Dropping to make room

Hi In activating Yelich who might I drop? Mullins, Mercedes or Lowrie?

Sorry, I was late to this! I would have held Mullins for sure, and likely Mercedes.

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Thanks Dan! Phew! That’s exactly what I did, probably as a result of watching your leading off show for the last few weeks! Phew! I let Lowrie go, since I already have Altuve and Albies. Meanwhile, I’m clinging to Josh Bell. Hope springs eternal. thanks again, Robert

Haha, fingers crossed!

Agreed with Dan - tough drops all around, but it would be Mercedes.

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So of course Yelich went right back on the IL. Is there any updates of his condition. Where’s our man in Milwaukee?? Thank you.

And the next question would be… if Yelich IS activated again, should I be quick to drop in case he tweaks has back again - like last time. Making room for him would cut into some muscle, as I have either Mullins, Canha, Mercedes or maybe Josh Bell (!) that are halfway expendable and they’re all pretty good (Bell potentially is I guess)… I put Yelich on the trading block but no proposals yet, maybe caz he’s on the IL.

Who is droppable from my team ? SP Peralta, soler from KC, Hayes from PiT, Barnhart canderlerio, gross man, Calhoun and who would I replace them with ? (Same positions if possible)