Weekly Fantasy Baseball Chat (5/31)

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I am in a 10-team AL-only roto keeper league. I have Berrios, Bundy, Glasnow, Minor, Kluber, Pineda, and Ray as my starting pitchers. Several of the projected rankings still have Bundy as a top 35 pitcher (or higher). Can he turn it around? Should I just continue to be patient? Or should I pick up one of the top available, such as Justin Dunn or Andrew Heaney?

I traded Buhler and Means for Tucker, Moustakes and Bassit. 12 team HTH catagories league. Did I win or loose this trade?

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk some fantasy baseball on this fine Wednesday afternoon before retiring on my 20 shares of AMC stock. I’ll be around for the next hour to answer any questions you have.

I traded Adolis and Eflin to Receive Means and Lewis. I’ve been in first place for 8 weeks. 8 team H2H catergories. Grade the trade. My outfield is Soto, JD, Winker,Riley, Verdugo

There are plenty of reasons to be legitimate worried about Bundy. His velocity is down in recent months, and he’s always been consistent with the same HR woes currently on display. I don’t think you can still view him as a top-35 SP going forward, but there’s also still too much upside to cut him in an AL-only league. I’d sooner drop Kluber if you don’t have an IL spot for him.

I’m guessing your pitching is stacked if you can afford trading Buehler and Means. It also depends on who you dropped to make room for that 2-for-3. I honestly just did a double-take looking at Bassitt’s 2021 stats. Means has also started to return to earth in his last three starts, so it’s a reasonable deal if you needed the offense and have the pitching to carry on.

Kyle Lewis? He just went on the IL with a meniscus tear. Given that, I don’t think the gap from Eflin is Means is nearly wide enough to give up Garcia. But your OF will get by just fine without him, and you should be able to find someone real good on the waiver wire to replace Lewis in an 8-team league.

good call on the AMC stocks. I’m hoping BB does the same for me this week.

Haha, I bought a few a while ago when Gamestop was going wild and just held thinking it could go up naturally when theaters opened up. Almost like how I picked up Cedric Mullins in my home league just because he had a job and lucked into a really good value.

Seeing Means come up twice, I’m preparing to write about him for my By The Numbers column. Not only does he has the highest difference in FIP (3.83) and ERA (2.05) among all qualified hitters, but he’s also stranded the most baserunners (98.6%) of any qualified pitcher. Going forward, I’d expect more of a high-quality SP3 than a true ace.

In a related question, would you trade Kluber (who now is injured and a bit of an unknown) for Vidal Brujan? This is a dynasty league. I have Mondesi, but he is an expensive keeper. I see Brujan as a Mondesi with better average (and would be 1/4 the price to keep next year).

I’d do that in a heartbeat in a dynasty. Honestly might do it in a re-draft too. Brujan has a better plate approach than Mondesi, so can be a more well-rounded five-category contributor with big SB upside. Kluber is 35 and won’t be back anytime soon after barely pitching the last two years.

Thanks. I don’t know if the other owner would do this. It might take Mondesi and Kluber for Brujan and someone good on his side. I haven’t looked hard enough at his roster. I wanted Brujan but had only one minor league pick (already had Franco and Adell). I used my pick on Witt Jr. and am excited about him too. But I had Brujan on my radar for the past few years.

Yeah, it’d probably take more than just Kluber. Brujan is starting to get a bit of buzz the way he’s raking in Triple-A. Definitely wouldn’t regret picking up Witt though.

Alright, I’m going to head out. Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@AndrewGould4) with any other questions!

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