Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (7/12)

Do you know what your draft position will be? Also, I assume this is 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1FLEX, 1TE, etc.

I’d definitely go Akers in this scenario, as you’re getting a late-1st/early-2nd pick with a 6th rounder, which is massive value. You should be able to get Chubb in the late 1st/2nd anyway, and if you really like LJ, you can take him or just wait on a QB if he doesn’t fall.

I think for just this season and assuming you 100% can’t get two of these guys, I lean Cooper. However, if you had the chance, based on how your draft progresses, to get two of them, I’d either go Cooper + Woods or Woods + Lamb.

My rationale: pure upside, I think Cooper can finish top 5, while Godwin used to have this ability, but with AB in town, and Brady’s more effective passing game (in contrast to Jameis), I think Godwin will be more of a WR2. Additionally, Woods has been incredibly consistent since joining the Rams, so I am comfortable with him as a high-WR2 with Stafford coming in.

I never draft a kicker. Use the last round to pick a low-cost, high-upside pick that you can hold during preseason and cut for a kicker before Week 1.

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How about then…

Melvin Gordon vs Gabriel Davis…

…as the last player I keep/cut on my dynasty roster? (I can keep 10 player)

The guys in contention for my 9th & 10th spots are:

Damien Harris
Gabe Davis
Mecole Hardman

1 pt ppr.

I’m not buying Hardman being anything other than a gadget & rotational player with Pringle & Robinson.

When I’ve waited on TE for my drafts thus far this season (TE11+), I’ve usually grabbed one of Higbee, Smith, Gronkowski, or Hurst for redraft. Hurst and Gronk finished as low-TE1s last year and are basically free so far this offseason, so they offer immediate value at the position. Additionally, we saw Stafford make Hockenson a top 5 TE last year in fantasy, so I think in a much better system and with Everett gone, Higbee could make a nice push for a top 5 finish.

Kamara and Ecklar for me!

If you had to keep 2 players (meaning it made no sense not to keep 2 of them), I’d definitely go Kamara and Ekeler in full PPR. Chubb offers almost no receiving upside and splits time with another top 10 RB in the league.

10 man, 2 player Keeper league, PPR:

I plan to keep Jonathan Taylor for sure and my other 3 players to potentially fill my #2 spot are Mahomes, Waller and Gibson.

I’m so torn on who my #2 should be, help!!!

My question to you is how likely would it be for you to get DMont in the 4th anyway? I love DMont at his current value of RB18-RB22 and am more confident in him repeating as a top 10 RB than Edmonds turning in a top 24 finish. However, if you could get DMont in the late 3rd, let’s say, considering other keepers, Edmonds in the 10th presents nice value since he’s usually going in the 5th-8th rounds in my drafts.

thank you for the replies! Will most likely keep Kamara/Ekeler unless something better is there in the 2nd round

Thank you for sharing this issue with me. I’ve cc’d @bblontz to look into this for you and contact FantasyPros’ developers.

Yes, it is sometimes very much worth it! I think it’s 100% situation- and tier-based, however. In your scenario, I’d happily trade the 1.08 for the 1.01 and, in most seasons, having an earlier-round pick is usually better. When you get to the mid-rounds, it’s also advantageous to trade one-off picks to get the end of a perceived tier as well.

Why am I holding Devin Singletary right now? I read he’s trained all off season and he’s “quicker, faster”. I took over this dynasty team and wouldn’t have picked Singletary but now I’m rooting for him SMH!!!

It’s also worth noting that I have two first round draft picks (1.06 & 1.08).

I like your second option a whole lot better; however, I wouldn’t anticipate your drafts going this formulaically in reality, nor should you lock yourself into a strategy. I think you should take each pick one at a time, and anticipate how that pick may impact your subsequent ones.

For example, using your Adams v. Chubb option in Round 1, I’d definitely take Adams (though if I wasn’t going RB, I’d prefer Kelce here) and then hope to get Ekeler, Najee in the middle of Round 2. And then look for the best RB (Swift would be great!) in Round 3 and pound WRs in the middle rounds.

Between Gordon III and Davis, I definitely would prefer Gordon III, especially since you’re contending this season. The Bills signed Sanders, who’s been a very solid WR in his career, so I doubt Davis produces meaningful results for fantasy considering he’s competing against Sanders and Beasley for targets after Diggs gets his 160+.

I agree with you about Hardman, but his upside in that offense is surely worth the negligible cost.

Sounds good and good luck! :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


  1. Is this SF or 1QB?
  2. Are there any costs associated with the keepers (e.g., give up a 1st rounder for JT) or is it just keep whomever you want?

If it’s a 1QB and no costs, I’d surely go JT + Waller since it’s a 10-team league where depth doesn’t matter as much as elite positional value. Waller presents that so he edges Gibson for me. I’d happily take Gibson in the 2nd though if he were to get to you, all things held equal.

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Don’t believe the offseason hype and coach speak, unless it’s bad coach speak. Any player should hope to gain agility/speed in the offseason - that’s what they’re all training for, in some regard! I think whether or not you should hold him depends on the direct costs to do so and opportunity costs associated with doing so. If you have no one else of interest to keep instead of him, then I’d take him as he could do some really nice things in that offense if Moss goes down (unsure who will be the lead back).

No costs associated, we simply keep 2 players that we want/like from year to year.

Also it’s a 1 QB league, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 6 BN.

Thank you so much for the insight!

It’s probably also worth mentioning that we do a separate rookie draft and I pick at #2 (so likely to get Najee or Chase)!