Trade worth it? Adams+ for Harris+, Need RB help

Half PPR, Redraft, 12 team, I’m offering the trade.
I give: Davante Adams and Chase Edmonds and Latavius Murray
I receive: Najee Harris and Keenan Allen

I have DHOP, Rondale Moore, and Michael Thomas on IR, So I feel I can afford to lose Adams
I went 0 RB strategy (yes I’m regretting it) and lost Mostert, and Mitchell ruined my Sermon handcuff/takeover dreams so I’m in a bit of a RB bind. Does this seem like a good/fair trade?

My Team:
QB: Derek Carr
RB: D’Andre Swift, Chase Edmonds, Trey Sermon, Devin Singletary, Latavius Murray, James White
WR: Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas (IR), Rondale Moore
TE: Darren Waller

Good trade. I might trade DHOP instead of Adams, only because you are very Arizona centered, but that’s your call.

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Thank you for your input good sir!
I was wanting to at first, but my league is too focused on draft picks. Asking for his pick#2 (Harris), and pick#3 (Allen) while offering my pick#2 (Hopkins) and pick#7 (Edmonds) will get an auto reject, so I feel I have to offer up my #1 (Adams).
I also think having Moore will help if something bad happens to Hopkins, whereas if Adams goes down I have no safety blanket.

Intriguing situation there. To me, where you draft somebody goes out the window once the games start. A bad first round pick never equals a good first round pick. To me, Hopkins could have easily been a first rounder in many leagues.

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