low-RB1s or high RB2s, but my confidence in Tomlin and the anticipated receiving volume Najee should see gives him the edge for me.

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Harris and not particularly close. Gordon III may give you one good year, at best, and is already 28. Additionally, both face split backfields, so that’s a bit of a moot case. If you can, I’d wait as long as possible to see if the Pats make any interesting roster moves (e.g., cutting Michel, Stevenson, etc.), but I think Harris is your better bet for this season and the future.

drafting a kicker in redraft leagues, yes or no?