Pick 3 Keepers please

Standard 12 team (I have the 5th and 12th pick in the 1st round)
1 QB 2RB 2WR TE Felx

Chubb - 1st
Cook - 1st
Diggs - 5th
D. Samuel - 7th
Akers - 10th
Jefferson - 15th

Was thinking Samuel, Jefferson and Akers and taking two RBs in the 1st

If you take two RBs in the first, Akers would be a waste.

Keep the three WRs (Jefferson, Diggs, Deebo) and then add two first-round RBs and you’ll be golden.

Hopefully it’s a PPR league.

Def agree with above keep the WRs then if you draft latter half of the first you’ll get 2 strong RBs and you’ll be sitting pretty.

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Justin Jefferson with the 15th round? That’s a gimme.

I prefer Diggs with the 5th over Samuel with the 7th. Samuel is in a Shanahan offense with a new QB. Hard to say how Samuel will do this year.

If you’re planning to take an RB with both 1st round picks, why not keep Cook plus your 5th pick? Cook is better than anything you’ll get with the 12th pick.

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Unless of course you can get a guy with the 12th pick who isn’t on the same team as your WR1–and who might play more than 14 games in a season once in a while.

This coming from the guy who likes Cam Akers…

Likes him better than Dameon Pierce, anyway–but not enough to have him on any of my fantasy teams.

So don’t get too excited that “Axe Elf endorses Cam Akers,” because there are about 20 guys I would endorse more–even if there are about 100 I would endorse less. Maintain perspective.

The reason you criticize Cook is the same reason I criticized Akers. And Cook never missed an entire season due to injury, so frankly I am still one up on you in the Cook vs. Akers debate.

I don’t know that there IS a “Cook vs Akers” debate, but feel free to indulge yourself.

No, but he misses 3-4 games every season. He’s a great best ball asset, or a fantastic RB2 in a dynasty team, if you have at least 2 FLEX startable RBs on the bench, ideally with one of them being Mattison.

In redraft, I’d lean towards “stay away”. I’d indeed rather take Akers. Yes, he is risky, too, but offers a similar upside and is usually available 2 full rounds later.

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