Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/9)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Aaron Pagliario set for an AMA Monday (8/9) at 1 pm EST and Zak Hanshew on Friday (8/12) at 1 pm EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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Javonte Williams or Jaylen Waddle in a dynasty PPR league? I need to win now, so this is almost a redraft question.

In a ten team keeper ppr league, are you ok drafting Kyle Pitts in the fourth? If not what later round sleepers will have some upside for the following seasons?


Best strategy for 2qb / super flex leauge


2nd round RB? My list (of who I’m considering) is Najee>CEH>Gibson>Mixon? Do you agree? Why or why not.

Similarly, 4th round WR. Cupp>Moore>Woods. Again what do you think about these 3?


Wich rb or wr has the best chance to break into you fantasy lineup that is not currently on the starter list?

10 team ppr. Would you follow up CMC/Cook with another RB or go WR for more balance?

10 team half PPR keeper league. Keep Taylor in the 4th, Carson in the 6th, and Diontae in the 9th? Can only keep 2

10 team keeper league, full point ppr. 1 qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 flex and 1 Def. Can keep 3. Have Taylor in 3rd, Waller in 5th, Ridley in 7th, Montgomery in 9th and Josh Allen in 12th. I also have the 1st overall pick 8n the draft. Thoughts?

I see the upside here for both. Williams could be an every-week RB2 if he wrestles away opportunities from Melvin Gordon, while Waddle should own the slot reps in Miami. Depending on your roster construction and weekly WR requirements, I’d lean Javonte. Reason: it’s a tad harder to find RBs with that upside than it is to discover a slot threat once the season begins. Good luck Ed! Thanks for the question.

I’m in a 10 team keeper league that’s .5 PPR. I can keep 4 players with no restrictions. Players i have are Henry,hill, Mixon, Jefferson, and Waller. I’m having hard time which person i should leave out.

I’m in a 10 team full point PPR keeper league and my keeper is Davante Adams. My question is if you could start your team out of 1 of these 3 scenarios which would it be?

1 - Adams, Najee Harris and Joe Mixon
2 - Adams, Calvin Ridley and Joe Mixon
3 - Adams, Calvin Ridley and Najee Harris

Trey Lance’s ADP is so low, but his hype is so great? What round should we be snatching him up in?

hey I am in a 10 man full ppr 2 qb 3 wr 2 flex keeper league I have dearick Henry in the 7th round and I’m the 6 th pick I was wondering if I should go kepce for the 1st pick because I already got Henry. but my question is should I go te first or go rb and just lock that position down. thanks in advance

Keenan Allen worh a 2nd rd pick in a keeper ppr league

This is the last team I drafted. I feel like I love this team. Am I doing anything wrong?

Hey TJ. I am way more excited for Pitts in Round 4 of a keeper league than I am in redraft. His skills should translate to being a productive NFL receiving threat. Also, in a 10 teamer, you need to separate yourself at TE and QB, as the waiver pool will be ripe with RBs and WRs all season. Go get your man!

One of my leagues is point per completion for QB’s. Is Mahomes still QB1 in that situation for this season?

Is Dj chark a number 1 wr in a 10 team full ppr redraft format I have arod and ayiuk chase

Great question. Obviously, QB earlier than you would ever think about in single QB formats. In 2QB, you REALLY should target the top 5-6 early on.

There is more to it and luckily we have a Discord channel dedicated to SUPERFLEX/2QB! Come join that community and 24 hours a day you can have access to so many great minds focused specifically on that format!