Rate my Draft: SuperFlex 10 team PPR Redraft

This is my main league, our work league. 10 Team Redraft PPR, SUPERFLEX. I picked 3rd.

We can start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, SUPERFLEX.

QB: Allen, Daniel Jones, Ridder

RB: Chubb, Dalvin Cook, Brian Robinson Jr, Tank Bigsby, Perine,

WR: AJ Brown, Dotson, B Cooks, Nico Collins, Lockett, DJ Moore

TE: Andrews.

My toughest choice I think was I took Daniel Jones in round 4 as QBs were flying off board and left Aaron Jones there.

Rough at RB with the wrong Robinson. :sunglasses:

Yeah, in hindsight probably should have grabbed Aaron Jones and just dealt with a Carr later as QB.

Waiver RBs are both Colts guys, McKinnon, Harris, Ford (handcuff Chubb)

Maybe a trade giving a WR.

Pick up McKinnon immediately, but I don’t know if it’s going to help.

Oh, and if Zack Moss is one of the “both Colts guys,” then pick him up as well.

Drop Brandin Cooks, and Tank Bigsby if necessary.

You spent all your early draft capital at the wrong positions.

Oh well, we all had to learn from our mistakes at some point.

I think my biggest mistake may have been Andrews. Taking him in 4th round over Metcalf, Stevenson, RIdley might bite me.

Otherwise, guys I would have taken over Lockett, Moore, where I took em were Montgomery, Pierce, so I guess I will see what happens.

Another question. One team drafted poorly and has some huge injuries effecting week 1.

I give Lockett I get Kamara, thoughts?

No question on it being a good move for this team.

I’m Axe Elf, and I approve of this approval.

Could also offer B Cooks and Nico for Kamara, then grab Jeff Wilson Jr, toss him on IR, then add McKinnon, Gainwell, a TE, etc.

My issue, which shouldn’t be, is we have some real whiners in our league so if I land Kamara they will probbly be screaming I took advantage of a bad team early on.

But her roster in a SUPERFLEX is:

QB: rodgers, richardson, love
RB: Conner, J Williams, Kamara
WR: D SMIth, Mclaurin, Samuel, PIttman, Meyers

So I kind of feel like I give her two guys she can start now for a guy she cant play for four weeks.