12 team Keeper Question

12 team, standard, one keeper, snake draft. I have the #1 overall pick. Do I keep Jonathan Taylor in RD 3, then draft Henry or McCaffrey #1 overall, or keep Cam Akers in RD 18, then draft Taylor #1 overall. Makes me nervous keeping Taylor in RD 3, because after RD1 and RD2, I won’t get to pick again until picks 48 and 49, but keeping him would give me 2 top RB’s.

You get the best player in round 3, the #1 pick and ask if you should do it?

Think about that.

That’s what I’m gonna do, just probably overthinking it, thanks

Yea, for sure. :slight_smile: Cheers

OMG… Standard scoring, even.

Of COURSE you’re going to take the two top players in fantasy football.

I’m in a forum standard scoring and on top they give your draft position 1 hour before the draft. It is “challenging.” :slight_smile: