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I am a fantasy football philanthropist hoping to elevate everyone’s game to a level near that of Axe Elf’s.

But like I said, every league needs 11 losers, too, so it’s pretty easy to see who’s not taking advantage of the opportunity.


but in all honesty, what accolades do you possess that makes your word so valuable?
I feel like everyone here is just trying to discuss fantasy football and have some fun with it.

No need to play the “alpha” fantasy guru, clearly your takes are educated but sometimes pushing the matter is not needed. I’m surprised someone with your level of “life experience” has not caught on…

Bold take I’m sure. Cheers!

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The only accolade that matters–being the greatest fantasy football mind to ever stomp the terra.

You’re just generally the best…

Pay attention kids. In psychological terms, this is called a “psychotic break” or a “psychotic episode”, or perhaps a full blown “psychosis”. Then again, this could just be a simple delusion brought on by bipolar disorder. Regardless, when you see this, the first thing to do is to recommend the person seek professional help.

That’s your psychology lesson of the day, brought to you by Axel Foley!

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Groot, he doesn’t catch on. I feel as though he has a “little man” complex and tries to cope with it by being the arse that he is. I can’t wait until the end of the season when half of his predictions don’t pan out. But, I’ve got a feeling that if it’s brought up, he will say a bunch of fancy words to make it seem as though he “knew” it would end up that way or come up with a reason why he was actually still right. If you read through all of his responses to every single question, he cannot “not” act as though he is the “alpha” fantasy guru.

We are all just trying to have some fun discussion, but he ruins it by being a pompous arse. Sign my petition to have him banned!

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