Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (5/10)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Brendan Tuma set for an AMA Tuesday at 1 pm EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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Do you have any quick tips or tricks for a superflex PPR dynasty start-up draft, like how to build your squad, etc?

P.S. This is my first dynasty draft. Its veterans and rookies. Thanks

Should I trade Michael Thomas for Devonta Smith in Dynasty? And what is with Cole Kmet?

Hi, best place to join a dynasty league?
Thanks, Brian

Full ppr dynasty

What’s you’re thoughts on

Myles gaskins and Leonard fournette

What are you doing with Rodgers and Watson for superflex dynasty startups? At what point would it be worth the risk?

My dynasty rookie draft is coming up and I have the 1.06, 2.06, 2.11 and 2.13.

My team my players are Kyler Murray, dobbins, Barkley, Damien Harris, JuJu, Dj Moore, will fuller, Dallas Goedert and Hunter.

Who should I target in the draft?

Should I trade pick 1.4 and Miles Sanders for pick 1.8 and Jonathan Taylor? 10 man dynasty league .5 PPR

Sup guys!

What do you think the value of Zeke is now?
Is a 22 1st & 2nd + Boyd enough to pry him away, if you were the owner of him on a rebuilding team

Thanks bois!

10 team league. Who’s a better keeper? Ridley in the 6th round of Dobbins in the 7th round?

MFL is my favorite site bc it has so many options but sleeper, and espn will work for simple leagues

Keeper league. You lose the round you drafted player. I have Akers in the 4th Jefferson in the 13th or Derick Henry 1st round. Ppr and bonuses 20 plus carries or 10 catches 3pts. 12 team league

Hey folks! About to get started here. Just a reminder that if you ever have similar questions you can always reach out on Twitter @toomuchtuma

Heavy baseball coverage right now, but will certainly be moving towards football content as the summer moves along. Regardless, reach out anytime!

Let’s dive in.

Would you trade Tyler Boyd for Myles Gaskin 10 ppr team dynasty ?
I only have Gibson and dobbins James Robison and chase edmunds. While at we I have adams , hill, mt,Ridley and Boyd.

Hi, who are your dynasty rookie draft sleepers? Especially QB and RB sleepers?

I would take best value in dynasty startup. I value RBs more since they are harder to come by. WRs have better longevity but they are also easier to come by. Also don’t wait too long for a QB either

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SuperFlex is where QBs are king. You absolutely need to make sure you have 1-2 top QBs, preferably young ones of course. From there, decide whether or not you want to play aggressively for the '21 season (and therefore be more willing to target veterans) or if you want to take a year or two to build your squad (and therefore trade down, acquire more picks, target younger players). I’d rather have a clear direction than try to balance both words and be stuck in the middle.

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I had Henry, Dobbins, Sanders, and Edmonds as my main RBs.

I just traded Sanders, one of my two first. Zack Moss, Cooks, and Amon Ra St Brown for Jordan Jefferson, and Jimmy G for Depth.

Did I overpay for Jefferson? Trying to make a run in a 12 team PPR superflex

I wouldn’t make this trade, no. While I’m always interested in getting younger in dynasty leagues, we just don’t know how Smith’s profile is going to pan out in the NFL. There are many reasons to like him, of course, but he’s still an unknown commodity. I’d be more interested in trading MT for Ceedee Lamb or DJ Moore - known NFL commodities. As well as any of the second-year RBs

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Fantrax gives a ton of unique league options, in my opinion.