Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/30)

Best advice for 7th pick half ppr league 12 team. RB/RB or RB/WR?

Draft either Ekeler and Mixon or Kelse and one of Ridley, Hopkins, Diggs maybe. Would rather wait till the 3rd for rb than take Mixon as my 1.

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Why is fantasypros optimize lineup making me start Golladay over Mike Davis at the flex?

I have the first pick in half ppr superflex. Should I draft cmc of mahomes with how fast qbs come off the board

I have entered my very first keeper league. We will keep 2 players. What positions are most valuable in this case? I am thinking about 1 RB and 1 WR. Would you agree and who would be your choices that may be available in later rounds?

My leagues almost always go RB/RB. But with a later pick (say 8-12), I would go RB/WR

I have the 5th pick in my half PPR 12 team league and I will most likely take Zeke (or whichever top RB is still there) in the first, but then I was thinking I would take the best WR in the 2nd and then Lamar Jackson on the turn in the 3rd. Thoughts? I just think Lamar is going to have a monster year. Thanks!

I’m in a 12 team or keeper league (max 2 years) I need help deciding who to keep. Diontea for a 6th or AB for my last pick? Dobbins was my original keeper so now I’m scrambling.

Keeper in a half PPR.

Antonio Gibson in the 6th or Damien Harris in the 12th and why. I assume value changes with Mac Jones.

Have swift, David johnson, tevin coleman, hines, pollard, Malcolm brown which 2 do I play week 1?

That’s what I’m thinking thanks, in your leagues who’s been available in the third for mid rounds?

In a dynasty league with only 1 QB played, I like to have a back up QB stashed. I currently have Tua backup, but see Mac Jones is available.

Should I drop Tua for Mac?


Std/1 player keeper league (Kept DK Metcalf) Roster as follows:
QB1 Kyler Murray
RB1 Ekeler
RB2 Edwards
RB3 Hunt
RB4 Sermon
WR1 Hill
WR2 Metcalf
WR3 Mclaurin
WR4 Kupp
WR5 D. Smith
TE Higbee

Had draft position 7 and no decent RBs last year to keep. Strategy basically to take best player. Here’s my question, should I stay patient with my roster and see how things transpire or do I seek out another RB? I’m heavy with WR and really would like a RB to balance my lineup. Is there a trade you can think of that would seem fair and help my running back situation?

Don’t pass on Cmc. Qbs for days still

Tua has way more weapons and given his off season I would stick with Tua. In NE I see Harris volume going up with Mac under center. Obviously, the coaches will want to see what Mac can do, but right now, personally, I would hold and not over think it.

Higher ceiling when both are 100% healthy. WRs in general have higher outputs than backs in ppr. But golladay isn’t right for the time being. Over ride that for week 1 and reevaluate when he’s healthy. In my humble opinion!

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Half PPR, CMC is going to get some looks out of the back field. Don’t become a slave of the QB, you can take CMC in the first and possibly get Allen in the second, Murray in the third or Jackson in the fourth if you feel you have to have a main stream QB. Personally I would wait until I filled my RB/WR and flex positions before I draft a QB.

10 team PPR league w 2rb & 3wr. Picking 1st overall. Do I take another RB1 w 2nd pick after taking CMC, or should I go WRs? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried some mock drafts to see who takes who? Given you have CMC, I would look and see who the best player is at the end of the second round. Most likely you will have an option of a tier 2/3 WR or tier 3 RB OR tier 1/2 Waller or Kittle. I perhaps would pick up a TE and take best player available at WR

Carter for sure. Im leaning towards Sermon for the second. Hard one…