( The help has been appreciated. Please know questions I ask is so that I see others point of views comparing them to my initial Line up. This is incase I need to pivot last minute. ) Line them up as if it were your squad. Fight for 3rd Place

**Full PPR, (10) Team League, (2) Flex Positions, and on those Flex position’s you have a choice to choose either WR, RB, TE.

Players that I have ready to be lined up IF IT WERE YOUR SQUAD.

QB. G. Minshew
QB. J. Hurts ( questionable. )
RB. T. Allgeier
RB. R. Stevenson
RB. K. Knight
RB. J. Dobbins

WR. J. Waddle
WR. J. Chase
WR. M. Williams
WR. D. Metcalf
WR. C. Watson
WR. G. Pickens
WR. R. James
WR. J. Dotson

TE. D. Waller.

K. J. Myers
Defense. San Francisco 49ers.

On the Waiver Wire ( which I am 5th in line ) , a few players who were available are… ( If I landed any of these guys, in order, who would you like and if you would start any of them, who would you start them over from the line up you chose on the squad that you have listed above? )

QB. Mike White ( questionable. )
WR. Richie James
WR. Russell Gage
WR. Michael Gallup
WR. Romeo Doubs
TE. Evan Engram

Players I would Drop for the guys listed on the waiver wire would most likely be-

*J. Dobbins *
D. Waller.

NOT gonna play your game for you. Will advise and answer questions BUT that’s about it.

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Appreciate ya either way. No one plays my game, the point is people will have different opinions on the starts and sits. With that being said, I like to see others point of views because in cases like these NO ONE is going to go off of a line up that is given. Just measure out their options comparing to the line up that is already put in place. This is just in case for last minute decisions. Isn’t that what the platform is for? See others opinions, point of views, the why’s and why not’s? But okay. Like I said, thanks anyways, and its appreciated either way. :slight_smile:

Point is you cannot put up your entire line up and ask what to do. Need to cut it down pal;

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Example to that, would be the last help I got was to choose watson, as a flex, and pretty much pivot if need be with metcalf and williams on the other spot.

I ended up going with ETN over Stevenson, Allgeier over both Watson and Williams. I ended up having a higher scoring game. That is more then If I were to go off the opinions that were given. If anything at best, I would choose or pivot with what opinions are given to me if they make sense.

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Best of luck moving forward,

Also, the all caps shouting is annoying to all.

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And if I may add: so is putting an entire novel into the thread title. :roll_eyes:

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