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I would love to hear your guys take on this keeper question. keep ridley and lose my 5th round pick, or swift and lose my 8th? 10 team half ppr 2 rbs 2 wrs 2 flex

What do you guys think if this trade? It’s a 12-man PPR dynasty. I’d be getting D.Hop.
For extra info, I have cmac, cook, javontae, Davis, and Carter as other RBs and A.rob and golladay as my 1/2 recievers currently

In dynasty league, I’m in rebuild mode. Do I offer Barkley and woods up to the guy who just lost akers for him, Godwin and the 1.01? Is that a fair offer? Also full ppr SF

Is Keenan Allen worth a second round pick in a keeper league

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Akers injury catapults Henderson up the rankings, but how high?

Also what are your opinions on doing a no RB draft strategy if picking 9-12/12 in a half PPR/full PPR? Is it worth doing or are RBs just too valuable?

In light of the Cam Akers injury, curious about your thoughts in dynasty.

10 Team, .5 PPR, 1 QB

Give: 21 1.02
Get: 21 1.04 and Akers

Achilles injuries are brutal so I’m almost hesitant to engage on Akers for any reason at all…


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Now with cam out where would you take Darrell Henderson above what running backs

It’s Ridley for me. The loss in opportunity cost from the 5th to the 8th isn’t worth keeping the inferior player in this case. Ridley has a legit chance at leading the NFL in targets, and WR is a far more predictable, stable position than RB


Even with the premium rbs have early in drafts?

Hi all! I’ll be here answering your questions for the next hour or so. Be sure to also reach out on Twitter anytime – always happy to interact over there whether it be in my mentions or DMs!


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In a 24 starter 60 man roster dynasty superflex with PPC PPR and triple superflex (can start 3qbs) I’ve been offered ZWilson for NChubb. My other qbs are Wentz, Baker, Fitz, Lock and my other Rbs (can start 3-8) are CMC, Saquon, Chubb, Hunt, Mostert, Harris, MCarter.

Thinking Wilson would give me much needed qb youth and depth but loathe to give up the Chubb Hunt stack that won me the league last year any opinions would be great thanks

I think it’s an aggressive win-now move. I’d do it, especially given the state of your current team (CMC and Dalvin?! Nice!)

If you’re in rebuild mode then I don’t think now is that time to trade Saquon, but if he’s willing to trade Akers then I’d be slightly interested. Just be careful as we really don’t know a ton about RBs coming back from Achilles injuries. I think it’s okay to take no action in this case

He’s getting up there in age, but for 2021 he should be a rock-solid second-round pick, yeah

Most projections systems I’ve seen this morning are placing Hendo right around RB18-21. I think he makes sense in Rounds 4-5, but I wonder if his ADP will keep climbing if the Rams don’t sign someone right away.

As for zero RB, I’m okay with it always. Just be prepared to take on a lot of risk/volatility. The zero RB strategy is about high-end outcomes. The goal is to construct a team that will come in first, but the nature of the strategy also lowers your floor, which is okay! We should be trying to win. I’ll add that full-PPR is the preferred format to go zero RB

Yup, that’s where I’m at too. The combo of the position Akers plays and the fact we were already dealing with a small sample AND that it’s an Achilles injury means that I’m just taking no action in regards to him in keeper leagues. I’d rather have the 1.02 and take Chase or Najee

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So I’m a Florida gator and I watched every Kyle Pitts game. He played X receiver a lot and embarrassed 1st rounds picks like Patrick Surtain. I feel like he has the potential to be the best TE for fantasy, is drafting him at the top of the 5th round too much? (10 team league, half ppr)

I just pulled up my rankings to officially make the move, and I inserted him at RB19. For me, he’s above Jacobs, D-Mont, Hunt, Edmonds, Etienne, etc. This is the Rams offense we’re talking about. In this range of RBs gimme that upside

Yeah, I did an article back in late June about the “running back dead zone.” I’ll include the link below, but historically RBs in Rounds 3-6 produce a negative win rate. Now, the fact that you’d be keeping Swift in the 8th negates that, BUT it also sets you up to keep Ridley in the 5th and then more easily be able to take those premium RBs in Rounds 1-2, since you already have your top-5 WR.

My article: An Introduction To The Running Back Dead Zone (2021 Fantasy Football) | FantasyPros