Traded for Foreman and Likely (Dynasty)

I just acquired D’Onta Foreman and Isaiah Likely in my 12-team half-PPR SFLEX dynasty league.

The roster before the trade:

QB: P Mahomes, J Herbert, J Love, G Minshew, B Zappe (TAXI)
RB: A Ekeler, R Stevenson, B Hall (IR), M Carter, B Robinson, D Harris, TDP (TAXI)
WR: G Davis, J Meyers, A Cooper, J Chase (IR), G Pickens, Diontae Johnson, J Palmer, KJ Osborn, B Skowronek
TE: M Andrews, W Dissly

I traded for D’Onta Foreman and Isaiah Likely, giving up a presumably very early 2023 2nd.

Foreman provides depth on RB that I will need next week (Stevenson on BYE), and potentially during the playoffs, in case something happens to Ekeler or Stevenson.

And Likely… did I just handcuff a TE? Oh yes, I did. But last week suggested that, if Andrews is out, Likely is startable. Might even start him this week. Andrews didn’t practice all week, and even if he does tomorrow and gets cleared on MNF, I’m not sure I can trust him this week.

I’m happy with the trade. Still have all my original 2023 picks, plus one extra 2nd.

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Likely was a good get in your situation.

Hopefully Hubbard won’t be back next week so that Foreman will still be productive during Stevenson’s bye.

So what did you give up?

I do like what you got. Aside from a draft pick, Foreman is a highly underrated RB. No, he’s no Breece Hall, but he’s a solid contributor.

As for Isaiah Likely, I’ve sung his praises many times. He might be the best player for his position sitting on a bench. He could and should start for most teams. No knock on Mark Andrews, but Likely might even be better. I would happily skip the TE position on Baltimore’s bye week to get the Andrews/Likely handcuff.

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Sorry, poor wording in my OP.

I traded away the early 2023 2nd (not my own) to get Foreman and Likely.
Not super cheap, considering Foreman will have little value beyond this season, and Likely will be stuck behind Mark Andrews for at least another 2 years, potentially longer. But at least for the moment, this trade greatly helps my injury-plagued team.

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That’s all you gave up? I love it!

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Thanks. I certainly haven’t overpaid. But the 2023 2nd (that I expect to be the 2.01 or 2.02) could have earned me a nice rookie WR. There will be a huge run on QBs in that league next year, as several teams have only 1 startable one (this is an SFLEX league). I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 of the 12 1st round picks were spent on QBs and RBs. Which means the pick could have netted me the #3 or #4 WR next year.

But maybe I’ll repeat the 2021 draft, where I got Ja’Marr Chase with the 1.09, as the first 8 picks were all QB, RB and Kyle Pitts. I’ll probably draft in the 1.09-1.12 range next year, and if there is another big run on RB and QB, maybe I can get another top WR with my late 1st.

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I traded Foreman away when I thought he was at his peak value around week like 13-14. I actually traded him and Terrace Marshall for Jerry Jeudy and haven’t looked back since. I am currently loving my squad for next year…

QB-Herbert, D. Watson, T. Lance, K. Pickett
RB- McCaffrey, Stevenson, K. Walker, AJ Dillon, R. White, R. Penny, J. Ford
WR- AJ Brown, D. Smith, J. Jeudy, C. Ridley, I. Hodgins, K. Toney, D. Peoples-Jones, C. Samuel
TE- Schultz, Engram, Gesicki, Dulcich, Okonkwo

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Welcome aboard!

You’re right, your team looks very good indeed.

Appreciate it! Yeah we started this league two years ago and its a 10 team PPR league. So I am trying to set up a good young core group of guys that will allow me to just take the best rookie available in the next few years of drafts.

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Random question for you… with that roster I put up from earlier, which 3 guys would you pick if you had to drop them? Right now, I have cut my list down to either J. ford, R. Penny, C. Samuel, Gesicki and either Lance/Pickett. My ideal scenario would be to package some of these guys together w/maybe a more higher profile player and get an upgrade on my roster. Not sure what position I would look to upgrade yet, but I would just have to find someone that would have an interest in these guys and have a player that I like.

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Gesicki is a FA and may step up with a new team.

In my view your WR is not deep at all,

Ford, Penny, and Samuel for a straight drop. You might get some interest in a Lance/Pickett deal with any or all of these guys. But you’ll have to set your sights low (you won’t get Justin Jefferson here). Even a 2nd round pick might be a good deal here.

