Latest Dynasty Trade

Here is my latest completed dynasty trade:

I gave up: Garrett Wilson and Zamir White
I got: DJ Moore, Devin Duverney, Snoop Conner, and my own 3rd round pick.

My 3rd round pick will be early, since my team is currently 3-10.

Giving up Wilson is painful, but getting Moore isn’t a bad replacement, as I expect the Panthers to have a new QB next season, either Matt Corral or somebody they draft .Either way, Moore’s chances improve. Considering Moore will only be 26 next year, he still has many good seasons left.

As for Zamir White, I’ve been disappointed in him this year. He looks average. Even if the Raiders give up on Josh Jacobs, I can’t see them using White as anything more then a substitute off the bench.

As for Duverney, the kid is explosive. With all the injuries on the Ravens, I expect he’ll get a chance to shine for the rest of this season, and he might even lock down a starting WR spot going forward.

Snoop Conner is just an intriguing piece to me, who could step up if Etienne gets hurt going down the stretch this season.

One of my strategies in this particular league is to find lesser known players with potential. Because of the deep benches in this league, I can stockpile a lot of them, and see who produces.

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I would not have given up a rookie top WR for that return. JMO

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This was a 14 team league, right? In that case, the pick would be at best the #29. That would the 3.05 in a 12-team league.

I don’t hate trading Garrett Wilson away. He’s an extremely talented WR, but his team has a huge problem on QB. Zach Wilson looks like he’s done, but has powerful support within the franchise. Worst case for Garrett is that Zach will get another year.

But here’s the problem: DJM has pretty much the same problem. There is a realistic chance that he will play under Matt Corral next year, and that experiment will fail.

None of the other elements in this trade will be fantasy relevant next year, probably including the player you will get for your pick.

So in a nutshell, you traded Garrett Wilson away to acquire DJ Moore. And in that scenario, I’d prefer Garrett.

It’s not a terrible trade, but I also don’t see how it will help your team. Unless you hit the jackpot with that 3rd.

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12 teams.

I also needed some depth at WR, and Duverney provides that.

The Ravens are a low-volume passing offense. #26 in terms of passing yards per game.

Their pecking order in the passing game is Andrews > Bateman > Robinson > Likely / D-Jax / Duvernay.

Even with Bateman out, Duvernay was not able to carve out a meaningful role. I’m not sure you found the depth you were looking for in him.

Let’s break this down.

Andrews is experiencing his first injury prone season. He’s healthy now, but…

Bateman is on IR. A non-factor. Scratch him from the list.

Robinson disappears for several games on a stretch, then pops for a big one. Also, Robinson is technically the WR2 behind Duverney.

I love me some Likely, and wish he was the TE1 in this offense. But as TE2, he might see 3-4 targets in a week, tops. Not much of a factor.

D-Jax? Really? He hasn’t topped 3 targets since he got to Baltimore.

As for Duverney, since Bateman has been gone, he is 10 of 12 for 60 yards. Not a lot of yards, but he has been efficient. We will see if he can improve on these YAC numbers. He has proven he has the hands, now he has to make the moves after the catch. As an excellent returner, I expect that will come in time for him.

The key for me here is potential. I am building this team around potential. I don’t have the 1st round draft picks next year, so this team has to rely on who I can trade for, and who I can acquire off the waiver wire. This is possibly one of my greatest challenges in fantasy football.

If you are 3-10, ROS outlook is probably not your concern.

Next year, Bateman will be back, and I see no reason to believe that he won’t return to his old WR1 / #2 target role.

Andrews injury prone? He was limited in 2 games, and missed 1. If that is a sign for a player being injury prone, then 90% of the league is.

But even in a situation where the #1 WR is out and the #1 target looks somewhat limited, Duvernay did not manage to carve out a meaningful role for himself. Yes, his catch rate looks good. But with less than 6 yards per reception, this is hardly surprising. Both Likely and Andrews make twice the yards with each reception.

In the 4 games since Bateman went on IR, Duvernay saw 11 targets. D-Jax saw 8 while only playing 3 of those 4 games.

I’m sorry, I don’t see the potential in Duvernay. He looked like a player to watch at the beginning of the season. But his modest production collapsed as soon as Bateman was out, and that does not make me overly optimistic on his future. Being the #3 target on a low-volume passing team appears to be his ceiling.

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Actually, if Duverney has a good ROS, it could carry over into next year for his role on the Ravens.

Andrews is getting older (27). and the fact he is starting to experience injuries is troubling. Could it be age? Tread wearing thin on the tires? Or just an odd coincidence? Also, the presence of Isaiah Likely makes it easier for the coaching staff to rest Andrews, even with minor injuries. I’m not saying this is his end.

He has had his most targets since Bateman was put on IR. Explain how that is a collapse in production?

Week PPR points
1 21.4
2 12.2
3 10.3
4 9.1
5 12.8
6 2.4
7 6.2
8 16.4
9 (*) 1.5
10 BYE
11 1.7
12 6.9
13 10.3

(*) Bateman was out from week 9 onwards.

Average PPR PPG, week 1-8: 11.4
Average PPR PPG week 9-13: 5.1

That’s what I mean with “production collapsed”.


Targets per game, weeks 1-8: 4.0
Targets per game, weeks 9-13: 3.5

The last two weeks, he has averaged 5.5 targets. My point stands.

In week 4+5, he averaged 6 targets. My point stands, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my view, Duverney is useless. IF you are building with potential no one offers more than Wilson. FWIW

Actually, DJ Moore offers more potential, if the Panthers could ever fix their QB situation, instead of bringing in every other teams’ castoffs.

Maybe for you Ed but I have been offered him in trade and have zero interest.

In dynasty or redraft? There is a huge difference in how you value him.

The same can be said about Garrett Wilson, though. And if both teams would play the same QB next year, I think Wilson may be the better talent. Not by a mile, but at least by a few yards.

Both teams leave a lot of room for concern, though. Carolina, because the whole franchise is in disarray since Tepper took over and start playing real-life fantasy football with it.

And the Jets, as Zach Wilson’s uncle happens to be a main sponsor of the Jets and reportedly played a major role in Zach Wilson being drafted and then started by the Jets. If he doesn’t accept his nephew to be written off, the Jets could face turbulent times.


In dynasty or redraft? There is a huge difference in how you value him.

In dynasty, keeper or redraft the WR with the highest potential is Wilson.
How could there be a difference in which WR will score more?

I cannot wait to hear how you explain the difference.

Easy: Who will be the Jets QB next year? Mike White? Zach Wilson? Joe Flacco? Door #3?

At least with the Panthers, it’s safe to assume it won’t be Darnold or Walker. It will likely be either Corral or someone they draft. In dynasty or keeper, I’d value Moore above Wilson, until we know more about who the Jets QB will be.

In redraft, Wilson is the better option this year, since White is clearly better than Darnold or Walker.

You just gave the same four QB options for both teams. Wording them differently does not make them different. Funny guy.

Since you obviously don’t get it, let me simplify it for you: Any Panther QB will be an improvement over what they have now. Jets QB’s will be a question mark.