D'Onta Foreman in Dynasty

Last week, I made my best trade of the season.

In my 12-team, full-PPR, single-QB dynasty, I put Jared Goff on the trading block. Daniel Jones was scoring a lot more reliably, and I have Trey Lance on IR and Sam Ehlinger as a prospect stash. So I wanted to test if I could get anything for Goff.

Turns out I could get D’Onta Foreman. His owner is the defending champion, who has CMC, Kamara, Mixon and Rhamondre. Foreman was a handcuff stash for CMC, but with CMC in San Francisco, he didn’t need him anymore and preferred some QB depth.

As I have a serious RB problem in that league, I hit the “Accept” button at lightspeed when he offered to swap Goff and Foreman.

And suddenly, my team has some serious punch:

QB: D Jones, S Ehlinger, T Lance (IR)

RB: T Etienne, D Foreman, N Hines, E Benjamin, L Murray, K Gainwell, JD McKissic, Damien Williams (IR), TDP (TAXI)

WR: J Waddle, M Pittman, J Meyers, J Chase (IR), KJ Osborn, V Jefferson, G Pickens (TAXI)

TE: P Freiermuth, D Schultz

I’m only at 3-5, but defeated last year’s finalist this weekend, and outperformed all my remaining opponents during the last 3 weeks. An 8-6 or even 9-5 finish suddenly seems possible.

My plan was to reach for the playoffs only next year, and while they may still be in reach this year, I doubt I’d go far there.

So what do I do now? Keep Foreman and see how far he can carry my team this season? Or sell him to an RB-needy contender? If yes, how much do I ask for? Foreman has little long-term value, but could be a league winner this year, even though he certainly won’t score 3 TDs every week now.

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Sell him to someone who doesn’t realize Chuba Hubbard will probably return next week and Foreman will be part of a committee again.

I have Foreman in 2 leagues (including South Beach), and I liked what I saw from him yesterday. He reads his blocks properly, runs with good balance, and shows decent moves.

I would shop him this week and see what you can get. If you can’t get more than a first for him, keep him, unless you get offered an early first rounder. You will need a good RB to replace him next year. If not a first rounder, Breece Hall would make an intriguing offer for Foreman. I might take that.

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Uh! We seem to have quite different methods to evaluate dynasty RBs. I’d consider offers starting with a 2023 mid 2nd. If I got a late 1st, I’d accept immediately.

Foreman has little to no value beyond this season. Remember Mike Davis in 2020? He stepped into the lead RB role when CMC went down and looked spectacular at times. For those who were lucky enough to have him stashed, he was a league winner.

Did that mark the late start of a fantastic career? No. He became a free agent after the season, went to Atlanta and became a fantasy afterthought. Those who drafted him in 2021, hoping for him to be an RB2, were disappointed.

Foreman’s contract runs out at the end of the season as well. Nobody knows where he will end up playing next year. But he’ll be 27 then.

If the Hall owner considered trading Breece for Foreman, I’d ban him from my league.

Foreman’s fantasy role is limited to a potential surprise league winner this season. That’s not bad value, and for a contending team that’s thin on RB, it could be worth sacrificing their 2023 1st. After all, if it plays out and Foreman wins the title for them. it would be only the 1.12.

The defending champion (who traded Foreman to me) won’t take him back. So my #1 trade target would be his opponent from last year’s final, whom I beat this week. He only has Chubb and Ken Walker, but not much beyond, after he lost Javonte. Chubb has a BYE next week, and Walker in week 11. In those weeks, he’d be forced to start Antonio Gibson, Mattison or Tyler Allgeier.

But I’d be very surprised if he gave up a 1st for Foreman. And his 2nd is not an option, as I already have that one (and he probably regrets spending it on Albert O. :grimacing: ).

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Probably. But healthy starting quality RB’s should only be sold at a premium value, even if they might be back on the bench next year. Somebody wants an RB for a playoff run? Milk it. Get all the draft picks you can.