Yeah I could use another WR, but I think my depth overall is decent. I think a key for me is if Ridley can come back and perform anywhere close to what he used to do I think I will be fine, I think Jeudy continues to improve and produces like a solid WR2 next year, but I do think he has replaced Sutton as the WR1 on the Broncos. Both Brown & Smith are locked into my WR1/WR2 next year and I think both Hodgins/Toney also step up next year. Hodgins may be the the Giants WR1 next year and is looking really good right now. Toney has shown a lot potential/upside with a great opportunity w/the Chiefs. He may even be their WR1 next year, but I am thinking he will probably be their WR2 in all likelihood. The key for him is if he can stay healthy. I am not completely sold on DPJ yet, but he had an underrated year and I think with Watson being his QB next year, I do think he will perform even better next year and be a solid FLEX option on a weekly basis. But my goal in the draft this year was to hopefully get a WR, but the problem is I pick 8th so we shall see.

And I agree w/you on Gesicki, and in all likelihood I am not dropping him, He was just on my consider list.

That is what I was thinking, I hate to drop Penny especially if Seattle resigns him, but the guy just can’t stay healthy. But when he is healthy, he is a solid RB. Only reason I was thinking about dropping a QB is b/c I got 4 of them and don’t really need one of them. Plus I am interested to see what SF does w/Lance, if they keep Purdy as their starter, Lance’s value goes way down unless they trade him.

With Jefferson, I would love to get him but I realize that would cost a lot and probably not likely. The guy that currently has him doesn’t really match up with me on a trade scenario.

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I mention JJ more as an exaggeration.

But the QB’s could possibly pull you something in a deal. I’m not sure what you’re after.

I’m not a fan of Jeudy or Dillon with Ridley a very high risk. This is an off year for WRs other than Johnston in the draft. A trade up is an option.

I would look to target a Burks or Pickins, a Hollywood Brown or Kirk if he has a bad game with Mooney a sleeper who should be cheap.

Yeah I think Jeudy was a invest while he is cheap type of idea for me. The cost was low, he was showing some improvement throughout the year but had some injuries. Wilson was inconsistent at times, but I do think there are better times ahead for that offense. Dillon was also a low cost investment for me, but I again think next year will be better for him. Ridley was one that hurt me, he was a pretty big investment for me, and basically hasn’t played for me since we started this dynasty league.

Trading up this year was also an idea I am thinking about as well, but even Johnson to me is not someone that I would invest more into just to move up. He hasn’t been this guy that has stood out over the last few years to me at least. If someone like Marvin Harrison Jr. has another really good year next year and I am not in a great spot to grab him, he is someone I would invest extra into just to get him. I think for me this year, even if I got someone like Addison, Boutte, Njigba etc I would probably be content. I have the #8 pick this year and I think i am just going to take the best player available.

In regards to the other WRs you mention to target as a trade, sure I am always open to other trades and have even tried to get Burks but had no success at this point. I will be active again this offseason and see if I can pull one off lol.

Yeah I know, JJ is like the ideal trade candidate for everyone.

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I’m guessing moving up to #4 or #5 could do it but do not know your other players. The 2nd tier WR’s could well be #2’s. I see Johnston as very similar to Jameson who I consider a potential #1.

I have an eight player hybrid keeper league. Last year, I drafted London and Burks along with picking up Pickens and stashing Jameson on IR as did with ETN. I do study WR’s and see Johnston as a legit #1 next season.

I guess I would have to ask what type of league are you in that you could get all that last year? Unless you made a bunch of trades and got all those young players for a rebuild. None of guys were even available after the early 2nd round last year and I obviously took Walker in my first round which I don’t regret in any which way. My second round was R. White and I ideally would have take a WR there, but everyone was taking them so R. White fell to me. So I wasn’t mad about that pick either and think he is in for a good season next year.

But yeah I am not saying Johnson couldn’t be a good player and a WR1 eventually. He has the size/speed to do it, but having 60 receptions for a 1060yds w/6TDs in his Jr year doesn’t scream domination to me. And to that, he plays in the Big 12 which isn’t even the 2nd best conference in the NCAA. So all I mean is he isn’t someone I am looking to trade up for, if he falls to me fine otherwise I will take the best WR available and be perfectly content.

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