Traded for Foreman and Likely (Dynasty)

I just acquired D’Onta Foreman and Isaiah Likely in my 12-team half-PPR SFLEX dynasty league.

The roster before the trade:

QB: P Mahomes, J Herbert, J Love, G Minshew, B Zappe (TAXI)
RB: A Ekeler, R Stevenson, B Hall (IR), M Carter, B Robinson, D Harris, TDP (TAXI)
WR: G Davis, J Meyers, A Cooper, J Chase (IR), G Pickens, Diontae Johnson, J Palmer, KJ Osborn, B Skowronek
TE: M Andrews, W Dissly

I traded for D’Onta Foreman and Isaiah Likely, giving up a presumably very early 2023 2nd.

Foreman provides depth on RB that I will need next week (Stevenson on BYE), and potentially during the playoffs, in case something happens to Ekeler or Stevenson.

And Likely… did I just handcuff a TE? Oh yes, I did. But last week suggested that, if Andrews is out, Likely is startable. Might even start him this week. Andrews didn’t practice all week, and even if he does tomorrow and gets cleared on MNF, I’m not sure I can trust him this week.

I’m happy with the trade. Still have all my original 2023 picks, plus one extra 2nd.

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Likely was a good get in your situation.

Hopefully Hubbard won’t be back next week so that Foreman will still be productive during Stevenson’s bye.

So what did you give up?

I do like what you got. Aside from a draft pick, Foreman is a highly underrated RB. No, he’s no Breece Hall, but he’s a solid contributor.

As for Isaiah Likely, I’ve sung his praises many times. He might be the best player for his position sitting on a bench. He could and should start for most teams. No knock on Mark Andrews, but Likely might even be better. I would happily skip the TE position on Baltimore’s bye week to get the Andrews/Likely handcuff.

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Sorry, poor wording in my OP.

I traded away the early 2023 2nd (not my own) to get Foreman and Likely.
Not super cheap, considering Foreman will have little value beyond this season, and Likely will be stuck behind Mark Andrews for at least another 2 years, potentially longer. But at least for the moment, this trade greatly helps my injury-plagued team.

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That’s all you gave up? I love it!

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Thanks. I certainly haven’t overpaid. But the 2023 2nd (that I expect to be the 2.01 or 2.02) could have earned me a nice rookie WR. There will be a huge run on QBs in that league next year, as several teams have only 1 startable one (this is an SFLEX league). I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 of the 12 1st round picks were spent on QBs and RBs. Which means the pick could have netted me the #3 or #4 WR next year.

But maybe I’ll repeat the 2021 draft, where I got Ja’Marr Chase with the 1.09, as the first 8 picks were all QB, RB and Kyle Pitts. I’ll probably draft in the 1.09-1.12 range next year, and if there is another big run on RB and QB, maybe I can get another top WR with my late 1st.

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