Trading known talent for upside

I am a little thin at RB. Superflex. Funny thing is when I redo draft in my head, it’s so clear what I ‘should’ have done.

I picked Brandin Cooks in 7th when I already had AJ Brown, Moore, Lockett. I could have had James Cook or Monty and gambled one would be there at turn but they weren’t. Home league. Of course the guy with Mixon, Eckeler, Walker grabs Monty in 8th LOL.

I think Cooks has value, but wonder if I should actually drop him to gamble on Gainwell, Tucker, K miller, Eli Mitchell, Damien Harris, Zeke, Moss. Allegeier, etc?

8th on waivers so if anybody pops week 1 could be hard to land em.

I don’t know if I’d drop Cooks–surely you have someone worse than that?–but make room for Gainwell. There’s an awful lot of smoke about him being the Eagles’ RB to own–and worst case scenario is that he gets enough passing-down work to have standalone value in PPR leagues.

Smart man, but would’ve taken J.Cook instead. I’m shocked that you would actually value a Gainwell over him. You’re grounded. :flushed:

If you refer to K Tucker he is the best of the bunch and not worth any trade.
Take a deep breath, a few drinks and say I am done for now. :slight_smile:

LOL, no I mean the rookie RB in Tampa.

Hard as it is I may stay put for now.

I could probably do B Cooks/McKinnon for Kamara right now

I give up.

Every league needs 11 losers.

That would make more sense.


I decided to stay put. Gonna let the boys ride for a few weeks

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