New choice in 3 keeper 12 team PPR league

I have Kittle, CEH, and Lockett. I have 2nd pick and was choosing between J Taylor and N Harris (leaning Harris). We draft on Sat the 11th and can draft players from the Dallas./Tampa game. Should I draft A Cooper and his 38 points or Brady and his 25 points? There are already 6 of the top 7/8 QB’s taken as keepers.

If you tell me you’re taking anyone other than Harris with the choices you’ve named, I’m revoking your fantasy football card immediately.

On the bright side, maybe Lamb will fall below Cooper now, and you can get the better player AND the better draft value!

For a QB, the advice remains the same–take a top 10 QB in the double digit rounds.

AxeElf, thanks for your responses. It seems that maybe you aren’t quite taking into consideration that with 3 keepers it is as if we are drafting starting round 4 and that 7 QB’s are already off the board b4 drafting starts. When I get my 2nd pick it very likely we will be in QB 11/12 land if not later.
I think I will go with Harris event though Brady is tempting and give me a great shot at winning my 1st game.

Oh. Well then in that case, don’t take a QB until after 5 more rounds, so it would be LIKE the double-digit rounds in a normal draft.

Easy peazy lemon squeezy.

Kirk Cousins and Big Ben are not even being drafted in some of my leagues.