True, but he doesn’t have much mileage on him.

And if the Hall owner had an otherwise stacked roster with a good shot to rule the league? If Foreman was a desperately needed RB?

Mind you, from the Hall owner perspective, I would never trade him. But I could see someone in a strong playoff contending position considering such a move.

He gave you a 2nd rounder for Albert O? You scoundrel! I wouldn’t give you a 4th rounder for him!

Police, I’d like to report a theft…

Probably the 2.12. It was during the offseason. Everybody expected Albert to be the big TE thing in Denver. I am innocent! I was elsewhere at that time, playing bridge. :sweat_smile:

But yeah… the trade talks started with “you still owe me for that Albert deal!” :grimacing:

I’m thinking about offering him to reverse that trade if he gives me his 1st for Foreman.

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I was never one of those people. Honestly, from the beginning, I was always suspicious of that story, because how much has Russell Wilson used TE’s over the years? Russell likes WR’s mostly. I’m sure you can find an occasional Seattle TE who made it to the top 12, most likely in a lean year for TE’s. But I would never knowingly take a TE who had to rely on Russell for targets, no matter how talented Albert O is.

And really only flex/bye week value this season, once Hubbard is healthy.

I dunno, but over the last 3 weeks, Jeudy has 16 receptions for 213 yards and a TD, Dulcich has 12 receptions for 182 yards and a TD, Hamler has 6 receptions for 110 yards, and Sutton has 6 receptions for 60 yards–so the idea is growing on him.

Will Dissly. Sadly, he could never stay healthy for more than 3 games in a row, but during these 3 games, he was great.

I wasn’t really convinced of Albert myself. But he was the most valuable player on the board at the time of my draft pick. I had Freiermuth and Schultz, so I didn’t need another TE. Still made the value pick, with the intention to flip him. And that worked. Essentially, I turned a mid 2022 3rd into a late 2023 2nd. Not my worst move.

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His only td was 3 games ago, when he had 2 catches. Also, Russell didn’t play against the Jets two weeks ago, so drop those numbers from this conversation.

Now let’s look at targets for the 2 weeks Dulcich did well: 8 targets. Wilson attempted 58 passes, which means Dulcich was targeted 13.8% of the time. Jeudy was targeted 14 times, Sutton was targeted 7 times, and Hamler was targeted 6 times, for a total target percentage of 46.6% for WR’s. Other TE’s were targeted twice in those games, bringing the TE total to 10 targets for 17.2% of the total passes.

I think I made my point, but if you like, I can check out the targets on other WR’s and RB’s too? But the TE number won’t increase.

By comparison, Mark Andrews had 16 targets (although he missed part of the second game), Isaiah Likely had 11 targets, while Lamar Jackson attempted 70 passes, giving the Baltimore TE’s a 38.6% target rate. This is what it looks like to include your TE’s in your passing game.

Russell has a long way to go.

Perhaps not, since I’m not sure what your point is.

Wilson doesn’t target his TEs as much as Lamar Jackson does?

Yep, point made.

I’ll also give you that Russell din’t play 2 weeks ago. But MY point remains that a TE has been the second-most productive receiver from a fantasy standpoint (this is still a fantasy forum, isn’t it?) for the Broncos over the past 3 weeks, and it kind of looks like Dulcich is going to be heavily featured going forward (you know, like Albert O. was supposed to be).

So I don’t think we can say imply that Wilson is averse to using his TEs, especially since that’s the direction in which his team seems to be heading.

No, that’s what it looks like when your TEs ARE the passing game.

My point is that including your TE’s is somewhere between the extremes of Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson. Russell ain’t there yet.

In that case, you’re just wrong, as evidenced by Greg Dulcich.

Actually, I just proved you wrong. Wilson is not targeting TE’s more. Maybe a little more, but not in an extreme way. If anything, Dulcich is taking advantage of the few crumbs Wilson is giving him. Kudos to him for being efficient.


No way, I just proved YOU wrong!

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