Weekly Fantasy Baseball Chat (5/10)

Our fantasy baseball analysts will be around to answer your burning questions! We have Andrew Gould set for an AMA Wednesday at 1 pm EST, but there may be others checking in to help answer your questions as well.

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Would you trade Gausman for Luis Castillo and Chris Taylor?

Yes. Luis Castillo is a good buy-low right now.

Do you think Mookie is a buy low? Nick Castellanos and Civalde for Mookie a good enough offer or is this too low?

With last night’s performance, do you think Gavin Lux is finally arriving? And what are your expectations for him this year?

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how do you feel about trading springer to get yelich

Who’s an under the radar prospect that is available even in the deepest leagues?

I’m in a 14 team 36 player roster dynasty league. Need some new prospects.

Nick senzel, JD Davis, avisail garcia or Josh Rojas in a 5 OF roto league? Worst OF is currently Bryan Reynolds

Is Lamet worth holding on to instead of having someone like Ynoa, Bassitt, Wood, or the like?


I traded Jose Urquidy for Luis Castillo. Can you rank the trade or at least tell me how I did?

Hey all! I’ll be answering your fantasy baseball questions on this nice Wednesday afternoon. Let’s get started.

14 team OPS

Hold Nola, or grab Narvaez or Ramos?

Should I trade away Brandon Woodruff to receive Juan Soto?

I’m a bit more on the fence than Mike, as I’m definitely concerned about Castillo and think Gausman is legit. This depends on your league/team, and how much you need Taylor. I might pass if it’s a shallow Yahoo mixed league where you’d have to drop someone good for Taylor or could add a strong hitter on the waiver wire. It’s understandable if Taylor is a sizable upgrade and you have need for his versatility.

If you can, sure. I know I’m not worried at all; he still has a 132 wRC+ with four homers and steals apiece. Since his numbers currently don’t pop off the page, Castellanos and Civale seems like a reasonable opening offer. I wouldn’t do it if I had Betts, but it’s definitely not an insultingly low offer that I tend to avoid making.

I was out on Lux early this offseason because of playing-time concerns, but then I did an about-face in March. He looked good in the first week, so give him time to find his footing again. I see a nice middle infielder who can do a bit of everything (but won’t wow you anywhere) in a strong Dodgers lineup.

Might as well upgrade your Il. I haven’t seen anything to indicate Springer will return way earlier than Yelich. That would be the only reason not to do it. They’re both hurt, but a healthy Yelich >> a healthy Springer.

I’m probably not the best person to answer this question. Hedbert Perez and Wilman Diaz are interesting long-term hitting prospects. As a Mets fan, I have my eye on J.T. Ginn.

It could still be Reynolds, though I’d probably lean Senzel or Garcia for more upside. Garcia has really intriguing Statcast metrics.

That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t want to drop Lamet, but those are some really good alternatives. You’re probably better off having Ynoa now than waiting. (I’d love to also get Wood on my team if you could find room for both.)

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