Keeper Guidance -- Auction Draft (12 Team PPR)

Looking for some guidance on the best approach to selecting 3 keepers. Mostly trying to determine if I’m better off locking in the more expensive RBs (top RBs avg $70) or keep the lower cost guys and try to re-select the top RBs. Thanks in advance.

Can keep 3:

  1. Najee Harris - $58
  2. Ekeler - $54
  3. Kupp - $28
  4. Swift - $21
  5. Akers - $5

The values you’re getting on Akers, Swift and Kupp kind of make the question of Harris’ and Ekeler’s values moot.

Thanks, @AxeElf. Would you consider taking a balanced approach keeping Ekeler, Kupp and Swift? That mix seems to provide the best combination of productivity and value.

If you’re going to spend up on someone, I’d go with Harris rather than Ekeler, but Akers and Swift are an entirely credible RB2/RB3 combination that has a chance of even being a low-end RB1/RB2 combination.

It kind of depends on who you can foresee being available in the draft, but if I had to turn around and spend $70 on Henry, those deals would allow me to do so.

Makes total sense. Appreciate your reply. Just curious – who do you have as your top RBs? Do you have Harris above Ekeler, and Henry above both?

Anyone who doesn’t have Henry as the #1 overall player in fantasy this season–by a wide margin–hasn’t been paying attention to his career.

I am a little skeptical of Ekeler repeating his 20-TD performance, but unless Mitch Trubisky suddenly becomes Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers should run the wheels off of Harris this season, both on the ground and as a target in a quick-release passing game.

It’s always hard when people ask me to “rank” players. Because like for me, I will not have Christian McCaffrey on any one of my teams. If he was there in the third round, I wouldn’t pick him, just because I don’t want to deal with it. But I wouldn’t say I rank him as the RB50, either. If you want to swing for the fences, McCaffrey can be your early first round pick and nobody will laugh–but I would never use that valuable of a resource on such a questionable asset myself. Taylor should probably be the sensible #2 choice behind Henry.

Ekeler’s one of those guys who would probably have to drop into the 2nd round for me to draft him, but I’d take him there, whereas I’d still jump over McCaffrey for Mixon or Swift.

On the other hand, Ezekiel Elliott finished last year as the RB6, despite suffering a partial tear of his PCL in Week 4–and playing through it. The whole world seems to think he’s washed up, but I actually “rank” him pretty highly–he should be a top 10 RB again this season if he stays relatively healthy–but I’m not going to draft him in the 1st round if I can get him in the 3rd. So I wouldn’t say I rank him as the RB15, even though I would be happy to draft him there if that’s what his ADP dictates (currently 25.16 overall ADP).

Great stuff! I appreciate the response. Each RB (for the most part) seems to have somewhat of a question mark, so its good to hear your position on Henry. I guess to bring this all back to where we started – what would be your approach if you were in my auction keeper situation? I’m inclined to think you would go with Akers, Swift and Kupp, then spend ~$70 on Henry?

Well yes, that’s exactly what I said. I was speculating on Henry, not knowing who would be available out there–but if Henry IS available, I would absolutely do that!

Assuming the typical $200 salary cap, you’d start with Henry, Swift and Akers at RB, Kupp at WR, and have $76 left for a couple of solid WRs like Diontae and Amon-Ra for $20ish each, a solid Cousins or Carr at QB for $10, and a TE like Goedert for $6–leaves you $20 for a bench!

No thanks necessary; your smiling face holding aloft the Championship trophy will be thanks enough for Axe Elf!

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