Dynasty trade offer

Current champ of our league.

Just got offered: Kyle Pitts, Corey Davis, DJ Moore, and a 2022 1st rounder.

I send away: Darren Waller, Brandin Cooks, and Jerry jeudy.

The WRs are kind of a push, so it just comes down to whether you prefer Waller or Pitts and the first round pick.

While I love Waller, Pitts has the potential to be absolutely Jordan-esque to the TE position. In dynasty, it’s a little short-term gain for him, with a lot of long-term gain for you. Advantage: You.

Arguments can be made a lot of ways on the WR’s.

Jeudy has more long-term potential than any of them, but he’s stuck with Denver’s sad QB situation. If they improve it next year, he could benefit, but that is more likely to be seen 2 years down the road, unless they get somebody like Justin Herbert. But exploding rookie QB’s don’t grow on trees, so Jeudy is just a bunch of ???

Corey Davis is in the best situation of all of them, and he has some talent. Entering this season as the alpha receiver in NYJ is not a bad place to be. Of all the WR’s in the deal, he is the one with whom I am most comfortable.

Brandin Cooks is good and bad: Good is being an alpha receiver, bad is being anything in Houston this year.

DJ Moore is a good WR, but he shares the stage with Robby Anderson, who is the new QB’s buddy from their Jets’ days. Moore will get his catches, as his talent will dictate it. I just worry if his numbers may dip? On the bright side, Sam Darnold can’t be as bad as he was under Gase in NYJ, so there is hope.

Bottom line: I would take the deal. The 1rst rounder is the final selling point.

Wait a minute edmcgon,
Since when is being on the Jets a good situation?
And we all like Z. Wilson, but a rookie QB doesn’t often help anyone. If the tiny framed kid gets hurt, its even worse. Saleh is a defensive coach who wants to run the ball with a committee. Less plays = less opportunity.
The biggest issue is Elijah Moore is going to surpass C. Davis really quickly.
Davis has done nothing but be opposite A.J. Brown in a division with two bad defensive teams in Houston and Jacksonville. He’s never faced the #1 CB every week.
The fact that he got a bunch of targets in a preseason game where none of the other starters played honestly proves nothing. He had a good season last year, but I’m gonna say that A.J. Brown knows more than me. Brown says Moore is better than he is, not worse than he is, like Davis.
The numbers Moore put up in college are just ridiculous and he was the star of Jets camp, not Davis.

Then why is Davis still ahead of Moore on the depth chart?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Moore is highly talented, as well as having a strong work ethic. I love players like him. Long-term, I expect him to become a starting WR for the Jets. But for now, it is Davis’s job to lose.

Also, if you look at Davis’s games last year, he had two of his best games against Baltimore (5 catches for 113 yards) and Cleveland (11 catches for 182 yards and a TD).

Finally, the Jets didn’t pay Davis a lot of money in free agency to sit him. At best, you could see Moore take over for Crowder or Cole in that offense.

I didn’t say Davis sucked. But you’re about to find out he’s not elite. He doesn’t t get to play against a defense entirely focused on trying to stop the beast that is Derrick Henry anymore. He no longer has A.J. Brown drawing the best coverage. His 4.5 speed isn’t going to cut it as a #1.
The Jets paid Davis about as much as Curtis Samuel, Nelson Agholor, Tyler Boyd. They didn’t break any bank. Its good money but thats a what good receivers get paid. Great ones make twice that. See Hopkins, Jones, etc. Still many teams have wasted money on bad players.
The depth chart also means nothing. Moore was listed as a starter too and he’s just a rookie.

Dont take my word for it. Read Robert Saleh’s comments about Moore. Saleh knows more than I.

He “thought you were smoking something” if you told him he would fall to them at #34.
He’s “ahead of the game in how he studies, takes care of his body, the way he approaches practice.”
He’s “impressive in the sense that we feel very confident he’s going to find ways to get better”. He’s already faced SEC defenses focused mainly on stopping him and beaten them. This is what elite players do. And Saleh is very confident he’ll do it at the NFL level. A great defensive mind like Saleh would know if anyone.
Read any Jets beat writer article about Jets camp and they all talk up Moore, not Davis. Trust them not me.

In my humble opinion, Davis talk only went crazy after a preseason game where he earned a " massive" share of targets. I love volume, but this massive share was 4 catches for 70 yards.
In reality, that’s just not massive at all. You can point to percentages but the sample size is miniscule.

10 plus receptions, 150 yards and a TD per game in the SEC. 4.35 speed. 505 of his 1,200 yards were after the catch. A.J. Browns comments. The Jets signed Davis in March and still drafted Moore in late April. Were all going to see soon.

Davis career high was 65 catches and less than 1,000 yards. Moore should best one or both of those this season. But certainly by next.

Good luck in your leagues.

I didn’t emphasize my views on Moore strongly enough: I think Moore in the long term, whether that is later this year or even next year, will be awesome, possibly even a top 5 WR in the NFL. Yes, he is that good, and arguably a better play than Davis in the long run.

But this season includes the early games, where Davis will be the alpha in NYJ.

Would me trading away Amari Cooper for jaylen waddle and a 2nd round pick be a good trade for me? I’m rebuilding and have tua and Lance as my quarterbacks in a superflex leauge. My running backs are antonio gibson, edwards helair, Mixon and sermon. My recievers are dionte Johnson, Amari Cooper and Robbie anderson. I already have an extra first round pick from one of the worst teams in the leauge and I think that waddle fits the timeline better. I just want another opinion on if I should be getting more.

You look pretty solid. If this is a PPR league, you look even better.

It is a PPR leauge. So you think trading Cooper would be worth it?

In spite of his Thursday night performance, I like Waddle more in the long term than Cooper. Cooper has always been inconsistent, putting up monster days, then suffering the dropsies the next week. He has a lower floor than most elite receivers, hence why he isn’t valued in the top 5 on most lists.

Admittedly, Waddle is somewhat of an unknown, being a rookie. But his first week was solid (4-61-1) against a tough defense (NE).

Plus you get a 2nd round pick in the deal? Sign me up.

Yes you responded to me in another thread. I appreciate the advice! The reason I want to get an outside perspective is that I’m a huge dolphins fan and I don’t want to make a trade because I’m a Homer.

Don’t be afraid of homer-ism in this case. Waddle is the real deal, and possibly better than Cooper. I have him on both my fantasy teams, and I’m a Raiders fan.

Okay I made the trade. This tua-waddle stack could be dangerous in a year or two. thanks again for the advice

I have one more question for you. Would you advise against trying to flip mixon this year as my running backs are mixon, gibson, clyde edwards helair and sermon?

It hurts that sermon was scratched last week but I cant see them not using him as hes a 3rd round pick and is a skilled RB.

I know it’s tough for you to analyze given that you don’t see my whole team bit I was offered a trade. I give up Adams and get chubb in a dynasty league. My other running backs are Aaron Jones, miles Gaskin, jevonta williams and hunt. And my other WR are Justin Jefferson, aj brown, dionte Johnson, deebo Samuel and Cory Davis. What are your thoughts thanks for the advice and content

PPR league? If it’s a half PPR or a standard, I’d take the deal. Adams is good, but Chubb is still young and in his prime. Stud RB’s are hard to come by. The fact you have Hunt only makes him sweeter.

It depends on what you get for Mixon.

maybe I’ll ask around and come back if I have an offer

Yeah its a standard league