Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/23)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Bonnie Robinson set for an AMA Thursday (8/26) at 1 pm EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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I tossed this into a separate forum post, but I’ll add it here: Nick Chubb, Antonio Gibson, or Najee Harris? Assume PPR for this one. Who do you take?

Where do you see Corey Davis finishing in WR rankings at the end of the year?


Is Denver a suitable Def for weeks 1 and 2? I’m thinking of sitting PITT DEF for those weeks. Half PPR :grinning:

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Keeper question 12 team half PPR

James Robinson - 7th Round
Antonio Gibson - 9th Round
Chase Edmonds - 12th Round

Thank you!

Carson, Montgomery, or Robinson in the 3rd round Full PPP

Auction draft - are you taking the studs and duds or a more balanced approach this year?

In a full PPR keeper League, who would you rather keep? Gibson in the 9th round or Kittle in the 10th?

My PPR league has 2 sleepers this year. I have Robert Woods as a 5th round pick and Mike Davis as a 16th round pick. How would you approach the first 4 rounds knowing I have a fringe WR1 and a RB2 already locked up?

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Screwed up by trading picks last year, keeper league. Kept D Henry and Higgins for this year, Have picks 28,50,67,79 as my earliest rds 3,5,6,7. Who would you target at 28,50? Full ppr. thanks!@!

Pick #12 in 12 team standard league, do I take Gibson or Mixon? Or start with Diggs and take Gibson or Mixon?

Keeping JT in the 2nd and Chubb in the 9th in a 10 team keeper .5ppr. Start 2rb, 2WR and a flex. Should I go with Adams and end up with swift, Carson, dmont or Robinson type or go Ajones or Barkley and hit really good solid depth at 3,4&5. I have 1st overall pick.

I’m targeting Zeke with 6th overall pick in the first round. If he’s not available should I go with D Adams or a different RB? Full PPR league.


Keeper question. 12 team PPR. Which two?

Dalvin Cook (1)
Joe Mixon (2)
Keenan Allen (4)
Justin Herbert (16)

Thank you!

Keeper question 10 team 1/2 PPR with bonus to receiving yards at 1 pt per every 8yds instead of 10 with 3wr and 2 flx.
I can keep 2 of the following:
Terry in the 6th
dobbins in the 7th
brady in the 11th
stafford in the 12th

I can keep Ekeler in the 11th but only get one keeper that way.
Drafting 5th out of 10

What type of return would you want for Zach Wilson in SF dynasty?

12 team keeper league each team keeps 2.
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE , K, D.
I am keeping Chubb in the 5th and Kittle in the sixth I have no 4th round pick. 2 in the 7th and no 8th. I am in the 10 hole but after keepers i will have the 3rd pick followed by the 6th pick.

Harris and Ekeler will be gone. Do I take Mixon with the first pick and then follow it with Ridley or Hopkins? Or do I punt RB2 and get two of Hopkins Ridley Metcalf and someone like Woods or Godwin for my 3 Wrs And hope to grab the likes of Mostert Harris and Carter with my 2 picks in the 7th.

What players would you suggest to look for in rds 9-15 on a 1 keeper , full pt ppr 12 team league?

Ramk these RB’s for best long term value for next year and beyond.

  1. Jaret Patterson behind a young Gibson
  2. Rhamondre Stevenson in a committee backfield in NE
  3. Dark horse Chris Evans behind Mixon (who may have a propensity for playing hurt)

Also, do any of these stand out in your eyes as a clear cut favorite?

I am in a 12 team, half PPR keeper league with standard NFL fantasy rules. I need to keep 3 out of the following 4: Rodgers, Mixon, A.J. Brown and Davante Adams. Suggestions?

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