How did I do? Rate it

12 team redraft, Full PPR, ALL TDs 6 points, standard scoring for yards(eg. 1 pt per 10…)
start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR/TE , TE, K, DST

J Hurts, J Winston
J Taylor, S Barkley, T Etienne, R Penny, T Allgeiere, I Pacheco
M Evans, B Cooks, JJ Smith-Shuster, D London, G Pickens
C Kmet
D Carlson
NE (I stream DST)

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Overall, I’d say you owned it! Very well done!

You probably wasted the Hurts pick, as you’ll be starting Winston most of the time anyway, and nobody needs a 2nd QB.

You have 3 solid PPR RBs; Penny can’t stay healthy, Allgeier is third string, and Pacheco will probably find the practice squad.

WRs are obviously the area of weakness for the team, but that’s usually the position that is easiest to fix through free agency, so all is not lost–but having only three quality WR options in a PPR/Flex league isn’t the best post-draft look.

You chose wisely at TE, waiting for a decent time to take a top 5ish player at the position.

K & D of course are almost as unimportant as QB, so yay, you got some.

I’d give it a C+, but some of that is just due to the luck of having the overall #1 pick. If you hadn’t landed Taylor or Henry to anchor the team, it probly would have been more like a C-.

Couldn’t disagree more with the C+ rating
Not sure how the Hurts pick is a waste. The guy is going to run for tds. Going to have a good year. I have been targeting him and usually get him in the 6th. Only way it could be considered a waste is if he paid up too much for him. By the look of his team, I don’t think so
How are the WRs obviously the weak spot? M.Evans is going to be really good benefiting from the departure of Gronk. I think he must have got him in the 4ht round cause he has Barkley which is a nice value.B.Cooks is consistent and more than adequate WR2. And Schuster is going to do very well with the QB upgrade he’s getting. Who else is there at WR?? Hardman or a rookie?
He drafted well and had to punt either the QB or TE so he punted the TE. That is the only weak spot but Kmet might be ok or he can find someone on the wire. Overall I give him a A-. Solid team.

Hurts is a good fantasy QB because of his running stats, but he’s not so good as an NFL QB because he hasn’t shown the ability to get the ball into his receivers’ hands, including former #1 picks Jalen Reagor and DaVonta Smith. Now they invested a boatload into AJ Brown as well. The coaching staff doesn’t care about your fantasy team, they care about having a QB who can get the ball into their WRs hands.

It’s not a coincidence that both backup QBs on the Eagles’ roster are air-raid QBs. Hurts will have a short leash if his passing game isn’t impressively improved this season.

First, the same could have been said about Josh Allen before Stefon Diggs went to Buffalo. As for the WR’s you named, are you seriously comparing them to AJ Brown? Brown is a proven alpha WR, whereas neither Reagor nor Smith are proven anything, except Reagor may be a proven bust.

…with a decent QB.

So if Hurts makes him look like David Clowney, we’ll see what Gardner Minshew makes him look like sooner, rather than later.

It works both ways. While a great QB like Tom Brady can make a bunch of misfit WR’s look good, some QB’s like Josh Allen need that alpha WR in order to thrive.

Yes, I did punt at TE and my WR are average but there is potential there. As for Hurts, I am a 50 year Eagles fan and honestly I think Hurts stinks as an NFL QB and needs to get much better throwing the ball. But he is a potential top 3 Fantasy QB with his feet and the points for rushing yards and rushing TDs.

In full PPR I think I have plenty enough with Taylor, Barkley, and Ettienne along with Hurts to carry my weaker areas. If I can get one of my WRs or a WW WR to pair with Mike Williams, I should be golden.(barring injuries of course)

Well, that’s the important thing, isn’t it? The Eagles’ coaches don’t care about your fantasy team, they care about getting the ball to their two 1st-round and one 2nd-round draft picks at WR. If Hurts doesn’t get better at doing that real fast, they have quality air-raid QBs behind him that will.

It’s difficult to understand, so let me break it down for you:

Not sure how the Hurts pick is a waste

Well, because AxeElf said so.

How are the WRs obviously the weak spot?

Well, because AxeElf said so.

Couldn’t disagree more with the C+ rating

AxeElf doesn’t give a shite that you disagree

I see you just joined, so let me save you some time by explaining. You see, AxeElf isn’t here to discuss, he’s here to “tell.” He, in his opinion (which he thinks is fact/reality), is always right, about everything, ever. And, he likes to go around belittling people, answering questions with questions in a demeaning way and simply throwing some fancy words around while generally being an arse because it makes him feel like a big man or something to that effect. I’m sure a psychologist would be able to make a proper diagnosis.

It’s better to just ignore him.

See, that’s the problem with axually BEING the best; sometimes simple self-esteem can take on the illusion of arrogance.

Oh, and by the way, I am a psychologist, with a Master of Science degree in Psychology (though the emphasis was on neuropsychology, rather than therapy).

I am a psychologist

Sure you are buddy! You’re everything, always, ever! You’re just generally the best…

I didn’t know I’d need a transcript…


Sure you are buddy! You’re everything, always, ever! You’re just generally the best…

As a psychologist, I feel a duty to warn you that “perseverance” (the repetition of a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, regardless of the absence or cessation of a stimulus), can be a symptom of a more serious psychological condition.

Such as constantly repeating “Derrick Henry” as a solution to all problems? :rofl:

You mean…

like this???

So you are a 50+ year old person shitting on peoples fantasy takes… jeez. Good paper though. Take a walk.

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Perseveration is the repetition of a particular response in the ABSENCE of a stimulus.

When someone asks, “Who should I pick first in the draft,” that’s a stimulus.


Perseveration is the repetition of a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, regardless of the absence or cessation of a stimulus.

Good questions!

Anyone else having further difficulties with the concept of perseveration?