Draft Pick or Keeper?

Round 1

  1. [Jonathan Taylor
  2. [Ja’Marr Chase
  3. [Christian McCaffrey
  4. [Justin Jefferson
  5. [Cooper Kupp
  6. [Austin Ekeler
  7. [Najee Harris
  8. [Dalvin Cook
  9. Pick
  10. Pick

Above is our leagues first round picks with 9 and 10 already having the pick open for the draft. We have 8 keepers per team who will be deleted from the draft.
All rookies will be available.

The other eight teams will have to decide if they want to keep the player listed or give him up for the pick.

Which players would you keep over likely rookie pick in a loaded draft?

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The managers holding #8 Cook and #7 Harris have said it is very likely they will be released, going for the pick.

As of today, I would see Taylor, Chase and Jefferson as keeper locks with McCaffrey and Ekeler being not far off. I think Kupp is debatable with an edge as a keeper.

I gave up Ekeler and my #1 pick for Hill and a 5th rd pick. Taking a shot in the dark that in 2 seasons Hill will still be relevant and Ekeler will be in a booth somewhere doing color commentary for espn. I am a firm believer that I’ll find the next Ekeler with the 3rd or 4th pick and the next Chase with my 2cd

The Harris owner is still not sure. Harris looked better recently, and while he will hardly lose the “disappointment” tag for this season, that does not necessarily mean the same will apply to the 2023 one.

I am tad more optimistic for Ekeler, even though I don’t blame you for trading him away. I tried the same in the dynasty league where I have him, but nobody was interested.

Ekeler will be 28 next year, and that’s typically the age cliff for RBs. What makes me a little more optimisc for him is that he saw very little usage in his early NFL years, and that he profiles as a pass catcher as much as he does as a runner.

He rushed for 911 yards last year, and is on track for 850 this season. That’s not nearly as high as the numbers the other RBs in his tier are putting up.

Since he will likely not draw any serious offers after this season either, despite two top-3 finishes in a row (assuming he stays healthy), I’ll probably keep him until he becomes unstartable. Which could happen as early as next year, but I still have some hopes that he may give me one more good season - maybe even two, if the stars align.

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It’s such a crap shoot. The longevity that some of these guys have blows me away. I guess you never really know

As I’ve said before, I will be giving up Cook so I will have the 8th pick, unless Cook balls out for the remainder of this season.

Sorry Zak, I will await official word.

Many analysts and fans believed Players like Henry, McCaffrey, Ekeler, etc. were done after last year’s injury and age. Yet, here they are and having great seasons so far.

Just my opinion on “keep or drop” these guys for the draft pick:

  1. JT: Tough call, but I’m not on the JT bandwagon. Even though the owner’s team is middle of the pack, I’m not sure he wouldn’t be better taking a chance on an early 1st rounder versus keeping JT. Drop.
  2. Chase: It’s a little early to be grabbing Chase in half PPR, IMO. I’d take my chances on something else. Drop.
  3. CMC: Coaches have finally figured out that you can’t give CMC 30 touches a game and have him survive. While his efficiency is better, his touches have bottomed out. Not sure he’s 1st round worthy any more, although I’m sure others would disagree. Drop him.
  4. JJ: Keeper, period.
  5. Kupp: How much time did he miss this year? How old is he? Let’s connect the dots, and drop him.
  6. Ekeler: Short of an injury this season, I almost feel like you have to take a shot on him next year too. How many years has he turned his receptions into fantasy points? He’s only behind Josh Jacobs this season in half PPR. He’s a keeper.
  7. Najee: This is a tough one. The talent is still there, but the Steelers are a mess. This is one where the Magic 8 Ball says “Ask again later”.
  8. Dalvin Cook: His performance has been ok, but he’s not getting any younger. But he is not worthy of a 1st round pick any more. I’d sooner take a shot at a rookie. Drop him.
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Most agree, as of now, that there are six rookie RBs and WRs who could be special. The top two RBs are tier 1, 4 WRs in tier 2.

I believe it will be tuff for any manager to give up a proven top RB for a rookie WR.

How many others would you rate as top picks?

Here are the FP dynasty ranks to consider.

I’m not so sure here. His production in San Fran looks about the same as in Carolina. A bit less in his first game, but that’s understandable, considering he arrived in town only a few days earlier. And last week, as apparently he felt some soreness and the Niners cut down on his production. Which they could easily do thanks to the positive game script.

Even when including these 2 bad weeks, his SF stats don’t look a lot different from his CAR stats. If we exclude only his week 7 performance and file it under “first game for a new team”, they’d look even a tad better.

And he’s the #6 RB in PPG, even with the 2 bad weeks included.

His age would leave me concerned about spending a 1st on him. His current production isn’t, though.

Tricky, isn’t it? No matter how he finishes this season, he will remain a disappointment. But we don’t draft players to reward them for their previous season’s performance. We draft them for what we expect from them next year. And as long as the Steelers don’t draft another top RB, but instead bolster their o-line a little, next year could look a lot better. Or it could be another disappointment.

Actually, I indeed would like to know. Can you shake that 8 ball a little harder, please? :sweat_smile:

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Zak, We still need to see the draft order, the landing spots of picks and who will keep who. All that said, I will still bet you $20 that you do not keep Harris and I need no 8 ball. :slight_smile:

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Draft order is indeed a factor. Should I get eliminated early and draft from a middle spot, Harris will almost certainly be a goner. But if I draft out of the last spot (and we all agree I will :smiling_imp: ), I will have to take a closer look and see what overall pick that could be, and what other RB it could net me.

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The offer of wager stands. :slight_smile:

An important part is who keeps and who drafts. Based on what I see happening the league winner could pick top 5 and top 10 picks could well drop into the 4th round.

I traded for and got a top 4 pick guaranteed. Ernest also will be top 4 and has McCaffrey who he is very likely to keep. If so I have a top 3 and counting. There will be 2 more players depending on being out of the playoffs. Then come the consultation game for final order.

My second #1 could be anywhere but I see both in the top 5 actual picks which will be VERY interesting in choice and/or trade.

I would argue #6 is his ceiling, not his floor. He will be productive, especially in a PPR league, but so will the other elite WR’s rising into the 1st round of drafts.

I have two words for you: Jaylen Warren.

If Tomlin is still there, we might see Najee return to form. Then again, there are some serious rumblings that Tomlin might retire after this season. If that happens, RBBC could be in Pittsburgh’s future.

No worries. You already lost your projected lead just in one game. Once we play the rest, say good night. I’ll do my best to give you an early draft pick! :smiling_imp:

Decided to give you a little head start, you looked like you might need it. :smiling_imp:

(Bloody TNF is killing me. I’m particularly proud of my YOLO move to throw Jakobi Meyers into the starting lineup in my SFLEX dynasty, because something told me he’ll have a great game. I need to identify that something and have it surgically removed from my body. :no_mouth: )


I generally avoid taking players in prime time games just to have players in prime time games, as I learned a long time ago they don’t perform any better there than they do on Sunday afternoons.

I only started Rhamondre because, well, it’s Rhamondre. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a top 5 draft pick in redraft next year. The guy is like Derrick Henry Jr.

I can tell you right now, I drafted Rhamondre in the 7th round in the South Beach league. I won’t be picking in the 7th round for quite a few years. :laughing:

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