PPR Dynasty Trade

Would you trade?

Austin Ekeler


Rhamondre Stevenson and a first ?

PPR Dynasty

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If you are contending this year, No, If not, yes.

I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Stevenson has a lot more good years ahead of him. Ekeler is already past the age when most RB’s start to decline. While Ekeler’s usage limits the damage he takes, one has to wonder how much more he has in him.

The fact you get Stevenson plus a first rounder is icing on the cake.

I have both Ekeler and Rhamondre in my SFLEX dynasty team.

I would accept that offer without even thinking twice. Doesn’t even matter how good the 1st is. I’d trade Ekeler for Rhamondre straight up. Getting a first on top is ridiculous value.

If the 1st is an early one, I’d probably get involved as a commish and ask a few questions.

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I have to disagree. If I am looking to make a run for a title I want Ekeler over Stevenson easily.

Did ya know Ekeler outscored Stevenson 319 to 214 this past season?

I don’t expect that big a difference but a substantial one which can mean a ring.

And what if the Chargers draft Bijan? Still like Ekeler?

Joe, you said yourself on several occasions that you are not a dynasty manager.

In redraft formats, if I’m on the clock, need an RB, and Ekeler and Rhamondre are the best options, I will pick Ekeler, hands down. If Ekeler’s production then falls off a cliff, it’s tough luck, and you will get a fresh start next season.

In dynasty, if something happened to Ekeler (injury, Chargers draft a new RB, or he simply slows down), then you see one of the most valuable assets on your team lose all his value without getting anything in return. That will easily set you back a year or two.

Ekeler is at the peak of his dynasty value. Even if he can put up another RB1 performance, his value after the 2023 season will not be any higher than it is right now.

If you trade him now for a player whose value is still likely to rise, your team will be more valuable after the 2023 season than it is right now. If you ride your assets until they become droppable, you are burning value.

Of course, if you are in win-now mode, you will sometimes have to take that risk. If I was in win-now, I would not trade Ekeler away for Rhamondre straight up.

But Ekeler for Rhamondre plus a 1st would be too good to pass up on even then.


I am far from a dynasty expert but do know the reason I play is to win a title,
To that end I would build with youth until I felt I had a good shot at the ring
At that point I’m all in and next year be damned. :slight_smile:

I’ve spoken with many a dynasty expert from here, PFF and CBS with most all agreeing.

IF the 1st was a top 1st I would reconsider but cannot see that being the case.

Nor can we see that OP is in win-now mode.

The FP dynasty trade value chart (that you cited yourself on multiple occasions) has Rhamondre at 60, a top 12 pick at 37 (in 1QB leagues) and Ekeler at 53.
So even if you want to deduct a few points off the pick, assuming it’s the 1.12, we’d still look at a score of 92-53 in favor of the current Ekeler owner.

I would be highly interested to learn why all those FP, PFF and CBS dynasty experts still think it’s a trade the Ekeler owner shouldn’t make.

Well here’s my problem.
I’m a contender and my team is older. I don’t know if I should go ahead and make that trade or ride it since I have a shot.

Once again 2QB PPR short bench only 4 bench spots so that’s what has me iffy on loading up on the first rounders…

Here’s my roster before we have to cut to 12 before the draft in August.

QB: Aaron Rodgers
QB: Pat Mahomes
QB: Daniel Jones
QB: Ryan Tannehill
RB: Austin Ek
RB: Isaiah Pacheco
RB: Zeke Elliot
RB: Lenny Fournette
RB: Kareem Hunt
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Rashod Bateman
WR: Darnell Mooney
WR: Elijah Moore
TE: Mark Andrews

Do you think with that situation I hold or make the trade?

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No man, never said that. :slight_smile: I said a plan of attack to contend or rebuild, same as we talked about as well.

This year s dynasty has Ekeler 13 and Stevenson 29.

What is the #1 pick?

Clint, After looking at your roster, I see it as very old and fragile with 5-6 players I would want to now keep. I would not be confident in contending and make the trade, while looking for another one.

Okay, that is an ultra shallow format. But I would still make the trade.

Tannehill, Hunt and Eli Moore can be dropped. Or Rodgers, in case he retires.

On RB, the only young asset you have is Pacheco, and we don’t know if the Chiefs see him as the long-term solution, or if they will bring in another talent in the draft.

I’m not sure if that roster really makes your team a title candidate. It’s certainly not terrible, but you may be lacking top end punch. How did you fare this season?

Also, what are your picks, and what is the exact position of the pick you’re trading for?

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While your roster has some strength, you need a serious youth injection. You could possibly make the playoffs this year, but I see that as your best case, and I don’t see you lasting long there.

Will Ekeler have a better year than Stevenson? Probably. But that 1st round pick is what makes the difference here. You need a good young player, either RB or WR.

Thanks for all the input guys.
Trade just went through this morning but it wasn’t Stevenson.

Here’s the trade tell me what y’all think?

I got:
D Swift
Kennan Allen (old I know)
Pick 5

He got
Austin E
Pick 37

So I now own pick 5 and 6 in draft.

Should I hold them or try to move them for another RB?

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WOW, quite a change I have Swift and he is high risk and reward, not close to the now value of Stevenson. Allen is 31 and may play this year

Hold the picks, time to rebuild. I would shop Hill who is 29 and your top asset.

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I’m not crazy about Swift, but giving up Ekeler for the 5th pick isn’t bad.