Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (7/26)

Should I keep Miles Sanders with ny 4th round keeper in a 12 team PPR league?

I can’t provide any insight on possible trades, but I can say that neither Melvin Gordon nor Mark Ingram are starting caliber RBs. Melvin, at this point in his career, belongs in a role kind of like what we expect from James Conner in Arizona. Mark Ingram is done. That’s why he was a healthy scratch down the stretch and in the playoffs last season. He has no business being on an NFL roster anymore.


Yeah sorta crazy. Try to work a trade with someone later to get Harris and another player for Chubb (example)

Harris/Jefferson. I just trust Harris’ volume more.

In a ppr league where tds are worth 6,9,12 depending on distance and 1 pt for every 10yds rushing and recieving. Is Keenan Allen worth a second round pick

Roster Format Question:

I’m the commissioner for a 12 team, half ppr league. Our standard roster format is 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 DST, 6 Bench / 1 IR

Would you suggest 2 flex spots instead of 1? If so, how many bench spots should there be? Thank you!!

I prefer to be RB heavy as well, but I really see value in having a true WR1 this season. I might even take two running backs in that spot. It’s hard to predict who will be there, but if you can get two of Jefferson, Keenan, ARob, I might do that. It also depends on what RBs are there. I would take Swift in that spot as one of my two picks. CEH is an option as well. If Carson is the best RB there, though, I’m going WR-WR.

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I like Damien Harris because he has room to provide a positive ROI. He’s not going to catch any passes, but that’s okay because we’re not drafting him as our RB1. He’s either an RB2 in a Single/Hero/Anchor RB draft or he’s our RB3. He could rush for 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns, which would be a great season based on his price.

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Are we sleeping on D Harris in New England? It’s a run first team right?

McLaurin for a five provides the best value

In full PPR, I prefer Ekeler. JT has the highest ceiling, but there are concerns with Mack returning and Hines taking passing down work. Chubb’s ceiling is capped unless Hunt gets hurt, but he’s as safe as it gets. I just don’t believe in drafting not to lose and that’s how I feel about Chubb.

Hurts is by far the best one for me because of the whole drafting to win thing. Sure, Hurts’ floor is he’s terrible and you drop him in October, but Hurts’ ceiling is 2019 Lamar Jackson. I don’t believe in drafting QBs that can’t run so that takes Stafford and Brady off the table (although I would draft them if I really waited on QB). I like Tannehill as well if you don’t want to pay the eighth round price for Hurts.

In Superflex, I’m securing an elite QB for sure. Especially in a 10 teamer where everyone gets a super team. I might even go QB-QB depending on who I can get round two.

Is Tyler Boyd worth a 1? Probably not. But absent collusion (or a trade so lopsided that collusion is implied), trades should not be vetoed. Boyd is a sure thing. A rookie pick is not. That trade should not have been vetoed. Between me and you, I would leave a league over that. It is not the commissioner’s job to manage your team or anyone else’s.

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Very difficult decision here. Diggs, Gibson, Swift, and Henderson are all good values. Given that it’s Superflex, I think you have to take the guaranteed $12 QB and go with Hurts.

I don’t think so. Harris is going to touch the ball 350 times. We can be confident in that. Check out this tweet from Mike Tagliere on Harris: https://twitter.com/MikeTagliereNFL/status/1418624170074812417

I would not take Harris at 10, but if you believe in him, it’s by no means a crazy pick. I like starting RB-RB, but I think there’s too much value in securing one of the top five WRs this year. So I’m starting RB/WR (or WR/RB) as long as I can get one of Tyreek, Davante, Diggs, DHop, or Ridley.

In a startup dynasty (ppr/non SF - 1 QB). I have the 1.3 & 1.8 pick. Would you go Saquon + Jefferson or Cook + AJB/ DK. It obviously depends who falls to me, but which method would you prefer ?

I need way more information to answer this. How many keepers? Who are your other options? Roster settings? Etc.

But based purely on what you’ve given me, I would lean no because that’s par value based on his ADP and Miles Sanders isn’t good.

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I’m lost on a key question in SF. Will Debo Samual get more targets over Aiyuk and who will likely get more TD’s. Kittle we know but these two I’m sort of lost? Help?

We are starting a salary cap dynasty league with a $1000 budget yearly. What are recommendations on yearly player salary increases. Or other dynasty setup tips.

He might. I like Lamb both as a talent and a fantasy asset. He could very well be going ahead of Amari in 2022 drafts. I like Lamb in the late third/early fourth because he has the highest ceiling of the guys that typically go in that spot and that’s what we’re looking for.

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