How can I improve my team for 2022!

Thanks for any Help you can give me!
12 Team, 1 QB, PPR.

QB- J. Hurts
RB- C. Edmonds, D. Harris, N. Hines, J. Howard, E. Mitchell, B. Scott, T. Pollard.
WR- K. Bourne, R. Gage, J. Meyers, E. Moore, H. Renfroe, C. Samuel, M. Williams.
TE- M. Gesicki, D. Knox, T. Tremble.
I have a 2nd and 3 thirds but no 1st.
Thank you
Brian P.

Solid team. I would probably draft a backup QB, just in case the Eagles decide to go in a different direction from Hurts.

A secondary priority would be another WR, preferably a potential alpha WR.

I don’t see the need to trade for anything, as I would be quite comfortable going into next year with that roster.

Hurts is a great example for a rather terrible NFL QB who works very well in fantasy. As long as he plays, he’s a QB1. But as Ed said, you will need a backup. This draft class doesn’t offer many good options, though.

RB: I don’t see an RB1 in that group. But you’ve got depth there, which can be even more important. Without a 1st round pick, you will not get a top RB in the draft, so I’d leave that position for a later year.

WR: again, no real top option there. Renfrow isn’t likely to repeat his 2021 season. Your best option is Elijah Moore, who has WR2 potential, but will heavily depend on his QB taking another step forward. In PPR, you need at least 1 target hog on WR. As it stands, you have none. This should be your top priority.

TE looks fine.

Nyheim Hines has lost most of his passing down appeal with JT’s breakout. I still keep him in my PPR league, but he needs a JT injury to become relevant again.

Boston Scott, Jordan Howard, Mike Williams, Russell Gage and Jakobi Meyers are all free agents, so you need to monitor their contract situation.

Overall, I’m not as optimistic about your team as Ed is. You have depth, but no punch. This could get you stuck in the mid-tier dilemma. Your team is too good to earn a good draft spot, but not good enough to be a contender.

Trading can be difficult, as none of your players is one that other owners typically overpay for. You can try to combine 1 player + 1-2 draft picks and try to get a 1st rounder or a top player for that package.

You are at least 2-3 players away from being a contender. So do not trade away any future draft picks. I often see owners with a roster like yours trade away their 2023 1st for players like Cam Akers or Leonard Fournette. But your team will be stuck in mediocrity for the foreseeable future with that approach.

The 2022 draft class doesn’t seem to be the best time to start a full rebuild. But depending how your season goes, I would consider trading a few players away for 2023 draft picks during the season.

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I disagree with Zak on Renfrow. Unless the Raiders get Davante Adams, I can easily see Renfrow repeating as their WR1, especially if they leave him in the slot.

Renfrow’s 2021 season was a result of Waller missing time and the drama around Henry Ruggs, while he (Renfrow) played all 17 games. That resulted in him fiishing as WR11 in PPR / WR15 in half PPR.

I see zero chance that the Raiders will make no moves on WR. My guess is they will treat that position as a priority in free agency and/or the draft.

Renfrow won’t disappear, but he is bound for some regression. He is WR25 in ECR right now. That may be a tad too low, but not by much.

He’s definitely not a clear fantasy WR1 for next season.

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I should be clear, I don’t see Renfrow as “a WR1”, but rather as the Raiders WR1. He displayed good chemistry with Carr back in 2020, and that only improved in 2021. Even when Waller returned at the end, it appeared like Carr was starting to look for Renfrow in clutch situations. Renfrow doesn’t have Cooper Kupp upside, but I can see him as a reliable WR2 in fantasy terms.

Even if the Raiders draft another WR, the new kid might not see heavy targets right away, leaving more on Renfrow’s plate. If the Raiders get a veteran like Davante Adams (Carr’s old college WR), all bets are off.

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Thank you for your help! I can sure use it!!!