My Keeper Quandry

I’m about to try something new in a 6 or 8 keeper league with 4 WR/RBs with look likes only 6 managers. My Keeper oprions:

1 Adams
2 Harris
3 Ekeler- Keeper

6 Murray- Keeper

10 Stevenson
12 Lance

16 E Moore

FA Mooney
FA Mitchell
FA M Brown
FA Etienne

I draft 4 of 6 and am thinking I can do better than Adams at 6 leaving him off keepers. My 5 bottom picks are wiped out by Moore and FA’s with #12 Lance a possible addition. My draft could end at 10.


Hockenson is 4, Ridley was 5, Aermon was 7 and my draft past the top sucked but I did nail waivers with Gronk and Schultz as well/

Six team leagues get a little wonky, but I can’t imagine this being a very competitive team in that small of a league–and you’re thinking about dropping Adams? Your next-best WR is probly Marquise Brown, and if you have any area of strength it’s at RB–so who could you possibly be hoping to land in the draft to help you more than Adams?

You misunderstood or surprise me Elf.

If I do not keep Adams I have the #4 pick for McCaffrey, Cook, Henry, KUPP, KELCE, ADAMS and a possible trade for Jefferson.

Leaves me picks 4 through 10 projection Hill or Allen in 4, VG stot at Pitts in 5 and Herbert at 6, a couple of top rookies and a top D and K,

Contending is not a question but teams and 8 keepers is gonna be strange. I was going to delete the league due to surgery but came back very quick and trying to keep it alive to fix next y