Traded for Foreman and Likely (Dynasty)

I included that and it was a start up for my league. No one wanted Burks, Jameson was damaged goods and Pickens was a project.

Yeah you got some steals then, those guys didn’t last long in my league lol.

I wouldn’t underestimate TCU players. They deserved to be in the national championship, after beating several strong and nationally ranked teams, including Michigan, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State (twice). There is no shame in losing to Georgia, who were a juggernaut. When Georgia beat Ohio State, THAT was the closest game they played all year. But Georgia was also the best coached team I saw this year, so you can’t underestimate that value. Take a good team and give them great coaching, and you can go far.

Our draft was not rookie only but all players, big difference but still thought I got very good deals on picks and waivers.

I’m not underestimating TCU players, again I think Johnson is a good player and I know TCU has played some good teams and he has had some good results at times. All I am saying is for a guy of his size/speed, he hasn’t completely dominated that conference on a weekly basis. He had a good (not phenomenal) year this year, and his other two years are nothing special statistically speaking. In my opinion, he just isn’t someone I would be looking to trade up for unless I could do it for pretty cheap. Other than that, if he drops to me I would be really happy with that, but I will also take someone like Addison or Njigba. I think Addison may be the best pure WR in the draft this year.

I have an extra 2nd round pick next year on top of my 1st & 2nd, and like I mentioned I am a huge fan of M. Harrison. He is someone that if I can’t get him from where I am drafting, I am going to try to trade up for him next year.

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Yeah I figured, is it a dynasty league or a redraft? I am in a redraft league as well and yeah a lot of those guys stayed on the waivers or randomly picked up for a weekly fill in.

No it is an 8 player keeper hybrid but in start up year. I took advantage with a very young draft and like my core with my 8 keepers this coming season.

Now that the draft and FA has happened, I am just following up on this. I still got three guys I have to drop from my roster. I still go back and forth on this and probably whatever decision I make will be the wrong one lol. Samuel is about the only one to me that is for sure drop, but I see upside in everyone else.

-J. Ford- has not done much yet but he seems like he is the locked in RB2 for Cleveland, and I really think he has the potential to be a 3 down back. I really liked him coming out of Cincinnati and everything I read about Cleveland is that he is definitely in line for a bigger role. Obviously Chubb is the lead man, but even if he gets 6-10 carries a game with 2-4 receptions this year (similiar K. Hunt role just a few years ago) I would consider it a huge win for my dynasty league looking into the 24’ season. Then obviously if Chubb gets a major injury, Ford’s value skyrockets.

-Penny- really talented, in a great system and when healthy you can’t argue his stats. But he seems to always get hurt and sharing the backfield w/Swift. Not sure how this split will look at this point, but I hate to drop him in fear that he stays healthy b/c if he does I think he could easily be a top 15ish back. If I had to bet, I think Penny gets early down work and Swift gets 3rd down work but I could also see a true 50/50 split in workload.

Pickett- I like how he finished last season and PIT got better on the offensive side of the ball. I play in a 1QB league but feel like out of him and Lance, I honestly like Pickett more and his rushing upside is a little underrated in my opinion.

Lance- Seems like he has all the talent in the world, and probably a higher upside than Pickett but between injuries/inconsistencies and now Purdy getting healthy and seeming like he will be ready week 1, I don’t really like where he sits.

Gesicki- I believe in the talent, but didn’t like the NE landing spot. Apparently they view him more as a WR/TE hybrid but what does that mean from a route running standpoint? If he was on the field 90% of the time, he is an easy keep but if he is only on the field lets say 30-40% of snaps I just don’t love keeping him especially considering my TE depth.

I think at this point looking at my team and its depth, I just feel like Lance & Gesicki are my cuts along w/Samuels. Obviously I am going to try and make some trades as previously mentioned prior to the draft, but if nothing works out then I feel like this is where I headed. Is this crazy lol?

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I might keep Lance and drop Pickett. Lance has more upside.

You could also try trading away either of them for a draft pick next year. I’m sure somebody needs a QB.

Yeah I agree w/you in that Lance does probably does have more upside, but upside only goes so far. and of course we only have so many roster spots At this point, he just hasn’t done anything to really prove he is anything more than just upside. I got some time before I ultimately got to make a decision and if he somehow regains that starting spot before the season starts, I probably will keep him b/c SF has a phenomenal offense. If he is still a backup once Purdy comes back, I just don’t know if I can hold. Another side thought to this decision is that I do need a starting QB for week 5 when both Watson and Herbert are on a bye week. Obviously this is not a make it or break it point because it is just one week but it does play a part. And with my roster and open spots, I may not have an open spot to just pick someone up for that week. Pickett plays Baltimore which I don’t love by any means that week, but at least I know I got a starting QB I can plug in and at least get some points.

But yeah, I am definitely going to be trying to make a trade prior to the draft and many names will be available off my roster. One would think that people need a QB, but it is only a 1QB league so their value isn’t as great which is the main reason why me holding onto 4 QBs is tough and not really needed. For instance, I actually grabbed Lance off the waiver wire last year b/c a guy dropped him, and while I thought it was dumb at the time that he got dropped, it played out well for him and he picked up Purdy. But holding onto Lance is basically the biggest decision I have gone back and forth on at this point and cant decide completely lol. I do think Pickett makes a good step forward this year, and my QB room will be in good shape either which way I go. I watched Pickett quite a bit last year, and my thoughts were one is that Canada/Tomlin definitely keep him limited and didn’t open up the offense for him yet which was fine. Next, a handful of his INT’s really were not his fault, so his stat line was a little deceiving. Finally he showed a lot of that leadership and moxy that you want in a QB and Pit definitely helped him in this offseason by upgrading that OL and got him some more weapons (Austin will be healthy, ARob will be a good redzone target and D. Washington is a big TE that at a minimum can help with blocking immediately).

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Not a fan of either option. Is there nothing else via trade, draft or waivers? It’s just for one game.

When you say you aren’t a fan of either, do you mean you aren’t a fan of Pickett or Lance? If I dropped both, yes there a few guys on the waiver wire I could easily pick up… ie-Garopollo, but no there is not a ton

Yes, As you say, wait and see what unfolds but as of now I would not look to stash either in a one QB league.

I don’t see Lance playing and Pickett vs Balt is not good.

Yeah I think ideally I will hang onto one of them for at least the next 1-2 years b/c if they continue to improve, they would be good trade bait since so many QBs are getting older right now. But I am not committed to either long term and would definitely trade them if I get interest or if they don’t progress over these next few years, I would cut them and not really care.

But yes, Baltimore is not a great matchup by any means and if I can pick up a different QB for that week I will probably do so. If I don’t have a roster spot at that point, I may just bite the bullet and pray for the best that Pickett can give me an average day lol.