Kyle Yates Fantasy Football AMA

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Hey, Yates. First time, long time. I’m in a dynasty league with some titans of the industry. Who should I be targeting at the 1.09? I’ll hang up and listen.


Scenario: 2 QB league. Pick 1.02. QBs are Mahomes/Stafford/Tua. RB’s are CEH/Carson/Drake. Do you go Najee at 2 or Lance/Fields and then come back and get a RB like Sermon/Carter in the 2nd?

I’m in a 16 team league. We keep 5 this year in a league reset year. we start the Following:
1 QB
2 RB
1 RB/WR/TE flex
1 K
1 LB
1 DB
1 DL
1 IDP Flex

24 Man Rosters. this league Kinda a different scoring system. No Rookie Draft. We have 1 draft with all the unkept Vets with Rookies included.
My Keepers for sure are
Justin Herbert 6056 fantasy points in 2020
AJ Brown/ 1678 Points
Chris Carson/ 1410 points
Darius leonard/ 1375 Points

The Issue I have is the 5th keeper spot.
James Robinson/ 1965 points but lost value after the Draft
Brandon Aiyuk./ 1198 points
Budda Baker/ 1263 points
Zach Cunningham/ 1484 points
I also have Gus Edwards, Lamical Perine

Who do I keep for that 5th spot???
My Draft Picks are 2.15, 3.1, 3.2 so targeting some of the top guys is not possible
Zach Moss / Micheal Carter/ Kenny Gainwell if availible for RB

12 team, 1/2 PPR, very competitive league. 2 keepers, 1st is definitely Metcalf for a 12 round pick Need help with the 2nd…

Dobbins for a 4th (can keep for 2 yrs)
Lamar for an 8th (can keep for 1 yr)
Claypool for a 16th (can keep for 1 yr)

I should have a top 6 pick after the weighted draft lottery. League usually goes RB heavy early.

I’ve got picks 1.07 and 1.08 in a 12-team SF dynasty rookie draft. Who should I be targeting?

I also have picks 21, 23, and 25, along with several later picks. I’ve tried moving up, and there aren’t any takers. Am I crazy to try to move back to the end of the first round with one of those first picks and land a high pick (ideally first-rounder) next year?

Hey Yates! Loved the coverage of the draft you guys did, congrats on Fields! My question is who do you think should be the second WR off the board after Chase in 1QB dynasty rookie drafts now that we know landing spots? Specifically Devonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle?

Hey Kyle, huge fan of you’re guys show. Big Steelers fan here. I have a crazy theory about how we went about our draft this year. We definitely needed offense line help, but we went skill positions first with RB and TE which don’t get me wrong ( I love the picks) just feel we should have addressed the line first for Big ben. Unless here’s where my theory comes in. Our o-line isn’t as bad if we have a mobile QB in like Haskins, or even Rudolph. And if that’s true, do you think that’s how the Steelers organization is looking at it. They brought him back this year despite everything going on. But if he gets hurt early in the year and one of the back ups fill in like they wanted to this year no harm no foul on them this way.

Yates… Great job on the new dynasty podcast. Just wondering if you and Ray are going to have a show/segment on which 2020 players are worth dropping to make room for the 2021 rookies. Lots of advice out there on who to pick up as a flier but not much discussion on who we should give up on in dynasty.


Hey Kyle,

My dynasty league is switching over to a Superflex league in the next few years. How should that change my draft and roster construction in the next few years before we make the switch to Superflex?

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Hey Kyle,
Where do you view the biggest value/tier dropoff in 1QB rookie drafts this year? I view 1.07 or 1.08 if I want to include Lawrence as the last spot before I think about either moving up or moving out/back.

