First SuperFlex

I know drafts are unpredictable, but I also know my league mates well after 5 years. 10 team PPR super flex.

I pick 3rd and feel I have to take Mahommes/Allen/Hurts.

I also suspect there will be a run on people stockpiling QBs. We also have a lot of “fans” who will take their guys early because they are on their favorite teams. I can easily see Allen/Mahommes/Hurts/Jackson/Burrow/Fields gone in first round.

Curious if you would go QB/QB if you were me or try to add position guys and hope a later QB hits.

It’s a work league but it’s kind of 5 serious 5 rec players. People have done some weird things in our drafts, and I can totally see QBs flying off the board.

If I were you I wouldn’t take a QB until at least the 3rd round–but if they’re flying off the board, then yeah, I wouldn’t be against Daniel Jones in the 3rd, maybe a Stafford/Carr/Goff at the 4/5 turn.

Try to get Kupp and the best PPR WR available (ARSB?) in the first and second, and you should still have PLENTY of solid RB options left in the 5th-7th, probly enough to go RB/RB/RB through that point, then WR/WR and you’re set for 2QB/3RB/4WR.

If you have to, get your 3rd QB when it’s down to guys like Howell/Ridder/Pickett, whenever that is–hopefully it can wait until the double-digit rounds.

Don’t forget to onboard top-5 TE Mike Gesicki sometime in the 12th-15th and you should be golden!

Thanks. I had thought about the same thing. If I can get some RB/WR talent, I think a late round combo of Jones/Goff/Cousins type guys could be just as deadly.

Draft could also be a Jeffferson/Chase/McCaffrey round 1 and then an AJ Brown/Diggs/Lamb round 2 then go QB.

I guess we’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

EDIT: I have Geisecki in a few leagues, great sleeper pick I think.

Could be, but you’re playing full PPR, and Kupp has been the PPR King (in points per game played) for the last 2 seasons, and nothing has changed for him–same team, same QB, no new weapons, etc. You have to consider him the #1 pick in PPR until he isn’t.

Do you know why Gesicki is such a great sleeper?

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You have the right idea here for the first pick .

After this, you wait and see where everyone else goes. If they spend the rest of the first and second rounds before your pick drafting QB’s, you go elsewhere, grabbing the best RB or WR (or even Travis Kelce). If it’s a mix, just look a best player available. It’s not until the 3rd round you consider drafting for need.