A Rough Weekend Start

My semi final game has me as a 12 point favorite after Sat. but my QBs are Jackson (our), Lawrence (? vs Dallas) and White also now out. Oprions are down to A Dalton and D Carr.

Next, my semi final is next week and my best player J Taylor sprains his ankle and they are saying nothing major but Indy may well just sit him the rest of the season.

Saturday Night Special Surprise- No snow and Josh Allen goes off for 36 against me in the first round playoff vs Zak.

This means Zak gets credit for starting Allen over Fields when I was ready to just give him credit for picking up Mostert off waivers who scored 16 points, while on his bench. Life is just not fair. :slight_smile:

Today has to be a much better day.

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Mostert was benched for the stupidest of reasons: I simply forgot to put him in the lineup.

When I scooped him up, I was undecided whom I should bench for him. Then I dozed off during the Baltimore - Cleveland game (who can blame me) and simply forgot about Mostert.

Thankfully, Josh Allen brought one of his best performances, to correct for the mistake. But I can now only pray that Najee will show at least a halfway decent performance tonight, or I will have no one else to blame but myself for a possible L.

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I only have 3 teams worth watching at this point.

In my dynasty consolation bracket, I had KJ Osborn blow up for 31 points. Although I am still behind in the projections, they are much tighter than before (123-125).

In the South Beach League, I’m sitting back and sipping on vodka and tonics this week .Life is good. That said, Dalvin Cook showed some spark with 25 points yesterday.


In my home redraft league last week of the season, I only had Deshaun Watson yesterday, and he put up a pedestrian 12 points. Fortunately, my opponent started Tyler Huntley, who put up an even more pedestrian 6 points. His WR’s were good but not exceptional, in Stefon Diggs (10 points) and Adam Thielen (13 points). While he is ahead temporarily, the projections are now in my favor (128-122).


Zak, next wee will be a much tuffer choice on Mostert with Wilson back.

Fortunately, thanks to me, you will not have to worry about that. In advance,
You’re Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Ed, I believe you will drinking heavily to drown your sorrows soon. :slight_smile:

For me Stevenson is now a shaky game time decision and Goedert was not activated. This is my semi final game.

I’ve come to grips with loosing. The snow storm that was supposed to show never did and my defense paid the price. With Allen’s 40 something points you’d think Diggs would have more than 10. Oh well. anything can happen today!!

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Oh, Amon-Ra and Najee look great right out of the gate. GO HAVOC! :sunglasses:

And Joe, I see you decided against starting Akers. I think he will deliver his best performance of the season on MNF. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Touchdown NAJEE HARRIS! :partying_face:
Maybe starting him over Mostert was no mistake after all.

That early window could have gone a lot worse.

Najee was solid, almost reached Mostert’s stat line, reducing the damage of my coaching error down to 1.5 points.

Amon-Ra was mediocre, as I had feared, but still racked up 11.7 points.

Maher was great on K, the KC defense disappointed, though.

If Justin Herbert doesn’t score over 4 points more than the combination of Henry, Jacobs and Chig Okonkwo, I’m bound for the next round.

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NOT gonna happen, I’m done and you are bound I"m good with my choices but the team was not strong enough. I was toast after Allen went off.

I kinda knew I was very unlikely to go far with going super young but still happy with doing it. I have a ton of very young top talented kids as keepers and expect 2 of the top 3 picks to add to this.

That said, Congrats on your win and Best of Luck moving forward.

Merry Frakin Christmas! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if you guys noticed, but Mack against the Vandals has turned into a razor close game. It looks like it will come down to Aaron Jones versus Christian Watson on Monday night.

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Thanks man. It’s not like your players didn’t have all the chances in world. Did they all go to overtime tonight?

Crazy games. I’m still not over how the Patriots-Raiders game ended.

I’m still stunned by that. I expected my Raiders to give that one away. But they came back, and then the Patriots gave them a Christmas miracle. Unbelievable.

And we got a game boys!!! Maybe a Christmas miracle is in the works???

Ohh. I’ve noticed. Hahahaa


I did manage to win my semi final vs Tim and will be playing for the title in the Dolphins league.

I will play in the semi final of the other league with J Taylor a big question. I do have depth but this is gonna be tuff.

I really hate to be eliminated from our league playoff but will look for some good to come from this very disappointing fantasy year.


Don’t worry. I’ve used your loss as inspiration for my team. I told them, “See what happens when you don’t give it 110%? You go home like that mook!” :grin:

I have it on good authority that your players weren’t impressed by that vodka-and-tonic breath of yours when you delivered that speech. :smiling_imp:

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Are you kidding? I give all my players an alcohol screening. They only pass if they get 100%! We ain’t called the “Rednex” for nothin’!

I have to think that the moonshine had a definite on some of your posts. lol

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