SuperFlex Draft Question (#3 slot)

Our draft is one week away and I pick three. We all work together and frankly talk too much but it’s fun.

Guy who is picking #1 said today probably Mahommes but he has thought about Jefferson.

#2 is a HUGE Ravens fan, so I can see her grabbing Lamar or Hurts or Allen.

Bottom line is at #3 am I over thinking it if I don’t take whoever is left out of Mahommes/Allen/Hurts.

I worry a little about Buffalo and Philly relying more on run to take some pressure off their QBs.

So the weird thing is EVERY expert you could talk to would say take whichever elite QB is left, but I have this nagging feeling it’s not right.


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How many teams in the league is an important question to address before you start taking a QB #3 overall. If it’s less than 12, then there’s no reason to draft QBs early.

10 Team SuperFlex. PPR

My guess is people are going to hoard QBs.

I think 8 will be gone in first round and a half, maybe more.

5 of us are serious 5 more casual and we have teams who do the most unpredictable things every year.

Good, that will leave 24 of them for the wiser owners who wait until later to get their QBs.

Hopefully you can get the #1 player in PPR scoring for the past two years running with your #3 pick (Cooper Kupp), and build from there.

Since it’s PPR, if JJ is there, you take him. After the elite QB’s are gone, the elite WR’s suddenly jump up. Josh Allen is the only other QB you want there at #3, although Trevor Lawrence is tempting.

True. But at 1.03, the elite QBs aren’t gone, as there are 3 of them: Mahomes, Hurts, Allen.

Lamar is too injury prone for the elite tier. And T-Law is way too speculative. If you absolutely want to add a 4th QB to the elite tier, it would be Justin Herbert, or maybe Fields or Burrow, but not T-Law.

And if you really want to take a gamble, draft Richardson early. Not 1.03 early, but if he’s still there at 2.08, he should become yours.

Possibly the worst piece of advice to ever appear on a message board!

Well done!

Yeah not that I have any deep knowledge of this stuff but I am not super high on Richardson this year. I see him as a Josh Allen where maybe in a few years he clicks but for now it’s bad team with no weapons.

Richardson’s two preseason games:

7/12 for 67 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT.
6/17 for 78 yards, 0 TDs and 0 INTs.

Combined: 13/29 for 145 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT.

Yeah in one of my auction leagues I got Lamar, Herbert, and Richardson. Just traded Richardson and two other guys for Daniel Jones and two other guys.

I will probably flip Lamar in a package for an elite WR.

Maybe, depending on who you can get and what else it costs you, but Lamar, Herbert and Jones is a killer Superflex combo!

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