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  • Dan Harris: Thursday, May 6 @ 12 pm ET
  • Brendan Tuma: Thursday, May 6 @ 1 pm ET
  • Carmen Maiorano: Friday, May 7 @ 1 pm ET
  • Mike Maher: Friday, May 7 @ 4 pm ET

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Team name @Are Those Real Tatis. 12 Team roto league. I am just wondering any overall team advise on what I should do or any area where you see some needs. I was a yelich drafter and want to try and package him to see if I can get a respectable return. I’m trying to swing yelich and DJ for freeman deal

Thoughts on Kiner-Falefa’s recent success? Any underlying metrics or qualitative knowledge to discern if this is here to stay?

Hi there, assuming they are all up and healthy now, can you please rank ROS in a points league ? Thanks!

Luis Severino

Need a 3b with rendon on DL. Should I pick up canderlario or try to trade. Means for Machado or Bryant?

Hi Dan. I’m getting trade inquiries for Sixto Sanchez. While I know he’s not coming back until late this month or early June, he’s a future #2 or #1 starting pitcher. That said, what do you think would be fair trade value considering he only strained his shoulder and the Marlins are understandably over-babying him.

I’m in a 10 team H2H league.
Someone in my league dropped David Peralta. Would you drop either Kyle Tucker or Trent Grisham for him?

Thoughts on this trade: JD and Haniger for Devers and Carroll.

Thoughts on when Kelenic and Franco could get the calls? Projections or player comps for both when they do? Thanks!

Hi Dan. I’m in a 12 Team H2H. What should I do about Ty France? He’s killing me!

Ok, first of all, that’s a GREAT team for a 12-team roto league. Yelich is a tough call right now because of the vague “we have no idea what the injury is but he can’t play through it.” Personally, I think giving up DJ and Yelich is too much for Freeman, but I’m ok with it if you just feel pessimistic on the injury. For me, though? I’m holding strong. That’s a winning team.

What do you expect from Alex Kirilloff this year? And now that he is in the IL, what should I do with him? I have Rendón in the IL too so I don’t have room for him but I’m afraid to loose him.

Thoughts on trying to buy Yelich low? Sell Ohtani (DH) high?

Honestly? Not really. He’s never been a bad player by any means, but more of a guy who you could plug and play, especially if he retained catcher eligibility. He’s barreling the ball a little more, his average and max exit velocity are a little higher, he’s hitting the ball a little harder. But almost all of it is at the MLB average or slightly below. But he’s got enough speed that his stolen base totals are a product of desire, so there’s every reason to suggest he’ll keep this up there and wind up with 15-20. But I think the homers top our at around 12-15.

Should I try and trade Kyler Tucker for a good starting pitcher? I honestly really like him and I know he’ll wake up sooner but he strikes out a lot and I also have Judge, Rosario, Brantley, Kirilloff and Pavin Smith. In pitchers, I have Nola, Luis Castillo, Stroman, Buehler and McCullers Jr.

Hey Dan,

I have an upcoming dilemma I need help with. When Kelenic gets the call, 14 team points league, I’ll need to get rid of either Grichuck, Mullins, Gallo, France, or Urshela. Am considering trading Gallo away but not sure the return I could get. My pitching is already solid but could add multiple pieces in a trade to upgrade a spot.


Hi Dan. In a 13 team standard roto. I’ve got an itch to see if I can trade Byron Buxton for Freddie Freeman. Good idea?

Obviously Im contemplating Buxton’s current success + his injury downside against Freeman’s current slump + his almost inevitable upside.

My DTD and IR is a mess. Don’t want to waive any of them, but wanted to get your thoughts? Current players on IR/DTD… Soto, Verdugo, Harper, Chisholm, Mondesi, Carrasco, N. Anderson. Our league only has 2 IR slots, but these are guys I cant just let go to waivers.

10 man league 12 categories weekly H2H

Hi Dan,

I have nothing to say except that John Means Business.


Well, that’s a little tough, right, because whether they will be healthy and when is a bit of an open question, right? Assuming each one of them has fully returned and are pitching normal innings, I’d rank: