Future of My Team

Hey guys just looking at some thoughts on how to improve my team this off-season.

2 QB PPR Dynasty. I am the 6th seed in the playoffs. Don’t necessarily love the team but going to give it a shot and am looking how to improve going into next season.

My current roster:

QB: Aaron Rodgers
QB: Lamar Jackson
QB: Daniel Jones
QB: Mike White
RB: Zeke Elliot
RB: Lenny Fournette
RB: Isiah Pacheco
RB: Jamaal Williams
WR: Justin Jefferson
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Rashod Bateman
WR: Joshua Palmer
TE: Mark Andrews

Obviously I know I’m going to need an upgrade at RB and QB, what else is your thoughts of improving this team going forward. Thanks.

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The only other suggestion aside from your own is grab Isaiah Likely. If Andrews goes down, you’d be fine.

Your QB room is okay. There’s worse options than Lamar + Daniel Jones in SFLEX.
If possible, I would handcuff Tyler Huntley to Lamar at some point. He’s a backup QB that can deliver almost the same fantasy production as his starter, in case Lamar misses games.

RB should be your top priority. Worst case, you will not have a single startable RB on your roster next year. Pacheco isn’t guaranteed to retain a starter role, and the rest is old.

WR room looks good. Not a priority in the 2023 draft, you have other roster gaps to fill first.

I have Mark Andrews myself in a dynasty league, and I approve Ed’s recommendation to back him up with Likely. Handcuffing a TE may seem insane, but in this specific case, it indeed does make sense, as Likely is talented enough to become highly fantasy relevant whenever Andrews misses time. Plus, TEs typically need 3 years to reach their prime, so stashing him now could pay nice dividends once Andrews grows older.

My recommendation is to try and trade up in the first round of the 2023 draft. Pair your (hopefully late) 1st with one of Zeke / Lenny / Jamaal, and see if you can trade into the top 5. Better top 3. That would net you a super strong RB, which is what you badly need.

Of course, you can also consider going full rebuild. Because I see the risk that you can step into the mediocrity trap with this team: it’s good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to make the title. But since you made the playoffs, you will draft late and not get the top players you need to become a serious contender.

This team doesn’t scream “rebuild”, but the gap on RB is sizeable and will be difficult to fix without top draft picks.

Good luck!


Agreed. But this can be fixed with high potential second string RB’s as well. Obviously, drafting good RB’s is the best way to go, but don’t exclude other options. The RB position is so injury-prone that grabbing 2nd stringers from waivers or in trades is still a viable option.