Hello Kyle,
I have joined a team dynasty league and we have completed our veterans draft and we have the rookie draft in the coming days. The league is a 10 league with very deep rosters. The scoring format is half a point while TEs get 0.75. The rosters consist of 2 QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 2 TE, 5 flexs and totals 13 defense of players with a 23 man bench. My starting offensive roster consist of the following

QB Josh Allen & Lamar Jackson
RB Nick Chubb & Derrick Henry
WR Diontae Johnson & Laviska Shenault
TE Gronk & Adam Trautman & Harrison Byrant
FLX JK Dobbins & David Montgomery & Tyler Boyd & AJ Dillon & Corey Davis

(Darnold & Luck are my backup QBs)
(have decent RB bench depth with Harris. G. Edwards, Hines, & Mckissic)
(Bad depth at WR with Bourne, S. Shepard, R. Higgins, and Collin Johnson)

I have the 2nd Pick (I was planning on drafting Pitts) and the 13 pick (looking at the large group of WR, Devonte Williams, or if a QB drops). My question is if I should trade derrick Henry. I have found an offer for the 7th pick (projecting the draft) where I think I can get Harris, Smith, & Waddle but think its risky. Should I be excited about the 7th pick? or hold Henry and live another day?

Also is there anything you would do in terms of WR and TE with pick 2? Thoughts

Also, without knowing the other teams is this a contender or a pretender?

Finally ,how do you decipher the difference of Henry’s dynasty value of Henry in terms of trade charts? CBS has him similar to N. Harris, while fantasy pros has a much bigger difference that favors Henry.

Thank you Kyle,

hi kyle - this is my dynasty roster, 10 team superflex 1/2 ppr… i think i need help at QB & TE. I have 1.03, 2.02, 2.09 in the rookie draft & I know Lawrence & Pitts are going 1-2.

would you take chase/najee at 1.03 as BPA, or draft for need & go fields/lance? after that i’m considering moving jacobs because of drake and the LV line and targeting a TE + future pick. thoughts?

QB - Kyler Murray, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz
RB - Saquon Barkely, Josh Jacobs, JK Dobbins, Cam Akers, James Conner, Gus Edwards
WR - AJ Brown, Calvin Ridley, Allen Robinson, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, DJ Chark, Laviska Shenault, Jalen Reagor
TE - Mike Gesicki, Hayden Hurst, Cole Kmet

Hey Yates, really enjoying the dynasty pod. Your conviction about players is admirable.

I’m playing dynasty for the first time in a startup and the settings are tricky. Half PPR superflex 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 4 Flex. RB and TE rec bonus. I’m struggling which position to prioritize after QB in the draft.

Hi Kyle,

I’ve been enjoying the Dynasty podcast with you and Ray since the first episode and I appreciate all you do for us dynasty rookies!

I’m in my first dynasty league (1QB, 1/2ppr) and we have our maiden rookie draft coming up. The maiden rookie draft is a snake with 3rd reversal and I have the 1.01, 2.12, 3.12, 4.01, and 5.12. At this point, no one is really trading anything. Would you suggest keeping the 1.01 and grabbing one of Harris/ETN/Chase and seeing what else falls or trying to trade back and see if I can get a 2022 or 2023 pick in addition or a different strategy all together?

Thanks in advance for taking time out of your day!

Who do you think makes more of fantasy impact in 2021, Simi Fehoko, Dazz Newsome or Racey McMath

I’m in the 3rd round of a SF rookie draft and have drafted Ettienne, St. Brown, and Elijah Moore. Who are some late round players I should be looking at? I have a strong roster and am looking at competing this year. Also what is your adult beverage of choice?

Sup dude! Couple questions for ya:

What do you think of Boyd now that he might be a full time slot for CIN? Seems like he’s not the slot type receiver the league is going towards recently

Mike Davis. OOF! For a win now team, he’s my current RB3. Is it worth trading him to get some 2021 picks/future picks or ride it out for the season production and get nothing after the 2021 season it seems like. Got 2nd last year, want to keep the window open but now feels like the opportune time to wheel and deal

Thanks for the opinions bro!

Keep up the good work :muscle:

Thanks for doing this.
what is your take on Marquise Brown and Rashod Bateman? are they worth it? Should I shop Brown due to low target volume?

Hello again,
also, I am in a 12 team dynasty, standard scoring, 43 man rosters and start 11 offense, 9 defense a week. my only good RB’s are JT and CEH and have the 2.02 and 2.04 picks in our draft (first round is already done, got Fields and Waddle). If Carter or Gainwell are still available at those picks, would you take them? or maybe Sermon?