Superflex Half-PPR Question (3 Pick; 12 Team)

Curious to get any opinions on taking Jefferson with the 3 pick in a superflex draft assuming the first two picks are some combination of Mahomes/Hurts/Allen. Our league in 12 teams and starts 3 WR and a traditional Flex too, so potentially 4 WR depending how you use the flex spot. Passing TDs are 5 points, all other TDs are 6 points.

I’m sure it’s easy enough to just take whoever is left out of the top 3 QBs, but there is a part of me thinking I can hammer WR the first few picks and build a big advantage at WR, especially with Jefferson, which makes up 30%-40% of the starting positions on the team. Then fill out the QB with some mid-level guys (maybe someone like Goff) and some upside dart throws like Carr or Pickett going in the mid-rounds.

It would be a better idea at #4 but I still like it. I do not see Hurts or Allen running as much with Swift and Cook now viable options for dump offs.

You’ve got the right idea, but in half-PPR you want to hammer RBs, not WRs.

Start with Bijan.