New Keeper league started last year. Keep 2

I have a keeper situation; no keepers last year (1st year) must keep 2 this year. 10 team 1/2 PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR and a flex. Points are 6 per TD. Except lose the draft position of your keeper from last year’s draft. A free agent would be a last pick. I’m 1st pick this year. Top players Taylor 1st round, Adams 2nd, A. J. 4th, Lamar 6th, D. Harris 8th, Renfrow FA, M. Gordon FA, don’t plan to keep Taylor, just pick him 1st. haha. And not knowing this league very well and who everyone else might keep, top players or late picks? Lose a 2nd round pick at 20 for Adams?

I don’t see any very good value keepers, like 5 rounds better than cost, and Adams is easily the best talent at a fair cost.

I’d keep Taylor, since he is easily a 1st round pick anyway.

As for the second keeper, I’d keep AJ. A 4th round pick for him is a steal. He could easily be a top 5 WR this season.

But that unnecessarily burns a keeper spot. He can essentially have Taylor as a third keeper just by NOT keeping him and drafting him with the first pick.

So the two to keep would be Adams and Harris.

Harris might not even get the bulk of the carries, if early word out of New England is any indication.

Please post or link ANY word out of New England (not out of preseason click-bait reports) to indicate that Harris might not even get the bulk of the carries.

I thought not.

We’ll start with the coach:

Here’s a full analysis of the New England RB’s from Sporting News:

If Stevenson gets the 3rd down back role, he could also inch into taking some of the earlier carries too, because he is a better overall RB than Harris. You are welcome to disagree with that, but anyone who’s ever watched the two of them will attest to that.

So nothing from the Patriots themselves about Harris not getting the bulk of the carries then?

That’s what I thought.

There’s no argument that Stevenson won’t replace the retired James White in that role, but taking the bulk of the carries?


Thanks for the feedback, Harris worked out last year, 80-100yds a gm. w/ a TD almost every week. Stevenson is going to steal time, but they said the same about Marion Barber. We see what happened there. Not meant to carry a full load. Harris is more of a 3 down back. I think Adams and Brown are decent values at a 2nd and 4th. But I would hate to lose both those picks.

Brown’s QB has yet to prove that he can get him the ball.

People were down on Harris again, I know. But other than keeping Adams, my other options would be Lockett 5th or Claypool 7th round respectively. Wasn’t crazy about the QB situation there. Same with Brown.

Who do you project getting at those picks who will be better? Remember the other 9 teams keepers will not be there.

That is a good question. Not knowing who the others are keeping!! I even considered keeping Adam’s and Jackson and drafting Taylor 1st.

Most can project who keepers will be for others and you will know before the draft. JT draft #1 as you said makes nothing but sense.

Guessing a snake draft and you with last picks at 2 and 4. Jump at Adams and AJ.

Thanks Sobe, draft is tonight. I think thats the way to go.