Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (6/14)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Jared Lese set for an AMA Wednesday at noon EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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Other than Kyle Pitts, name the tight end outside the top 5 who is most likely to be in the top 5 at the end of the year?

Dalvin Cook or Saquon Barkley in a dynasty startup?

In a SF Dynasty league, I have Tua, Zach Wilson, Fitzmagic, Taysom and Carr as my QBs. Would you try to trade any of them for an upgrade in another position? If so which? 6 point per passing TD, -4 for interceptions.

I pick 2.15, 3.01, 3.02only have C. Carson as a keeper RB what backs should I target between
Z moss
G. Edwards
Or should I draft 2 of them and get WR OR TE THE THE OTHER PICK

With the first pick In a 14 team PPR redraft (1.5 pts PPR For TE)… What would be your draft strategy for rounds 2 and 3?

Do you believe in the recent Gio Bernard hype? Thoughts on Gaskin?

I have the 1.03, 1.06 and 1.11. Have an offer Julio Jones for Boyd and 1.11. I have AROB, Sutton, Fuller, Crowder, Green and AB. Good trade to add Julio for a win now? RB’s are JK, Mixon, Gordon, Hunt, Gus and McKinnon

Rather take Chark or Higgins/Boyd? Or is there another value around there you think is a better target? I lean Higs since I’m a little spooked about Shenault

I’m in a 12 team PPR dynasty league (year 11) w/3 starting rbs we have seperate rookie and free agent drafts in the offseason.in the rookie draft I got Travis Etienne at 6 and trey sermon at 18 Right now I’ve got dalvin cook as my rb 1, singletary as my rb 2 and rb3 keeper Mattison (cooks backup). I drafted Marlon mack last yr in the first to fill my #2 rb hole, that obviously didn’t workout. Is there another guy worthy of drafting in redraft in the first round? (also note our league allows 2 rookie picks to be kept seperately from the rest of keepers so pool might be lower)

Also in need of tight end help(2 starting spots) I have Jared Cook and traded for Blake jarwin during our rookie draft and cut Hayden Hurst. In the 4th round of the rookie draft I picked up brevin Jordan. Who can I target under the radar in the free agent draft? I cut last yrs tight end pick (last round rookie draft ) on Terrance moss… So with cook getting old and jarwin a huge question mark, who do you recommend?

Hey Jared! In a 12 team half ppr league with 1 Qb, 2Rbs, 3Wrs, 1TE and a flex, what do you think the best draft position is?

In my 10 man dynasty 1QB 1/2 PPR we keep 12 for our roster. Assuming I have Kyler Murray, CMC, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Cooper Kupp, Mark Andrews, Matt Ryan, Mike Davis, Tyler Lockett, and CeeDee Lamb, but NO first round pick, and 2.9 is my first pick. Would you trade any of these for a first round pick?

10 team SuperFlex 0.5 PPR league. QB’s earn highest points, used to be a 2 QB league. I have the #2 pick in draft. Patrick Mahomes has already been decided as the #1 pick. I am thinking Josh Allen #2??? What do you think???

I’ll preface this by noting that Pitts may creep into the Top 5 TEs in most leagues by the standard redraft periods. Between rookie hype and the post-Julio trade, I could definitely see him supplanting Andrews as the TE5!

Getting to your question though, if I find myself unable to draft one of the top 3 (i.e., Kelce, Waller, Kittle), I’ve been finding myself waiting until later to take 1-2 high-upside TEs at minimal costs, namely Tyler Higbee, Evan Engram, Blake Jarwin, or Cole Kmet. I think Engram is the most talented of the bunch, so I’d target him more than the others (all things held equal), but TE is “all the same” once you get past the top 3, so wait and take the value!

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12 man superflex ppr.

Give: M. Ryan & C. Lamb

Get: Hurts, B. Cooks, late 2022 1st, two 2022 2nd round picks.

A) Would you?

B) I get most people would say to hold ceedee but if I’m going to trade him, is it fair compensation?

I think this is a very close call, as both RBs are among the most talented in the league that offer both elite rushing and receiving abilities, albeit with moderate risk profiles. I’m from the side that thinks torn ACLs/broken bones - costing Barkley most of the last two seasons - are more “random” than soft tissue injuries - which have plagued Cook through his career. As such, I’d lean Barkley.

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I think my answer depends on your intentions for the 2021 season. Are you trying to win now or rebuild? Based on you having two top young QBs (Tua and Wilson) without a bonafide star QB, I’d imagine the former.

As such, I’d look to sell high on the WFT offensive hype with Fitzmagic at the helm, especially since he’s the ultimate feast-or-famine QB for your scoring settings (i.e., 6 per TD, -4 per INT). Furthermore, I’d wait until the Saints announce the starting QB to move Hill. If he’s announced the starter, sell high on the “rushing QB cheat code”.

Hope this helps!

Any Tips on hosting a draft with some people on zoom and some people in the room?
Looking to make the draft more engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable.

I think this depends on the opportunity costs of each pick (i.e., what TEs/WRs are available?) and your keeper settings. In a vacuum, I prefer drafting RBs in muddled backfields (e.g., Moss) ahead of those with clearly defined back-up roles (Dillon). Moss is the only player with standalone value, albeit Edwards is close, so I’d lean Moss > Dillon > Edwards when considering current and future value.

In a 10 team 1 keeper PPR league, do I keep Kelce in 2nd rd, or McLaurin in the 5th? I have the 1.05 pick