How Can I Improve

This week I got absolutely blown out of the water. Though I played against someone who had Dak, TJ Hockenson, and Swift who all went off, I feel I fell short in my Standard League. I am not sure how to best optimize my team. Who is worth just outright dropping? Who has some value where I could upgrade my starters? Any waiver wire suggestions? Etc. THANKS ALL!

My Current Starters:
-QB: J. Herbert
-RB1: D. Cook
-RB2: K. Hunt
-WR1: D. Hopkins
-WR2: R. Woods
-TE: Waller
-D: New England
-K: J. Meyers
-Flex: DJ Moore

On my bench:
-W. Fuller V
-Z. Moss
-K. Drake
-J. White
-M. Carter
-C. Samuel

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You’re in a decent spot. Your RB2 could use some work so keep an eye out for Waiver adds. Elijah Mitchell seems like a good bet to lead that back field if Mostert misses significant time.

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You’ve got a strong team overall. Drake/Hunt/Carter could be nice parts to make up a streaming RB2 slot, just watch the matchups closely. Is this a PPR league? I ask because you have 3 RB’s who benefit from receptions. This week, Hunt versus Houston looks like the play.

One thing I have learned over the years is don’t panic after a bad first week. You will tweak your roster, dumping guys who weren’t what you expected. But your roster really doesn’t have much of that. You could let this team ride into week 2 and probably do well.

On a side note, I notice you don’t have a backup QB. You should get one, at least for Herbert’s bye week, but also if he gets injured.