Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (5/17)

Our fantasy football analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Kyle Yates set for an AMA Wednesday at 10:30 am EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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Dynasty rookie draft. Kylin Hill or Khalil Herbert?

Dynasty league I have 1.02, 1.03, 1.05, 1.06 in rookie draft.
Qb Tua and hurts
Rb Dobbins Akers and mixon
Wr Metcalf, Evans, juju, deebo and Jeudy
Te irv smith and goedert

First pick will probably be najee. Fourth pick has hock at te so I’m hoping Pitts falls. He needs rb more than anything. What would be your plan of attack for my picks?

Long term dynasty outlook, ETN or Javonte Williams?

Dynasty ppr

I have


Thomas,julio,lamb,woods,Moore as my wr

Te are smith, pitts

Which wr do I keep? Which do I trade to try and get more depth at rb ?

Which rb is the best vaule right now?

1qb,2rb,3wr,2te,1 flex starting

What are your expectations for David Montgomery this year?

Hey Kyle! What is your go to source for fantasy football data sets? Would like to start dipping my toe into some basic analysis. Thanks!

Good question! With David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, and Damien Williams all above Herbert on the depth chart in Chicago, it’s highly unlikely that we see him get any significant work unless Monty were to go down with injury.

With Hill’s receiving ability, there’s a possibility that we see him step into the receiving role vacated by Jamaal Williams. I’ll roll the dice with Hill.

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In a dynasty SF PPR who holds more value Akers or Barkley in both short and long term?

Hi Kyle, having a hard time deciding whether to take Harris or Pitts at 1.03 in Superflex Rookie draft (assuming both are on the board). I am solid at RB and also have Kittle, but would like to be set at TE for years to come. Your thoughts? Thanks, Grant

Is it crazy to pass up Ja’Marr Chase at 1.04 if you’re desperate for a RB. Or better to take the best player and figure out roster gaps later?

Hi there!

I was wondering how you tackle player value for trades. What do you take under consideration, do you think there’s an objective base value to a player, and what is your take on the numerous value charts (such as yours) and other online calculators and how to best use them to set a value.

Dynasty league, should I try to get cam Akers and DeAndre swift or keep zeke, Zack moss, singletary & drake?

What are your thoughts on Tee Higgins in Dynasty?

I’d aim to walk out of those first two picks with Travis Etienne and Ja’Marr Chase. I’m fine with Pitts at the 1.05 and then maybe see if you can load up on RB with Javonte Williams at the 1.06. That’s a fantastic way to balance out your roster and take advantage of some premium draft picks.

Hey Kyle.
I happened to finish well in my friends and I’d March Madness pool so I get to choose my pick, what would you like to have this year, 1,2,3? Or do I switch it up and take a lower pick?

14 team dynasty superflex league.

I traded Saquon for the 1.02 and 1.07. I have the 1.04. guy in my league wants to Trade Tyreek Hill for the 1.o7. what do you think?!

I am thinking Harris at 1.02 (David Johnson and Gaskin on roster) and Trey Lance at 1.04 (Joe Burrow and Jimmy G on roster). Best choices?

Thanks man huge fan!

If I have the choice of Pitts or Chase at 1.03 in a Dynasty SuperFlex, and in need of TE, is it crazy to pass on Chase?

Also, what is your take on Jalen Hurts in dynasty

Long term? I might still go with Travis Etienne. It’s looking like the Broncos are wanting to move more towards a committee approach long-term, which puts a damper on Williams’ outlook. However, Etienne’s going to be heavily involved as a receiver and that role should never change.