Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (7/26)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Jason Katz set for an AMA Tuesday (7/27) at 1 pm EST and Michael Moore on Thursday (7/29) at 1 pm EST but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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In my league qbs get 6 points for a td. I am in the 9 hole of a 12 team snake draft. Is this the year to take a qb high in the draft?


Do you see any realistic path to starting caliber RBs like Melvin Gordon or Mark Ingram being traded to the Rams?

Hopkins/CEH or Harris/Jefferson? .5 PPR

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I have 1st overall pick in a 12 team half ppr league. I’m looking to go robust RB this year but I keep seeing justin Jefferson showing up in mock drafts for 2nd round pick so should I take him and like a Chris Carson as 3rd or should I take the short draft capital there is a RB in the early rounds and take receivers starting in the 4th round?


We saw how good Jonnu would block for Derrick Henry, are we sleeping too much on Damien Harris this year with Jonnu to help block along with Hunter Henry?

Who should I keep in 12 team ppr (picking D Cook with 2nd pick)?

McLaurin for 5th rd pick
Carson for 4th rd pick
Montgomery for 6th rd pick

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Full PPR league got a couple questions. First only going to have a shot at one. Austin Ekeler, Johnathan Taylor, or Nick Chubb. Im personally leaning toward Ekeler but the luck of red zone consistency has me worried. Can you help? And secondly looking at mid tier Qbs on my radar choose one Hurts, Stafford, Tannehill, or Brady? Thanks for any explanation!

No, if anything with 6 pt passing TDs you can wait even longer. The rushing qbs don’t have as big an advantage over your pocket passers

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Dynasty PPR - Tyler Boyd for 2022 1st round pick was vetoed. What are your thoughts and how can we avoid this type of veto.really struggling to figure out trades

Keeper Question: 10 man 1/2 ppr league that awards bonuses for 40+, 50+ yard touchdowns and for yardage milestones (300, 400 passing & 100, 150 rushing/receiving).

Pick 3 from Johnathan Taylor, Saquon, Mahomes, Kelce, or Ridley.

Hopkins ,Riggs or Ridley superflex ppr and what round?

I’m drafting from the 12 spot in a 12 team PPR snake draft. I would appeeciate your take on a couple of players that might be there at the 1-2 turn. If Kelce is there I think I will select him but was wondering if he’s already gone would you take Kittle or Waller? I’d like to get a decent RB at the 1-2 as well. Thanks much. Andy

How much faith do you have in CEH and Dobbins as possible RB2 and Flex play this year?

In my league I draft 8/10 in a .5 PPR should I draft Arron Jones, Chubb, or Najee in the first and then in the second should I draft another RB or go WR?

Superflex Keeper League; I have acquired 3 top 6 protected 1st round picks in a 10 team league, I have ZERO QBs and the Mahomie, Brady, Murray were keepers for others. I’m eyeing Tannehill and Burrow with my first 2 picks. OR should I just grab other positions talent and worry about QBs in mid-late rounds?

In non or half ppr, I do think there is value in securing one of the top 10 or so QBs. In full ppr, not as much. In general, the late-round QB strategy might be morphing into a bit of the mid-round QB strategy. I’m not reaching for a QB, but I would ideally like one of Dak, Kyler, Allen, or Lamar to fall to me round round 5/6.

I have the 5th pick in a 10 team, .5 ppr, superflex league, struggling to gauge QB value this early, would you take Josh Allen at 5 (assuming Mahomes is gone) or one of the higher end leftover RBs kamara/henry/zeke

Who should I keep? 1 keeper, salary cap league ($200 budget), SuperFlex, 1 additional flex, non-PPR.
Keepers options:
Diggs - $27
Gibson - $22
Swift - $23
Hurts - $12
D.Henderson - $13


Got the 10th pick in a 12 team league. Am I crazy for taking Harris in the 1st? Them hoping for a wr1 in the 2nd?